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  1. Great interview! Josh continues to show how great a fit he is for Buffalo.
  2. Not the segment (I see Lurker just posted it - Thanks!) but here are some funny moments, including Sam making fun of Josh's mustache...
  3. Here's some more clips from a few days ago-
  4. Yeah Patriots was my first though too.
  5. Guess he deleted it- it was a tweet from 2013 (I think?) with a picture of a box of wings- and said some thing like they call me the chicken man. He is probably deleting old tweets with all the new attention he is getting.
  6. Development QB that could turn into long term backup for Allen. Don't forget the expanded roster size, meaning keeping a 3rd QB is more likely. The fact that we are able to make luxury picks with a long term view is a great indicator of how far Beane has come in the roster building process in the last couple years. Chances are whatever other position player at this level of draft would likely have a hard time making roster.
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