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  1. I think its a fair point to say that is a pretty tone deaf comment by him. It's just kinda frustrating considering how secretive the team was after that loss. No reasons were ever presented and us as fans really wanted to know what the F that was that we just witnessed in front of a national stage. It felt like we were being dismissed a bit and this comment furthers that mind set.
  2. Dont think ive ever heard this incredibly apt nickname before. nice work
  3. Doesnt right the wrong that was done in that (<) 13 seconds. we woulda won that SB hands down. Problem was coaching.
  4. Okay so that first punt in the highlight reel...thats like a 90 yard punt or something ridiculous. wow what a leg
  5. I might not be alone on this one, but I was sure that Nate Peterman was gonna be the answer. Oh and I listened to this stupid song and believed it was true.
  6. Cant really tell if it was Bengals pressure or what but Mahomes looked like hot trash ever since they missed scoring at the end of the first half. This one is all on Pat and I love it.
  7. if this guy wasnt so close to the coach I'm pretty sure he should be lookin for a job somewhere else
  8. lotta hurt tonight. this sucks. deep breaths, and its still gonna suck. f***
  9. no way. Micah Hyde all the way without a doubt. unless he fumbles. then...
  10. There was literally a whole "How do the **** get better?" piece with Steve Smith and company right after the game
  11. Just heard a pundit say this game is a win for the Pats and Jones. Unreal.
  12. More of those power sweeps in the red zone. I know Motor has come on of late but one reason i think our red zone efficiency is down is due to a lack of those runs Josh has a high rate of success with them
  13. yeah the answer clearly is...kinda. motor seems to have broken a 20+er in the past several games so theres that
  14. the run game. motor and moss will both rush for 1k+
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