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  1. SUW - Someone understand why? Racking my brain trying to figure it out!
  2. If indeed true, that's pretty cool of you for doing something nice like that for people less fortunate, props.... that said, why the hell are you such a scat starter on here all of the time? You know that it annoys the hell out of the majority of us but continue to do it, why?
  3. Alright, that actually turned out to be pretty damn awesome and I'm a dummy 😆
  4. I guaran-fkn-tee that he has something absolutely embarrassing and idiotic planned for this, I'm praying that we completely trade out and he's unable to actually do it.
  5. Someone please tag Josh Allen and let him see this idiotic bulldung so he teabags these scumbags even worse than usual next year.
  6. James Daniels.... play guard this year and can replace Morse if/when he leaves.
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