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  1. I've been a fan since Fergie. I grew up in the city and attended games with friends through high school. I moved to NorCal 25 years ago but I still go back for a game or two a year and watch them live when they come to the West Coast.
  2. Pickings are slim among the "big names" but I remember reading that Beane was looking at some guys who haven't been starters yet in their careers but may have some upside waiting to emerge. They named names but I don't remember them. I'll trust Beane to sign one of those type.
  3. I think there will be an upside FA signing and a pick or two early in the draft
  4. I'll try this without stats The fire is still burning hot, he's not satisfied and probably somewhat embarrassed at how they were beaten in KC and it will drive him all year. He's going to go to work this off season to fix something that he (and his team) have identified as an area of opportunity. We will continue to have a love affair with Josh Allen ❤💙
  5. I like the pick up, he's a capable player. Hopefully they are still looking to add to the room.
  6. Maybe Daboll gets a job and takes Mitchell with him next year
  7. He's a good young receiver, which means he'll suck in NE
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