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  1. He definitely had charges brought up against him and was banned from the stadium. I could be wrong but I think the guy may have lost his job as a result too.
  2. Not sure but like most drunken bafoons, I think he walked away unscathed while injuring others.
  3. Obviously I forgot. Ever happen to you? Sorry I don't have the schedule from every year memorized. I actually have a life. I stand corrected
  4. It's been 6 years since they last hosted a prime time game because someone drowned at the last one.
  5. holla83

    Andy Dalton’s Charitable Plans for BUF

    I love this! My mom has had cancer 3 times. We live in the Elmira area but she's had surgery, treatments, and check ups at Roswell!
  6. holla83

    Caption this! KB vs Cam edition

    Video of the confrontation. Newton looks like he wants to get punched in the face... http://dailysnark.com/cam-newton-confronts-kelvin-benjamin-over-comments-prior-to-panthers-bills-preseason-game/
  7. My only clear memory of this guy was as a Ram. On opening day in 1992 he fielded a punt and was buried by Steve Tasker. My dad and I were at the game. It's a clip they show in nearly every Tasker highlight package. https://youtu.be/0GHtAWiH9BQ
  8. My parents grew up in Warsaw, less than an hour from Buffalo. Also where i was born. Their divorce was final in 1988. My sister and I would go to visit my dad on weekends. On Sundays NASCAR and/or Buffalo Bills football were on tv at my dad's house. I had taken an interest in NASCAR prior to my parents splitting up but not football. For some reason, something clicked during that 1988 season and I started watching Bills games with my dad. That was the beginning of an obsession for me. My dad took me to my first game in 1991. He took me to my first 4 or 5 games. For the last 18 years or so, I've been taking my dad to games as his birthday present.