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  1. 1) Tre was drafted 27th overall so why panic over 30? 2) Looking forward to see if they improve corner, 1T DT, or interior OL. 3) Will they find an infusion of speed at WR? 4) These picks are critical to having a percentage of active players with low salaries and a shorter injury history. Lots to make the draft interesting.
  2. Edmunds: Solid in pursuit (a runner more than a thumper). Good tackler when he's playing an angle. Struggles to disengage. Plays the wrong gap too often (instincts or system based assignments?). Averages just under 2 sacks a year (pass rush). Averages 1 interception a year (anticipation and coverage). Arguably being played out of position (MLB or OLB?) High character person. Plays much better when not playing with injury (obvious). Trending towards an expensive 5th year option. Someone who I hope hits another gear this year.
  3. Same here. I've worn the mask and I've gotten the two shots of Pfizer, but I enjoy going maskless when I watch football.
  4. At a minimum, Singletary stays until Moss shows he's fully back from the ankle injury. Plus he's a decent blocker, knows the offense, and is cheap.
  5. Some players likely need in-person Spring OTA's. Meet their teammates, get extra coaching close up, PT and injury rehab, develop good habits, stay out of trouble, get a sense of belonging, take in Bills culture,, etc. This doesn't happen staring at an iPad.
  6. Yes he does! https://youtu.be/jBt1nwR7dyk
  7. Draft position doesn't affect the reality of who the player is now. Oliver is the player you see. If he's better with support then you either support him in his 3-tech role or let him play out his rookie contract and move on. Same thing with Shaq.
  8. This position is too important to just hope on Star (Wish upon a Star?) or assume Harry recovers fully. Doesn't matter if every offense is a pass first offense. If your run D is soft, your 3 tackle is undersized, and your MLB can't shed, the opponent WILL play the matchup and run on you. I think Olver will be wasted until they restore their 1 tech DT. Any chance the trainers get a few pounds off him and he stays on the field for passing downs?
  9. I didn't see any numbers in the article and in my opinion, the cautions will be notably outdated by September 2021. Neither the paper, nor the editorial positions by Alex Piquero and the others seemed to suggest that having fans in attendance was reckless.
  10. Buffalo has had their share of excellent guards (McKenzie, DeLamielleure, Jim Richer, Reuben Brown, Incognito) and this is the collective standard I'll judge good guard play by regardless of differences in the modern game. Able to physically and/or technically beat their opponents on a consistent basis. Ford - perhaps too slow footed and off-balance to be a tackle, and underwhelming at guard. He would have to take a big step (think Allen year 1 to year 2) to justify starter talk.
  11. Barring the ability to acquire more value than you're giving up, I'd prefer to draft a player. I like having young talent with fewer injuries on affordable rookie contracts.
  12. Could it in some part be as simple as Miami wanting to see what they have in Tua this year while still having the draft capital to get a QB next year if Tua doesn't pan out?
  13. I expect Allen to seek his market value. Is he a resident of NY or CA? If so, seems he would also factor in state income taxes when negotiating.
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