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  1. Buh bye Marek 🤞 Probably will go down as one of my favorite Cuse players of all time. Hope he can find some decent pizza in Slovakia.
  2. I quit masterbating. For like 45 minutes one time. That was pretty good for me 🤗
  3. Lands reminds me of Malachi, yes. I have received encouraging info about Chance Westry. Especially within the last 24 hours within the Lands commit. Sounds like we’re a lean over Maryland? Also a couple more top guys we have a chance at with the 2022 class.
  4. Man, this kid is a STUD! Great job by GMac to reel this kid in. The more I watch, the more he reminds me of Malachi Richardson. Probably a one or two year player. Great news!!! Edit: https://247sports.com/player/chance-westry-46093860/ 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆
  5. I ***** hate UCONN. Sounds like Lands wanted to play with Benny. He may re-classify to ‘21.
  6. Syracuse is definitely head and shoulders above Seton Hall purely due to the increased national exposure of playing in the ACC vs the Big East. This is a major head scratcher for me. I thought for sure he would end up at Florida State or somewhere else comparable. Still, I blame Boeheim for Kadary entering the transfer portal. Oh, the cautionary tale of Taurean Thompson. Poor Kadary...
  7. I think the Swider commitment likely deters Jimmy Jr from transferring to Syracuse.
  8. Sorry. This sucks man 🙁 At least it sounds like you have the financial means to choose either option. Lucky pup...
  9. Mets fans need to stop taking on the most recent World Series appearance argument. It’s an immediate L for them 😒 Die hard Yankees fan here. I’m not embarrassed to say that initially I was a Mets fan at a very early age because my sister was in love with Ron Darling so I saw a lot of their games 🤣. I cheer for the Mets when they’re relevant. Looks like the tide is turning for them. Baseball is better when both NY teams are good, IMO.
  10. Like I said before. Wouldn’t break my heart if he left. We’re going to have a log jam at the 3 anyway. That’s Benny’s spot 😉
  11. Boom!!! This makes me feel just a tiny bit better 🙏
  12. Just pickled 2 large mason jars full and still gave a bunch of leeks to our neighbor. They smell so good. Going to give them a few hours in the fridge and then give them a taste. White vinegar, sugar, kosher salt, black pepper corns, coriander seeds, chopped fresh garlic, and a few chopped red chili peppers 🌶 <chef’s kiss>
  13. I have an abundance of Leeks (don’t ask). Anyone know what to do with them? I saw a recipe for a potato-leek soup, but I don’t want soup. Any ideas? Can you pickle them?
  14. I watched this happen live 😳😳🤢
  15. Cole Swider...Jim Boeheim Jr? Both look to be realistic transfer options and both can shoot it. FWIW...I’m hearing Griffin...gone Woody...gone (especially if Cole commits) Sidibe...there is some optimism Anselem...No idea.
  16. I honestly couldn't care less about Griffin. He is so inconsistent...I don't know if I can deal with another season of his crap. The ones I'm really hoping will stick around are Frank Anselem and Woody Newton. Ultimately, I think Guerrier will be back after being evaluated by the NBA. I agree that Braswell leaving may help our odds with Woody a little bit.
  17. Yeah 🍊brotha. I still have connects on the hill. I’ll be sure to share if I hear something, and I check in with my “sources” regularly. Pretty sure @DCOrange has some connects too. You gotta take all this stuff for what it is it is though. My guy within the athletic dept told me Kadary was staying about 3 hours before It was announced on Twitter that he was entering the transfer portal 🤣
  18. Crickets, man. No one I typically get info from knows anything about Griffin 🤷🏾‍♂️
  19. The Boeheim slander on here is flat out embarrassing. Ask coach K, Roy Williams, or Tom Izzo if they think JB is an elite coach...they’d probably sock you in the face just for asking. He’s a hall of famer and one of the best college basketball coaches of all time, so stop the nonsense. Jim coached the hell out of the team this year....this was clearly evident down the stretch to anyone who knows the game. That said, I have migrated to the camp that feels that it is time for him to move on. While I feel that he is still a very good coach, teaching wise, his style and the way he
  20. Yeah, 6’9” 230 lb guys who can shoot around 40% from outside are cool with me 🤷🏻‍♂️ He might fit in quite well.
  21. Enjoyed this version of one of my favorite songs ever.
  22. Remember this guy? ‘Cuse was heavily involved in his recruitment prior to his commitment to Nova. Edit: I am hearing that there is mutual interest and this will go down quickly wherever he decides to transfer. Good shooter.
  23. I suspect that many concert venues are going to require proof of vaccination. Wife and I were supposed to see the Avett Brothers last spring at Ommegong Brewery, was postponed until April 2021, and now postponed until April 2022. Suxxx.
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