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  1. Are there others that can’t stand booger? My god he’s bad
  2. Didn’t realize Garrison Sanborn is the miners long snapper
  3. As long as our o line is healthy. Still an area of concern I have with the right side
  4. Man I hope we can run like this when we play them
  5. I just got the alert on ESPN ... crazy Must be more than just smoke
  6. How does Feliciano get the taunting but yet you got the guy over a quarterback pointing his finger in his face mask not get taunting
  7. I got up almost an hour before my alarm this morningI got up almost an hour before my alarm this morning
  8. Just very grateful for another season I hope all the players have health on their side I hope we can get some victories this year and I hope all my friends on this board enjoy some family and football
  9. I agree it Wine the best spot for him to get a ring. I’d honestly take him on a one year prove it deal. Would be at least 3-5 tds worth on thanksgiving and vs the Steelers. And on a 1 year deal we wouldn’t have much invested. We do have the cap.
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