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  1. I like hearing about camp reps but i don't put too much stock into it. Sometimes you can read the tea leaves and kind of see a situation unfolding but it usually just fizzles into just another camp story.
  2. I took Cook 1-1 in Dynasty ***** it!!
  3. Whens this thing gonna be ready. I'm curious if i'll be able to afford tickets or not.
  4. WNY food tour! I love it, just returned from there myself. My family is also planning a Steelers weekend, fun!
  5. Duh. Davis is gonna *****in kill it this season.
  6. I know. I do think it's what slowed them down last year early. They were answering superbowl questions from training camp on as the media whipped the narrative into a frenzy. This year I think they'll be more prepared to shut it out.
  7. It's cool and its been fun but.... The Kyle Brandt thing is a little cringy sometimes tbh. I feel like he's out there creating this target on the Bills backs. He has nothing to do with the on field game play yet he's out there bloviating all over himself about it. Rex Ryan comes to mind for the same reasons.
  8. This is Poyers replacement near the line of scrimmage if he doesn't re-sign next season. Poyer consistently makes tackles at or near the line on run plays, this guy could fill that role. Someone else would fill in on obvious passing downs. Hopefully Poyer doesn't leave but they need to prepare for it just in case.
  9. Maybe they just needed a guy to push and pull big guys around through the offseason?
  10. I think this guy could be a potential replacement for Poyer on run downs near the line of scrimmage if Poyer doesn't re-sign and will definitely upgrade special teams in the meantime.
  11. Practice will be interesting with these young kickers
  12. Mel loves him. Guy can tackle and is a ballhawk. Special teams keep getting better and more athletic at the very least.
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