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  1. I think his feelings may have softened over the years. I saw him at a game several years ago. He was signing autographs at the alumni table in the field house.
  2. I figured that's where you were going. Eric Nies is John Nies' brother. Eric was on the Real World and was an MTV on air personality for awhile after that. I saw the 2 of them on some MTV Spring Break dating show. That's when I first put it all together. I think there was also an episode of the Real World where Eric goes to a game that their dad was officiating.
  3. I missed this question last night
  4. Interesting... I didn't realize until researching this question that Tuten passed away in 2017
  5. This probably was too obscure. John Nies was a punter, drafted by the Bills in the 6th round of the 1990 Draft. As I said earlier, he only lasted a few weeks. His father is long time NBA referee Jack Nies. His brother is former MTV VJ/host of The Grind Eric Nies.
  6. Was drafted to replace him, then lost the job to Tuten
  7. Rick Tuten was signed a couple weeks into the season and replaced him
  8. Maybe but his father and brother were pretty well known. I do tend to remember some oddball stuff.
  9. A couple hints: The player was a punter, drafted in the 6th round of the 1990 draft. He was on the roster for 4 games but after looking into it further, it looks like he only appeared in one. The Bills didn't punt in their first game in 1990.
  10. No. Not a bad guess with Karl Malone being Bell's father though.
  11. No using Google. What former Buffalo Bills player had a dad who was an NBA referee and a brother on MTV?
  12. Moulds was my favorite player from that era. I have a royal blue Puma and a navy blue Reebok of his
  13. The Bills blocked a FG. Bennett caught the block out of the air and ran it back. I remember saying "maybe they'll block it" to my dad as Denver was lining up.
  14. This was the first season that came to mind. They beat up on some pretty bad teams during that run but it was still fun to watch. My dad and I were at the Rams game that started that win streak. I watched that Steelers game at a bar owned by a Steelers fan. SMH
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