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  1. buffaloaggie

    Cardinals tweet their support of Right Josh

    Rosen's Tesla wreck He may be the Cardinals guy, just don't catch a ride with him.
  2. buffaloaggie

    Charles Clay Released

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2019-nfl-draft-ranking-all-16-tight-ends-to-know-from-t-j-hockenson-to-tommy-sweeney/ Daboll has to have his eye on Irv Smith. He was always a reliable target at Bama. You can pretty much say that of most Free Agent signings.
  3. buffaloaggie

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Sounds like the Redskins briefly had visions of bringing Long back as their starting left Guard https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/potential-spencer-long-reunion-redskins-isnt-going-happen
  4. buffaloaggie

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    Free Agency definitely inflates salaries. Landry and Watkins were the big beneficiaries last year, so I guess an average of $14 mil/year is not unreasonable for Williams? KC and Cleveland did not get the bang for the bucks. NFL WR Salary List
  5. buffaloaggie

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    The fact that it's his 2nd achilles injury pretty much should kill any interest in the Bills signing him. At least I would hope.
  6. buffaloaggie

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    Anyone that can consistently get open would be nice. Beasley was always underrated in Dallas, but he feels he should be paid as a top-2 slot receiver. Humphries is younger, and has the size on Beasley.
  7. buffaloaggie

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/opinion/capaccio-ten-free-agent-wrs-and-how-they-might-or-might-not-fit-bills If they sign Funchess, I'll be pissed. Tyrell Williams and Humphries would be good gets.
  8. buffaloaggie

    Kyler Murray officially chooses Football over Baseball

    It'll be interesting to see what Arizona does with their #1, after what Kingsbury said about taking Murray. Do they try to unload Rosen now?
  9. buffaloaggie

    Bills Schedule Updates

    Nice analysis. The home opener pattern that you point out of non-divisional, then two divisional seems to point to a division rival as our home opener this season, since we opened with San Diego last year. Especially seeing that this past season, Miami was home week 1, and the Jets home opener was Miami in week 2, You can see the Miami at Buffalo opener for week 1 this upcoming season. The only thing that could mess up the home, then away theory in week 1, giving the Bills a home opener this year, is the fact that New England will be opening at home for the 3rd straight year, so some team has to play back to back road week 1 games to offset that. The Jets have had two road week 1 games in 2017 and 2018. Doubt they'll start on the road for a 3rd straight year.
  10. buffaloaggie

    Bills/Redskins Potential Trade Down

    You have to draft wisely with the pick, whether you stay put, or trade up or down. Browns got worse because they drafted horribly. The Bills have too, as well as letting players go via FA. Patriots have hit the motherlode with their picks. We drafted Edmunds after moving up, and the pick right after us turned out to be one of the top Defensive rookies this year. Edmunds will be decent, but we'll see if he was worth moving up for. You can get all the picks you want, but if you don't draft effectively, then any move that you make looks bad. We need quality, and we need depth, so cases can be made for staying put, and trading down. If the Bills think they can get their BPA six picks later, trade down.
  11. buffaloaggie

    Bills/Redskins Potential Trade Down

    CBS writer names Bills as potential trade down partner with Redskins Bills and Redskins swap 9 and 15 - should get an extra 2nd IMO
  12. buffaloaggie

    FYI: My season ticket invoice just arrived for 2019

    Upper level 50s (334) went up $2 per game. I'll renew. Relocation happens in Mid-April. We'll see if anything is worth upgrading to.
  13. I say this way too often as a Bills fan...lol
  14. buffaloaggie

    Senior Bowl- Day 3 A Bills fan first hand take

    Kingsley Keke has improved every year at A&M. He bounced between DT and DE there, because of his athleticism. Both he and Daylon Mack, another DT from A&M, are quick. I've seen projections of round 5-7. Whoever takes these guys will be getting a steal. Hopefully the Bills. The depth at DT is amazing in this draft. I hope we draft elsewhere, and pick up a DT later. Disappointed to hear about Montez Sweat. He was a monster at Miss State, but as was pointed out, that was college, and the OTs in the NFL are a bit tougher. Deebo sounds like a winner. His presence on the field made South Carolina a completely different team. He's a bit of a game changer.
  15. buffaloaggie

    Tennessee 2019

    I work in Nashville every other week, so I'll definitely arrange my schedule to be there for the game.