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  1. Thanks. Based on where I am staying and looking at the parking map, I guess will try to find a place on 20a near lot 1.
  2. So, I made it in to town yesterday and I am having a great time. I do have one question about parking. I was just reading that you need to have a parking pass to park in the lots by the stadium (Lot 4 for example). If I don't have one, can I just pay there at the lot in the morning?
  3. I am born and raised in Kentucky, but have been a diehard Bills fan since the Super Bowl years. Over the last several years, I have turned my son into a diehard fan as well. For my sons graduation and my birthday, my wife got us tickets to the Vikings game. It will be my first Bills home game and my sons first Bills game ever. I have a few questions about the gameday experience i was hoping someone would answer for me. 1. If I wanted to Uber to the game, where is a good location to have them drop us off at to avoid as much traffic as possible. Somewhere within a reasonable walking distance. I would say a mile or so from the stadium. We are staying in East Aurora. 2. Where is Hammer's Lot? The parking lot maps I see just show lot numbers. We want to check out the tailgating experience and heard that it is one place I should check out. Also, are there any other lots I should visit? 3. Is there any thing special I need to know about entering the stadium? Do you still have to have proof of Covid vaccine, or was that just a thing last year? 4. As far as dressing for the game, what is the weather typically like mid-November. Is it usually colder or warmer then the temperature suggests in the stadium? That is all I can think of for now. If there is anything else you think I may need to know, please let me know. Thanks and Go Bills!!!
  4. This is what I did last year with hulu. I changed the geolocation of my PC to a buffalo address. I then got Buffalo's local channels. It isn't working this year. My brother in law was doing this with YouTube and they shut it down as well. Haven't heard anything on paramount.
  5. I started getting into NFL football in high school (89-92) and loved watching the Bills and the k-gun offense. I am a very loyal person and stuck with them through the bad years, even when friends and family told me to give it up and pick a new team. I have missed very few games since the Sunday ticket came out in the mid 90's. I have seen a few games when they have come to Indy or Cindy, but my goal is to make it to a home game one day soon.
  6. Thanks for this info. It will be very useful. Thanks to everyone else's suggestions as well. I definitely plan to visit the stadium and Bills store. I also plan to do a lot of eating.
  7. Greetings everyone. The family and I will be spending a week in the Buffalo area (Wilson, NY I believe) for a week at the end of June. Other than Niagra Falls, what are some attractions and restaurants in the area I should check out. I am from Kentucky and have only been to the area once, when I was a child. I have been a lifelong Bills fan and was hoping to tour the stadium, but apparently you can only tour from July to September's. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Go Bills!
  8. I didn't watch the last two years and I won't this year. I just have no desire to watch the Pats* in another Superbowl.
  9. 1. Sam Darnold - Browns 2. Josh Rosen - Jets 3. Josh Allen - Broncos 4. Baker Mayfield - Bills 5. Lamar Jackson - Cardinals Bonus: Bills Pick - Baker Mayfield
  10. You are too much of an attention whore to stop sharing your fake information.
  11. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/07/28/bills-sign-some-experienced-linemen/
  12. I am not from the Buffalo area. Where can I see or listen to the press conference?
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