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  1. for those who get no volume... It seems like the "link to full story" in the OP seems to have a glitch that doesn't play audio.... strange? Try clicking from this, it worked for me-
  2. I was just about to post the above win rate... so maybe he isn't so bad after all?? Here is the ESPN article to go with the ranking - https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27584726/nfl-pass-blocking-pass-rushing-rankings-2019-pbwr-prwr-leaderboard
  3. The reality is that anything can happen in the playoffs. If we correct mistakes and this team starts to execute in all areas, it is not that far fetched. It's happened many times before where an unexpected team gels together and makes a run that no one saw coming. Not saying we will but...
  4. Can't really hear what they are saying because of background noise, but here they are interacting after the game-
  5. Interesting that NO other team placed a claim....
  6. Not Bills according to Allbright
  7. Bengals and Redskins both appear to be passing on Gordon-
  8. I think we should prepare ourselves to not have Gordon... seems likely that he will be claimed before it gets to us.
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