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  1. I'd choose that over reaching. Diversification via more picks is another way to handle the risk of not getting full pre-draft assessments on players.
  2. Be it Tre or another important starter, I'm OK if the coaches have these key players sit out non-conference Arizona (and the Bye) so that they're healthier for the last 6 games - 5 of which are conference match-ups. Interested in injury reports later this week.
  3. Gale had a big arm. Saw him practice at Fredonia.
  4. As a rusher, coverage, or both? I'm not familiar with Lee.
  5. LB certainly a concern. Poyer can't make every tackle.
  6. $1.2 million? No problem. 6th round draft pick? You have our attention.
  7. 1) I think I can want better front 7 play from the D and not be caught in the moral loss trap. 2) The way the Bills beat New England, giving them hope like that on the last drive, then crushing their arrogant hopes in a single play. That was joyous.
  8. Even if Hyde/Poyer have peaked, they would still be a great combination if they didn't have to play default LB in addition to their other responsibilities. I actually think that with Wallace out, Tre injured (kind-of?), the D-Line ineffective, and the LB's invisible, Hyde/Poyer are by far the best position group on D. I will grant you that when you see one of them in a confused coverage play it doesn't look good, but maybe they are trying to do too much (??).
  9. Bills often play only two LB's. One starter (Milano) is injured. The other (Edmunds) makes no impact. The backups are underwhelming. The D-line is (read above). The result is that the safeties are having to handle most of the run support (IMO) in addition to having to the whole D backfield having to cover longer. I really don't have too much to say that's negative about the defensive backfield given the injuries and the fact that many plays that should have been stopped at the line or 5 yards past it are now all falling to the safeties and DB's. The Bills were absolutely resolute about wanting to limit the Chief's big play pass offense at the cost of leaving the D on the field too long and getting slapped around on runs. Perhaps better personnel adjustments to the run could have been made if we had clear LB depth.
  10. I got the same feeling as last week, Buff would have to score most every drive to win.
  11. Too much of the run support falls to our safeties. LBs are invisible, even if we only play two of them.
  12. There was a point after the 2nd half started that you felt the O would have to score on every possession. Quite a flip from the past when it was all on the D.
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