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  1. The Bills are looking for an attention getter at the TE position. Not necessarily someone that will consistently produce, but someone that will command attention (ie. produced at a high level at some point in their career). The kind of attention that relives some of the pressure off of the WRs and RBs. We may have a gem in Knox, but he will not get any respect out there until he shows that he can do something. The same goes for Croom. Kroft at the very least has a reputation of a large TE that can move fairly well and catch the ball. Defenses would have had to pay attention to that and either jam at the line, shadow the safety over top to prevent the seem and so on. That type of attention at that position is what the Bills want so we can open up the fade to the WRs or wheel routes to the RBs. I can almost guarantee the Bills will bring in another vet TE that has had decent success as a receiver in the past. Doubt there is a free agent out there so this would most definitely be an acquisition through trade.
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