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  1. One Buffalo

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    Grew up in Central NY, I remember watching the Bills in the late 80's, first game I distinctly remember was the 1989 AFC Championship loss to Bengals. Then of course the 1990's and on from there!
  2. One Buffalo

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    That beard is impressive...
  3. After all of last week's activity, we are still sitting with the 7th most available space!
  4. It's a good read, I wondered what the details behind the scenes were. I wanted OBJ, but at the asking price, I am glad Beane didn't bite.
  5. One Buffalo

    2OG,2OT,C,TE,2WR,RB,KR. That’s an offensive FA!

    Honestly... I agree with you... I don't really expect much from Bodine, he is fighting for a roster spot IMO.
  6. One Buffalo

    2OG,2OT,C,TE,2WR,RB,KR. That’s an offensive FA!

    He has primarily played C, but he did play some at G in college. There was some discussion in Cinci early in his career that he might play some at G. Here is one link for example- https://www.cincyjungle.com/2014/6/12/5803794/mike-pollak-russell-bodine-guard
  7. One Buffalo

    2OG,2OT,C,TE,2WR,RB,KR. That’s an offensive FA!

    Training camp will be all about the O-Line this year, and also the same idea to some extent at WR. Competition pushes everyone higher and brings out the best.
  8. Great stuff from Brandon Beane, saying what others have been observing here... they aren't assembling a church choir. Also a great deal of other great info in the article linked (Athletic sub.)
  9. One Buffalo

    Beane was pi##ed off about Buffalo comments

    I don’t know how anyone can not be all in with Beane and this team after today, and what he’s done this week.