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  1. Singletary had been working hard to seize the job this season. I think he will. Moss will get some but Singletary will lead in carries by alot.
  2. If they're gonna cut him, trade him. If they think he should on the roster, he should.
  3. I always thought he should be a TE. He needs to learn to catch again.
  4. Yeah I tripped all over that and it wouldn't let me edit it. I meant not unreasonable to think they can develop players. The atmosphere is one that's conducive to players becoming their best selves.
  5. That was supposed to be CAN develop players. Won't let me edit it without wiping it completely?
  6. Beane is drafting monsters this weekend. Big, Athletic Monsters.
  7. Not unreasonable to think they can't develop guys. Jackson could surprise.
  8. Looks like competition for special teams year one at minimum
  9. Nice workup from NFL Network on this kid. He could end up a player some day.
  10. Seems pretty fast, I like it. For a 6th round guy, he'll do.
  11. Melifonwu, Davis Meinerz or Cox please
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