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  1. Nitpicking: You can see when the pass is being forced to Diggs. I'd like to see additional pass distribution to different receivers to include some critical downs. Develop other players, be less predictable, prepare in case Diggs is out a game. Knox and Shakir only had one reception each. Glad to see Sherfield get involved. The Bills will win when Allen is patient. I choose victories over crazy athletic highlight plays. Get me to 3rd and 2 in the most boring manner rather than counting on some extended highlight play to convert from 3rd and 9. The long interception was a reversion to Week 1.
  2. Star Lotulelei getting an interception while the announcers were having a Dallas love fest with Emmitt Smith was a special memory.
  3. Get the ball out quickly. Fewer 7-step drop plays. Get some rhythm.
  4. I too don't see the download function anymore.
  5. Having multiple new-media choices is awesome both in content and affordability (usually free). Cover 1 film episodes and Locked on Bills are my favorites.
  6. I do not like the mini toilet seat collar jerseys. What gives?
  7. Well reasoned. I'll restate thus, fumbles seem to be the more needless type of turnover.
  8. If you're a Bills fan, you can't not root for Demark.
  9. Dawkins may have to play himself into shape. Not preferred, but that's his doing.
  10. I didn't get to see it. Injury was left leg, different than last year's right leg acl. I too hope the young man can hear something positive tomorrow.
  11. www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2023/08/buffalo-bills-backup-tackle-suffers-gruesome-injury-against-the-steelers.html
  12. Not for all the same reasons, I'm looking to see what Dorian Williams, Dodson, Elam, and Doyle do tonight.
  13. There are better options. Locked on Bills podcast is a no-bombast listen. Cover 1 film room episodes are pretty solid IMO when you want to see/hear technical football (good one on Dorain Williams in the pre-season game). ESPN is a clown show to me.
  14. Poyer has led the team in toughness and physical play. If the MLB now has it too, then all the better. However, I'd say that Dodson is at best our 3rd best LB after Milano and Williams.
  15. Dodson must have gone to Vontaze Burfict linebacker academy in the off-season.
  16. Thanks. Didn't see the game. Wondered if McDermott would show that look.
  17. Asking: Did the Bills play any three LB defense? Any reason to think that if they did/do in the regular season, it's not Milano, Williams and whoever starts at MLB?
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