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  1. I can see why you'd get the shot, and would agree. You have underlying health concerns, so it makes sense for you to get the shot. There are fortunate people whose immune systems are just fine, after recovering from COVID. They likely have a sufficient amount of Antibodies in their system to fight off COVID. This is something else I struggle with. No one is really telling us what a good amount of antibodies is. Sure, it may vary, but the shots give us antibodies too. If someone has been protected from having more than a handful of sick days in their working life, why should they inject something that they don't know what the long range effects are, and when they have already recovered from COVID ?
  2. Only a Junior, but Snoop Conner from Ole Miss would be the goal line RB we're lacking. Snoop Conner
  3. It'll all shake out. Notre Dame has many ranked teams on their schedule (Wisc, Cinc, @VT, USC, UNC). No matter what they are this week, they will definitely prove themselves later (or not).
  4. Clemson shouldn't even be considered by the committee with that schedule. The only possibility of playing a ranked team will be the ACC Championship against Va Tech, assuming they're ranked then. Notre Dame is at Blacksburg October 9th. Big game now.
  5. Saw that. Consoling the Louisville defender thrown out for targeting. That was a vicious hit.
  6. Uncomfortable when Barkley steps on the field. Fromm showed some poise from what I saw in preseason.
  7. Sad state when anything released today is better than what we have.
  8. Flores has already said he wants high character players. That approach sure sounds familiar.
  9. Spotrac has us at $5.127 mil under the cap after this move. Decent space for any additions during the season
  10. There was a funny (yet also sad) exchange about Nick Starkel, who was an A&M QB, when Martell was being first recruited. Martell talked a good game, but A&M's new OC preferred a taller QB, so 5'11" Martel was ignored by the OC, leading to his decommit from A&M. Circle October 21st. UNLV hosts San Jose State, where Starkel currently is. Martell has a bum thumb, so hopefully he's recovered and ready for the showdown. Starkel is another QB with long transfer history 2015 - Committed to Oklahoma State 2016 - Decommit from OSU to sign with A&M (Redshirted) 2018 - Beaten out by Kellen Mond, transfers to Arkansas 2019 - Throws 5 INTs in an upset loss to San Jose State, loses starting job at Arkansas 2020 - Transfers to San Jose State (I guess because he was good at throwing to San Jose State players) 2021 - Finally entering Senior season with SJSU
  11. Kind of shows Minshew isn't a good teammate. He's not going to take over from Hurts. Trading him indicates he was going to be a distraction with the Jags
  12. A weak Steelers O-line, an improved Bills D-line, and an aging Ben will equal a Bills double digit win.
  13. Get your RBs early. Mocks seem to have plenty of WRs late, but good RB picks seem hard to come by this year
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