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  1. Phobia (noun) - an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.
  2. People are surprised that Polish Alexa leans far more toward artificial than intelligence?
  3. Did beating the Titans do anything for us? We were already ahead of the Titans and own the head to head vs. them. We have yet to play the Bengals.
  4. The best assessment of Kyler's game I have ever seen was posted on twitter recently: "Kyler Murray runs like a little kid who just stole his mom's iPhone."
  5. Sources that I follow that seem to know ball have broken down our red zone woes and are pointing the finger at Dorsey.
  6. It looks very much like we play a defensive scheme that we cannot execute without our starters and to compensate for that, Dorsey calls the most predictable offense in the league. I don't like it.
  7. Because its in Qatar and summer weather in Qatar is ridiculously hot. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/soccer/news/Qatar- World-Cup-November-Winter-Summer/lbimjdtaysxdxbuuxp30btt5
  8. I only eat them in emergencies like if I run out of styrofoam peanuts to munch on.
  9. You don't know me, man. I'll say it right to his face in front of all 7 of his wives.
  10. The Jets went from Division Title hopes to season on the brink in one week. How the f#$@ did we manage to lose these clowns?!?* *Rhetorical. I'm painfully aware of how it happened.
  11. "Bills Should Only Play Road Games After Halloween" - OP I for one would love to have most meaningful games of the season played on the road!
  12. RIP Dawg in Zach Wilson July 2022 - November 2022
  13. "QB Josh Allen in anguish after mistakenly throwing to own teammate in red zone."
  14. This is the Losman butt fumble if there ever was one. 2nd 5, up by 3. Losman was in and all he was asked to do was kill some clock. A first down wins it. A punt probably wins it. Instead a fumble 6.
  15. Its not even debatable. Soccer is the only sport whose fans have essentially started gangs who engage in mass violence and regularly commit hate crimes. Its why soccer is regularly played in empty stadiums. I can't think of another sport where riots started by fans result in mass casualties. One this year resulted in 125 deaths. Its not even the worst one unfortunately. And its not confined to one region either. This behavior is seen in Europe, South America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa/Middle East. These are facts, Bill.
  16. Lets put it this way. The flight is so short that they don't even bother to read the safety instructions. No seatbelts, no talk of oxygen masks since cruising altitude is like 40 feet. They aren't in the air long enough to walk the aisles and hand everyone a mini bag of peanuts so the flight attendants throw out handfuls of bread and feed the passengers like ducks. Its like a 10 minute flight and they went home. Especially since he drove up the morning of and back immediately after the game. Thats about a week's worth of calories in less than 24 hours. And why even drive when its only a 20 minute flight?
  17. That is true. However, the return flight from Detroit to Buffalo is much shorter since you're in the jet stream traveling against the natural rotation of the earth (i.e., Scoriolis effect). Its like a 7 minute flight which is why they went home.
  18. They came home. Its like a 10 minute flight.
  19. Why are you ashamed to be an American? These are the people you're trying to impress:
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