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  1. Good to hear, glad he is recovering, Thanks for the update
  2. Prayers for your wife and family
  3. The fact that she is a math teacher scares me. I am assuming this is the "new math" they are talking about, "Billy?? How many times can 16 go into 26?"
  4. Based on doctors orders I cannot do 8 hours in a car, and risk of complications from flying rules out that option as well.
  5. I apologize in advance, I was hospitalized Tuesday and have had three surgeries to correct a blood clot and damage to tissue on my right leg. The doctor is going to let me get out of ICU sometime tomorrow, but I will just be moved to a regular floor, I wont be at home where I watch 5-8 games a year or at the game venue where I watch the rest. Getting old sucks
  6. We have changed plans again, not going to make it, Go Bills!!
  7. We will attempt to get there by 11:30, still figuring out logistics
  8. I have the perfect frame for that! That is a nice piece of memorabilia
  9. I won't criticize, but clearly I can't decide until I see her holding a fish.
  10. Lots of places mentioned here out west, We have done a few out west, if you find yourself in Jackson hole, try Gran Targhee, its on the backside of JH. The day we ventured there, we had excellent powder and a fantastic day (Except my brother in law who was the first patient at the newly opened Driggs Idaho Emergency Room). When we got back to the condo in JH everyone was sharing their day and those that went to Jackson Hole were grousing and complaining about conditions, while we were waist deep in gorgeous fluff. Word of advice, make sure the weather is clear since the mountain pass to get there can get closed down with any significant snow. I am also a big fan of Mt. Tremblant if you are in the east. Great long cruisers, some nice steeps but can get very cold if that is an issue.
  11. I titled it as such because its not a political issue, just an observation of how a financial institution proceeded in relation to a persons' interested in our team.
  12. I know the pain, it is never easy, the loss of a dog is hard. Dogs are the best thing you can share your home with. Dogs don't ask for anything other than your love, in return they give unlimited love and affection. A dog will never steal your girlfriend, will never dent your car, is always happy to see you and will never talk trash about you to his friends. When we lost our last dog, we could not bring ourselves to get another for fear that it wouldn't be THAT one. Some day I will get another, but for now I enjoy the memory of that special dog and in time you will replace the grief with the great memories you had together.
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