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  1. My 7th grade English teacher had a son that worked in advertising, or something along those lines, for Shout. His name appeared in the credits in the back. Anyway, my teacher would get free issues from his son and eventually pass them along to me, knowing I was a Bills fan. Eventually my mom got me a subscription for Christmas. I think I still have the comeback issue and Kelly and Levy's retirement issues packed away somewhere.
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    Looks like we have a similar idea. I just continue on 20A all the way to Mt. Morris. I live in Elmira.
  3. holla83


    Obviously it depends on which way you're coming from. I always come into Orchard Park on 20A West. With that said, I normally park on the corner of 20A and California Rd. It's only $10 to park there but it's about a mile walk to the stadium. It's easy to get out of there after the game if you take a left onto California Rd instead of getting back on 20A. Then it's a right onto Ellis Rd. Take that to the end and right onto Taylor Rd. Left at the fork on Taylor and continue on New Taylor Rd until the end. It comes out on North Buffalo Street/rte. 240. Take a right and take that a couple blocks until you come back to 20A. Left onto 20A. I go that way and bypass a lot of traffic
  4. I think Rich Gannon is far worse
  5. I'll have to check out Locked on Bills... Not technically a podcast but Hashtag Sports on YouTube is pretty entertaining. I ran into one of the hosts at a training camp practice this year. Super nice guy. He told me they started the YouTube show as an excuse to get out of the house. They are also doing play by play of the games this season.
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