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  1. Could they be there looking at a new hockey head coach?
  2. That’s what they did in 04 with the Red Sox. I knew an intern that got a ring
  3. Man I wish my frame and metabolism wouldn't allow me to gain 30 pounds. HA!
  4. Fair. Ian’s I agree. Of all people in the world I understand that. But it is unique, different and worthy of a mention. If anything it might motivate other fan bases to do the same. The net benefit would only be positive Hey if I’m wrong I’m wrong. I can admit that. It’s awesome what we do and proud of the fact. Hope the same sentiment spreads all over the nfl and it makes the country a better place
  5. Sorry just really proud of the fan base. It’s amazing work everyone is doing.
  6. With all of the donating it’s pretty obvious that we are a fan base like none other. Yes I understand we do some crazy stuff too but when in we can, we show up and donate our dollars and our support. Maybe we don’t get the man of the year award but some kind of mention. What are your thoughts?
  7. Should be. You are right. Just years of bad news for the bills has me trained. Go bills
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