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  1. I like JaCoby Stevens out of LSU. May not contribute right away but could be an asset later in the season. He should be available in the later rounds.
  2. Looking at the current roster I'm thinking there's a strong possibility the Bills will take 3 DBs (1st rd, 2 x 5th rd), and a speed back in the draft (6th or 7th). All others will be BPA without an emphasis on positional need. Obviously this is all dependent on how the draft goes, but it's just a hunch. I hope they take Kelvin Joseph or Stokes at 30. Both guys have had success against speedy receivers in the SEC. I'm leaning towards Joseph due to his success against Alabama's WRs. I think he only gave up a pass or two and had a pick. Stokes played well too but gave up a few contest
  3. With the timing of this, it looks like a someone is trying to lower his stock. Might work and lower the asking price by the Texans.
  4. Haven't heard of him. Gonna take a look. 👍 Edit: scratch that. I remember this guy. I figure he'd be gone mid round but damn if we could move up and land him! 🤑
  5. My guess is that's what we do with our 1st. The two Georgia CBs have elite speed. Not sure if there are many others that have a top grade.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a pro day hub where they post the results? NFL Network has a page, but it doesn't seem like they have a section for the results, only dates. https://www.nfl.com/draft/pro-days Edit - found PFFs results tracker. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-draft-pro-day-schedule-pro-day-results-tracker
  7. For me, I'd compare the 2021 Patriots to the 2000 Ravens team. No, I'm not saying their defense is that good, but I am saying their philosophy will be the same. Below are five reasons why I think we will see a very competitive Patriots for 2021. Their defense is really good, and that will not change this year. The Pats do a great job with drafting talent at LB & DL so their losses may be again with the younger players like Chase Winovich being a featured player this year. They have three quality RBs that will take the pressure off of the pass game. Yes Tom didn't have that mu
  8. Was a terrible idea, but we had fun. We all didn't make it past the Green Bay pick.
  9. We've had a draft keg party for 7 yrs now that would include dinner, snacks, drinks, beer on tap, and some draft drinking games. The games would mainly be for trades and if you called a pick right, etc. Not a lot into it that because we would all be congregating and having a good time. This year will be a little different... We're going to have a telecom along with a drinking game catered to the virtual draft. Because we're all isolated and in our homes we won't have to worry about drinking and driving...but you may fall on your way to bed Here's the rules: Draft
  10. I would take this guy in the 1st if we still had our pick. No way we pass on him in the 2nd. My guess is that we make a move up to the top 10 of the 2nd to grab him. No clue what the comp would be but may include a DT considering we have 5 on the roster.
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