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  1. Just auto draft him a damn kicker and get this thing back on track! 😆
  2. I hope that they don't take Wilson because I think he could be damn good. It's still the Jets so maybe they F it up but still, I think he's gonna be good. If he somehow ends up on SF, look TF out, Shanahan will make that kid a star. Fields scares the hell out of me, no idea if he'll ever learn to be an actual QB. Jones is not an NFL QB, don't get any of the hype with him. Lance is an enigma, I have no idea what to think about him but he at least seems to have high QB IQ.
  3. They just declared bankruptcy, not sure it's a good fit on this team, pass.
  4. I want us to trade back and draft Landon Dickerson, let him play guard this year + and move to center when we move on from Morse. He's an absolute mauler and would help out our run game. Also want Shelvin in RD3, need to get our run defense fixed.
  5. Glen Oak and Ironwood are 2 of my favorite courses to play.
  6. She's so hot I would eat the damn corn out of her sh.... I mean, yeah I guess it's cool if she wants to hop on the bandwagon.
  7. Pretty sure that's right, he woulda been absolutely fine if he had Mr Socko on tho!
  8. Is that true? If so, it totally explains his implosion the last 2 months.
  9. Scared the living hell out of me Yolo! Thought Bass got the Vid.
  10. We have to sign Dane after the game to the 53 or else he can't play again, correct?
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