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  1. I'm very happy with the team. I agree with the Steve Tasker point about simply playing better in the biggest games. Injuries are fate. Daboll being distracted I think is somewhat likely (but only conjecture). Remember that the Bills suggested a rule change to disallow other teams from approaching assistant coaches during a playoff run (or some such). Surely there was something there to initiate that.
  2. Josh just needs to be better in the playoffs - that's the only next step I need to see from him. Dabol needs to not entertain job offers during championship prep week. The rest of that segment was time I will never get back.
  3. No it is not time to trade Singletary. Moss needs to show his ankle is 100%. Breida needs to show he's productive in the Bill's offense and not just "fast". Singletary needs to show what he's bringing this year while in pads (he's entitled to being part of the "best man" competition). Then when you really know what you have, then and only then, do you make a favorable trade. Trade talk based on the promises of free agents, rookies, hype, .............meh.
  4. $19 million per year for Edmunds on a Bills team that relies on the passing offense to win games? Not seeing it. Depends on what he does this year. I'd rather have another Poyer if I'm paying that.
  5. 100 %. This is a coordinated action for sure. Mostly joking in that Josh will run out of throws to perfect.
  6. Hogwash. Cole is the best slot receiver hands down until he's unseated which I don't expect if he chooses to play. Speculation article.....
  7. Good post. I remember Thurman comparing favorably to Emmet in yards after contact while Dallas had arguably the better line.
  8. Cole is still our best slot option possibly short of Diggs which wouldn't happen. Tough. Gets open. Don't really care about the rest.
  9. If he only became a better blocker from this I would consider it time well spent.
  10. Moss had ankle surgery on January 20. Will be interesting to see how he gets worked back in.
  11. Question (for any that might know): Are Bills players able to avoid some/all NY State income taxes by being out of (NY) state (and living in Florida) for ~6 months (Feb - July?
  12. Agree. This is interesting. The "Bean and McDermott are (blindly) loyal to the guys they draft" narrative does not fit in Ford's case.
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