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  1. Mccoy turns down offer

    2017 More from obd Members 20 87 posts Report post Posted 2 minutes ago Just in from my source, Taylor will start remainder of season regardless of win/ lose. Bills will not cut Taylor but if attempt to trade him for another low round pick. Cousins definitely in mix to be next year qb. Ties to Buffalo confirmed. New stadium will be built in 2021or 2022. Location picked. Do not buy the hype about land study. Go to land purchases for last two years and you can determine location. Also check to see minority investment owners you will will see ties to Buffalo area. This property in four years will be most valuable in western New York. Not just where the stadium will be built but surrounding areas. Check transactions and building permits for new restaurants and you will see connections By Chadwick Bay Chad, December 12, 2017 5,697 replies Tomorrow if McDermott has the guts, you might see the finest moment in Bills history. It will be amazing Do you think mike tice will come to Buffalo
  2. Mccoy turns down offer

    I don’t speculate. Speculate would be it is possible. I said on Monday Dennison will be fired by the weekend. Speculation would be. Dennison might be fired. I boldly tell the facts. Big difference
  3. Mccoy turns down offer

    Every time I am right, here is the choir, I could have done that. Mods please stop him please stop him, ban him wha, wha again, why infringe on my right to post. Who made you guys the sites police of what can be posted and what cannot be posted. My suggestion don’t read it. You hate it because I am right . atlnta and New Orleans win and Pitt vs ne I was playing with the haters.
  4. Mccoy turns down offer

    Did you? No. I boldly called it. You speculated. Big difference
  5. Mccoy turns down offer

    You have the right to believe your sources. I am good with that. My source tells quite a different story. I guess Vic is always right. You win You know why I said that. I give up. I tell you about the smith and Taylor trade, the stadium, the Williams run, who is playing and not.
  6. Mccoy turns down offer

    It will be downtown Buffalo. Enough about the stadium and the Webb package. They did not run the Webb package becuase the game didn’t dictate it. Anyone that knows football knows that. I said, if McDermott has the guts, you will witnessses one of the greatest plays in Bills history. It will be amazing. And it was. We all know the facts. Now leave me alone
  7. Mccoy turns down offer

    Thank you. I don’t hurt anyone. I have information and we can discuss the what if’s. It is called a honest debate. We can disagree without labeling and calling names. I enjoy a healthy and honest debate and I get tired of being punished by the moderators when I have done nothing wrong
  8. Mccoy turns down offer

    Now you know
  9. Mccoy turns down offer

    I know what I posted. Pull up the Williams touchdown run, you never re post that one. Enough arguing with you. we have been doing more research on Josh Allen and he is the right pick for us. After we trade for Alex Smith, he can watch from the sidelines for two or three years and grow. He wii Be special like Rodgers and jimmy g. There succes is tied to their development on the sidelines. I hope he is there at 21
  10. Mccoy turns down offer

    Thank you True, his source does
  11. Mccoy turns down offer

    We have worked out a trade for Tyrod, I wish Glenn was healthy so we could trade him as well and we need to get Benjamin healthy so we can work out a long term deal for him and reduce his cap hit for next year. We are going to be players this time around in the free agency market. Making the playoffs definitely helps attract free agents. They know we are on the verge of something big in Buffalo land
  12. Mccoy turns down offer

    I believe my source, you believe the newspapers. They don’t work at obd
  13. Mccoy turns down offer

    The stadium will be in downtown buffalo
  14. Mccoy turns down offer

    That was Dunkirk Donna not me and you know it. You guys cheer that behavior so please stop spreading that nonsense. I am above that behavior I just post what my source tells me and I want to discuss it but I cannot. Rather than not reading my threads, you guys continue to harass me. Let me be my prediction for the super bowl. Steelers and saints
  15. Mccoy turns down offer

    That is what makes America great. You are not forced to believe me or read this threat. I should have the right to post without constantly being harassed. I don’t harass what you post’ I just don’t read them. Most of them are such trivial stuff, it makes me nauseous. But I respect your right and I do not constant call for a mod to shut it down. If you believe this is crap don’t read it. Problem solved but the childish mommy pleas to the mod is ridiculous. I get punished for your bad behavior