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  1. Looking forward to seeing Terrel Bernard play and whether he has instincts and big play ability in the NFL.
  2. I remember that as having a good dose of 4-wide and empty backfield and not liking it. It was a game or two and that was reigned in.
  3. Mixed messages from society/govt. Smoking tobacco very bad. Smoking weed awesome - legalize it everywhere and celebrate. Drinking alcohol ?? People forfeiting employment because they can't pass a drug test. Contractors can't find help to show up for work without being high. A local concrete contractor talked about a "lost generation". Idle hands and a purposeless life beg for trouble. Re football, pain management will continue to be a part of the sport for pros. Nobody takes repeated shots from monsters of men without paying a price. I expect pain management will be aggressively addressed by the more functional teams.
  4. Re OP, I'd have stopped following the Bills until character was once again a priority.
  5. He's not trying to be Top 10, he's trying to be the best. Full commitment. A good lesson in what it takes to be a transformative figure. Glad he's our coach.
  6. Kelly had great accuracy on the deep arcing passes, slants, and short-area dumps to RBs. These resulted in Lofton/Beebe bombs, Reed RAC yards from being hit in stride, and smooth execution of screens to Thurman. I mention these as they have not been Allen's early career strong points. Kelly also very accurate threading the ball between defenders - more so anyway in his earlier years. Sometimes prone to missing the underneath coverage. Kelly a great "touch" passer IMO.
  7. I feel that the IOL sees an average commitment in resources because part of the protection scheme is to simply allow Josh to escape or roll out. Hold your block for 2.5 seconds and call it good.
  8. Smart. Achilles have an outer sheath over the inner section. If you get a lump on the outer part from overuse, heed the warning and back off. Also the number of jobs where people sit wreak havoc on the hamstrings, calves, and Achilles. Achilles heal slowly with no regular blood supply. Painful watching that video.
  9. Looking at the roster, OL is my only area of concern. Less about the starters than the depth. 17 games plus playoffs will take more than 5 OL.
  10. There's just so much "ME!" with this. "Brady will serve as an executive producer on his own and future roasts."
  11. Not sure what Gore was doing with his hands down before the knockout. Baiting his opponent?
  12. I'll guess an average of 5 more plays a game with 2 TE sets. Also don't see the IOL giving league leading protection time despite Kromer. Hoping they're at least average and no injuries to Bates/Saffold. Nice post by OP.
  13. Gambling does zero for me. Afternoon WGR seems to like it.
  14. I like Sal, but he's a bit close to the Bills to speak unfiltered.
  15. There is some chance, although a very small one, that Brady gets his bell rung or is disfigured.
  16. Although generally ignored, his broken ankle could easily have made him less of a player last year.
  17. Ideally a few shine in preseason and are then traded.
  18. We likely know the ceiling on most players so it's a question of who could plausibly still improve. Rousseau.
  19. Bernard is the manifestation of McDermott's vision of a 2022 NFL defense. He's not going to put out a LB that isn't viable in coverage. LB's not integral to pass rush. Just my opinion.
  20. Don't see how he acquires the quick feet and balance he's missing, but hope he proves me wrong.
  21. Defense will be better better - able to win some games on their own. Tough to say they will be "feared" in a traditional sense. Gone are the days of head-hunting safeties and defenders who drive a QB's head and body into the turf.
  22. B Corner was a sucking chest wound that needed immediate attention. Bills had to plan for Tre missing a couple early games and then being limited for some time after. Would really have liked that 4th for IOL.
  23. Just caught his interview. Sharp, mature, young man.
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