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  1. Don't sleep on King Khalil Shakir. The guy doesn't drop balls, gets open and is a RAC master. With the group they have I can see alot of quick passes to get guys moving in space with alot of RAC.
  2. I watched Davis several times this season. I like him alot. He'll be a good fit with Cook.
  3. Defense needed a guy like this. Love the pick!
  4. Sign Clowney as a mercenary for a year. Personally, I feel that Groooot hasn't been given enough snaps to be as effective as he can be. He lags around 60% of snaps and he's been productive with what he's been asked to do. If they unleash him, he will start to put up the numbers people are looking for. Also, Miller will be looking to earn back some of his money this year and will play better, more like his old self, as a result.
  5. I agree, but sadly they are looked upon as role models for plenty of today's youth. I won't get into the reasons why. The NFL doesn't even acknowledge that some of their players are not held accountable for their actions and instead are celebrated for what they can do on a football field. It's an NFL problem in my opinion. One that needs to be fixed.
  6. I like this and the versatility it provides them
  7. The domestic calls are piling up on this man. Is he an unfair target or an easy target? Seriously have to wonder how much longer the NFL can promote and support this man. Not saying he should or will be suspended and or kicked out of the league eventually, but... I have to wonder when the NFL just pumps the brakes on the features and constant ball washing by alot of their analysts on every network of this guy. He's not the role model you want to promote NFL? Is he?
  8. Whether true or not, I suppose time will tell, trouble seems to follow this guy everywhere he goes.
  9. Thanks Jurrah. Jerry Jones forced this on Pegula and Pegs just rolled over for belly scratches. Now the average fan will be forced out by the prices. A buddy of mine, RIP Zach, was a 30 year season ticket holder and would have been one of the many who won't be able to afford them for the new place.
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