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  1. I have seen it explained a few places, here's Dion giving the story - click to around 2:25 in video
  2. Gotta love Dion! Here he shares his perspective on what is building from the player perspective.
  3. Seems that this was thought to be an issue for Brown to play in Denver, but apparently it is not a problem in his case. There was discussion last year that he might sign in Denver, and apparently health would not be an issue to play there. https://thednvr.com/source-close-to-john-brown-says-sickle-cell-trait-wont-keep-him-out-of-denver-doctor-weighs-in/
  4. Parrino says well what I have been thinking as I process what happened last weekend. Yes Josh had a "meltdown" or whatever you want to call it. But the point about being let down by the rest of the team and coaches is huge. Josh needs to be better, and he will keep working to do so. But so does the rest of the guys on the field. There were several games this year that Josh carried the team to victory. We often see other teams where WR's make plays for their QB (like Hopkins). It has been a long time since we have had a WR that consistently did so in Buffalo. Also a big point in this is Josh's attitude - no finger pointing or deflecting blame from him. I can think of a few other situations where the QB response would have been to point out other failings around him... thankful that Josh is not that guy.
  5. Watt hit the arm, altered the throw... big drive here for D to step up.
  6. A possible hint that he might be active? Only other times he has posted on game day were when he was active-
  7. Maybe Duke playing? Only other times he has posted on game day he was active.
  8. Pretty cool story- hopefully this is just the beginning of Allen's legacy in Buffalo!
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