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  1. The chart is questionable. I'm sure the analyst considers a lot, but when I see Chicago averaging a yard and a half more in KO and Punt returns, but he has us basically equal on the chart, I have to say there's a flaw in the ratings. Roberts wasn't even responsible for our TD, Hyde was. Still, he's only here one more year with a $2 mil cap hit. Relatively speaking, it's not bad. He's the #4 kick returner and #10 punt returner. Definitely above average.
  2. They announced 2019 games in London on January 20th of last year. Should be within a week that they announce for 2020 games.
  3. Plain and simple, he has good memories playing football, and he'd like to keep them. Coaching Edmunds would be a good way to stay active in the game.
  4. Shoulder surgery is painful. Wish him the best in his recovery, but it's a long road there
  5. He has weapons to work with for sure. A.J. Brown is a budding star, as is Jonnu Smith at TE. Titans D has given up a lot of yards, but have been thriving on Turnovers. I think their luck runs out against KC. Mahomes shouldn't choke like Jackson did. Chiefs are a lot like the SB Bills, loaded offense, questionable D. Still, Chiefs in the Super Bowl would be way more entertaining than Tennessee.
  6. He falls into the "effective game manager" type of QB. Doesn't wow you with yards, but an almost 4 to 1 TD to INT ratio this year means he's pretty effective. Having Derrick Henry to hand off to helps. He's basically Joe Ferguson without the INTs.
  7. Draft order is determined by when a playoff team loses, then their record. New England and Buffalo are grouped with other wild card losers, and will fill slots 21-24. The losing teams will then fill the slots based on records Bills(10-6) Patriots (12-4). Saints (13-3) and Vikings (10-6, but better Strength of Schedule than Bills) would draft behind us, and the Seahawks (11-5) would draft behind us, but the Eagles at 9-7 would draft ahead of us, if they lose.
  8. Hubbard led the NCAA in rushing at a school that produced Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas. He's probably worth discussing. Projected 3rd or later if he enters the draft this year.
  9. Watching his passes float in the air, I can see why Hodges nickname is Duck. Such easy picks.
  10. Bills have to take care of business obviously. Let's beat the Browns first. Patsies are now considered a bit vulnerable after their loss. Now going into Philly, who is hot. Cowboys at home, Texans on the road, Chiefs at home. It's a tough 4 weeks ahead of them. Three possible losses in there. We can only hope.
  11. I guarantee Josh Allen's numbers would look better if they'd target John Brown more than 7 or 8 times a game. 70% of his targets are completions, and they aren't dink and dunk passes.
  12. This^ has always been my impression of Edmunds. He picks the wrong gap to attack quite often. Gets tied up with blockers too easily. The plays he makes are typically to the outside. Is he better suited as an OLB?
  13. Because it's easier than arguing Josh Allen vs. Lamar Jackson
  14. Speaking of blitz heavy, you know Allen will see plenty of blitzes from Schwartz. Schwartz typically holds a grudge against former teams. As far as our blitzing goes, if we blitz, we need a spy. Fitz made us pay with that last TD, and that was just normal pressure. Wentz will still take off running, despite his injury history. Can't ever let an NFL QB get comfortable. Eagles are lower to middle of the pack in sacks allowed.
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