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  1. Because it's easier than arguing Josh Allen vs. Lamar Jackson
  2. Speaking of blitz heavy, you know Allen will see plenty of blitzes from Schwartz. Schwartz typically holds a grudge against former teams. As far as our blitzing goes, if we blitz, we need a spy. Fitz made us pay with that last TD, and that was just normal pressure. Wentz will still take off running, despite his injury history. Can't ever let an NFL QB get comfortable. Eagles are lower to middle of the pack in sacks allowed.
  3. Our strength of schedule is pretty bad. Our opponents, played and upcoming, have a combined record of 45-76. That's a .372 winning percentage. Take away counting New England's record twice, 31-76. The math says yes, this is turning out to be one of the easiest schedules ever. The Bills seem to play up or down to their opponents, hence all the tight games. Fact is, they've been winning most of the close games. Philly will be the 2nd best team we've played so far at 3-4. Time to step it up a notch. And get used to more close games.
  4. IF you get lucky with street parking: Meters must be paid Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm. Time limits (noted on the meter) range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. REMEMBER - FREE metered on-street parking is available after 6 pm Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday Nashville police do put up barricades in many spots though
  5. Maybe we can package our glut of 2020 5th and 6th round picks for a 4th. C'mon Beane, keep working that magic!
  6. It's dink and dunk passing so far. The nicest pass he's had was the sideline pass to Sweeney for 20+ yards. Otherwise, they're mostly 5 yard crosses to Beasley. Very conservative. I hope that's the issue. If the coaching staff is playing vanilla, working on timing, that's fine. You have Brown, you have Foster, you have a live-arm QB. Looking forward to Allen's arm being turned loose, to use this great speed.
  7. Consistency is the asset that Allen is lacking, as well as accuracy. Pretty deadly things to be lacking as an NFL "franchise" QB. I'm not sold that this guy will ever take us to the promised land. Yes, he still doesn't have the greatest receivers, but I see Barkley hitting his targets consistently. Allen is still a 50-50 proposition for hitting a receiver.
  8. Who needs Tua when you have Daniel Jones? Every team wanted him 😂 The curse of OBJ has definitely hit the Giants
  9. Anyone got a line on group tickets? I know I can always do stubhub. Would be fun to sit with a Bills group.
  10. Been to plenty of Preds games. Putting up with their fans is tough, as they're idiots. Every other chant they do involves saying "you suck". Gets very annoying, so I'd rather watch my favorite team on TV. The novelty of going to a game in Nashville wore off long ago for me.
  11. Union Station is very nice inside. Hopefully you'll get an upper level room. Two floors are actually below ground level. Location is ideal for walking anywhere downtown.
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