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  1. Anybody got any insight on BOJ, JBO, JOB? Niagara leaked two and I added one. There are still 3 out there.
  2. He might have a big game but will he learn to spell basic words?
  3. I agree but I think the media portion of point 2 above needs to have some perspective to it, and unfortunately that seems to be lacking more often than not in 2022 media of all stripes. I agree with most of this. A problem I see is that even mild responses like “uncool dude” when multiplied by millions of people saying it, can be harmful. I don’t have a solution, just an observation. It’s also what you sign up for when you are a celebrity and put something out there on Twitter, but we’re all just people at the end of the day and receiving a million dislikes or whatever probably isn’t fun.
  4. We 100% agree that there are things that need to be called out and things that need to be shrugged off. I think our primary disagreement is about where the line is drawn. It will always be that way between any two individuals I suppose. The jaw breaking people you describe obviously have issues that were not caused by Lamar. I do agree that they can be influenced by things they see/hear/read. I’d be hard pressed to believe that this individual tweet by Lamar would turn them from non-violent bigots into jaw breakers. The secondary part of where I see a difference is that the degree of calling out has changed quite drastically with social media. Many people have become pariahs for life. Some may have deserved it, some may not have deserved it at all and some lie somewhere in between. How many sentences has Jackson or any of us uttered in his life? Does he deserve a Twitter storm of derision which will live online forever for one stupid sentence? Just a few years ago Jackson would have never known this guy said anything, so he would not have responded. At that time, if someone said this to his face, he may have verbalized the same thing he wrote Sunday. It wouldn’t have made it right, but the few people who heard may have thought “wow, what a jerk”. Nowadays, “calling him out” means unleashing millions of online critics who simply must have the same opinion as everyone else. Jackson should know this before he types on Twitter. That said, being swarmed by millions of people for “saying something offensive” is not natural and is unique to our current technological status. There are millions of more things to “hear” and to be offended by. IMO this brings with it a need ignore more things. To be offended and call out all things offensive can easily become a full time job that does nothing for anyone.
  5. I agree that certain things need to be called out. I agree I don’t get to decide when others are offended. Neither do you though. Your statement “What Lamar said was offensive” is true for you and likely many others. Do you get to decide if all gay people are offended? If they are not offended are they no longer truly gay? Is there a list of demands to which they must adhere? It is my strong opinion that there is a line where something needs to be written off rather than called out. I don’t pretend to know where that line resides. To take it to an extreme, I think it would be counterproductive to have protests in the streets over The Rolling Stones singer being called Mick because it offended Irish people. It would also be counterproductive to ignore someone calling for segregation based on race/creed/sexual orientation/whatever. Somewhere there is a point where being offended is detrimental to one’s self esteem. That point is likely different for different people which complicates things but nobody should expect the world to be a simple place. Losing individuality based on membership in a group……whether that group is oppressed, oppressive or neither…..to me is a very high cost and we have to be cognizant of it at all times. If a gay individual is offended by what Lamar said, then they are offended and can act individually as they see fit. If another gay individual is not offended, they should not be compelled to see things the same way as they other person. Insufficient calling out has led to atrocities throughout history. Too much calling out can and has led to desensitizing people to real dangers. IMO it also at times can show an underlying lack of respect for an oppressed group. Too many people think that groups of others somehow need their help. It is one thing to treat an individual with care and respect based on their circumstances and quite another to assume an entire group of people need to be helped/defended/etc.
  6. I agree he shouldn’t have said it. I agree it’s not a good look. Where I disagree is the “calling out” part….not entirely, just to a degree. We need to get to a point where we just shake our heads and think “idiot”. Some measure of public shaming is useful in some circumstances, but assuming he harbors deep seeded hatred and “calling him out” for it, labeling him a homophobe and/or demanding apologies/re-education, etc. is over the top and can cause unnecessary backlash. He said something idiotic that wasn’t directed gay men in general. He didn’t think it through. Expecting all people think through everything they say is incredibly unrealistic. Think about your normal day. What percentage of your sentences are truly thought out? Be honest. I don’t mean just potentially offensive things, I mean anything. People are not wired to have all measured and thought out logic before speaking at all times. Being offended by that isn’t always well thought out either. Don’t get me wrong, there are times to be offended, it’s just that it happens way too often IMO. If we don’t get to the point where we’re ignoring most idiotic things or writing them off to temporary….or permanent….idiocy of an individual, we’ll go in these counterproductive circles forever, especially as technology becomes even more pervasive and there are more offensive things to be found. Assuming ill intent/xyzaphobia rather than looking for real evidence of it, is a bad idea.
  7. There are roughly 8 billion people on Earth. Each of those people has a different lived experience. If your expectations are for everyone to think through everything they say/write before doing so, in case it will offend one or more of those 8 billion, I have a pretty big spoiler alert for you. Can you guess it? IMO it was not a good idea for Lamar to respond at all. Given that he decided to respond, IMO he chose the content of his response poorly. I’m not a fan of his response. I also have no right to decide if or how he speaks. Is there ANY reason to think his response was in ANY way directed at anyone other than one person? It may show some underlying prejudice Lamar harbors, or he may just think of it as his version of “go jump in a lake”, but it is clear it was directed at one person and one person only. There are roughly 8 billion people on Earth. If each of us truly want to look into the hearts of the other 7.9999999B and demand no one think or say anything offensive, that will be an effort in futility. I am not a fan of lumping people into groups and try my best to view everyone as an individual. I get that people have been oppressed because of their membership in a group throughout the course of history. I think we as a species will eventually be able to overcome this, but it won’t be immediate and won’t be easy even if that would be beneficial. Assuming Lamar Jackson harbors animosity toward an entire group because of words he typed to one person, does not help move the ball forward IMO. It moves it backward.
  8. You really want to be pissed at Alexa? Ask her to enumerate the ways in which the Mets suck.
  9. Ukka Pukka Sambuca makes the save when the puck hits him. 6 goals on 25 shots? GTFO. 100 year wait for this loser? Just cut bait and move on already.
  10. Tracy Wolfson interviewed the skunk after the game game and…. Skunk: Helloooooooo baby. Wolfson: What is your name? Skunk: You may call me streetcar….. because of my desire for you.
  11. I agree and understand to an extent. What I don’t get is how every other terrible team in the league, except us and the Canucks, seems to turn things around in 2-3 years consistently. Their shortcuts are working. I truly believe that with the exception of anyone that committed criminal acts, etc., that Tim Murray was the worst GM in the history of professional sports.
  12. I am generally happy with the current overall direction of the Sabres and the cancerous growth known as Eichel had to be removed, but I’m still not thrilled at the pace. My prediction that Seattle would make the playoffs before Buffalo…..made years before the franchise played its first game, appears to be about to come true.
  13. I read it differently. I don’t think he told the dude to eat a dick….I think he believes the guy has already done plenty of that.
  14. Since it wasn’t a close game, Bama’s impressive win over Austin Peay puts them ahead of Ohio State.
  15. Also after all these years Leaf doesn’t know what the word “then” means.
  16. But the topic is sillier than misspelling butt.
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