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  1. I bought my house going on 2 years ago. It's a small 3 bedroom ranch. However, one of the big selling points was the finished basement. My plan was/still is to turn one room into a theater room and another into a game room/man cave. The centerpiece being my autographed Thurman Thomas jersey. I also hung up plaques of Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, and Mike Piazza, a framed Rat Pack poster, and an autographed picture of Natalie Gulbis. I also bought a pool table and an electronic dart board. Unfortunately, my basement flooded last summer. Major setback on those plans.
  2. I don't think I've ever called into WGR. But back in the early 2000s, when WNSA was still around, I called their shows a few times. I don't think I ever even listened to WGR when WNSA was on the air. It was a sad day when that station was shut down. I also called into the Bills pre game show and got on the air. It was at the end of the season before they drafted EJ Manuel. They were discussing what the Bills should do at QB and I called in and have my 2 cents. I'm not sure who was carrying the games at that point but it was before WGR got them back.
  3. I'd never seen that before. Good stuff!
  4. A couple of people have mentioned Tom Cousineu. I knew he went to the CFL rather than playing for the Bills. However, I only discovered recently that when the Bills finally traded him to the Browns, the draft pick they got in return is the one they used to draft Jim Kelly. People had to feel like "here we go again" when Kelly went to the USFL... A couple people also asked about what pieces were in place when Kelly was drafted and when he signed. Even though everyone was upset with him for jilting the Bills, it really worked out for the best and was meant to be. Had Jim Kelly signed with the Bills in 1983, they probably wouldn't have been bad enough in 84 to get the number one pick in the 85 draft. They selected Bruce Smith!
  5. Having Edmunds, Milano, and Barr as the starting LB crew would be pretty scary. Alexander could be moved around and used as a situational pass rusher
  6. I thought of that phantom PI call when he didn't get flagged today. Here it is...
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