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  1. I remember the first day of NHL Free agency in October. With a few exceptions, free Agents were signing quickly for short deals way belowall over the league. After a few days it was clear guys wanted a chair before the music stopped and they were frozen out. In hockey at least some mid level Europeans can return home as there are other leagues I can see a similar situation this year in the NFL. Also think Bills can be an attractive destination for a player looking to get a ring, something we aren't used to.
  2. I agree. Its not Sunday school. But I don't like the Chiefs. Sunday reminded me a bit too much of Pete Carrols SB Seahawks. Don't care for their cocky attitude. Sue me. I hope Tampa beats them, although I doubt that will happen
  3. Couldn't agree more. I tip my hat to his talent and he has a SB ring. Red zone failure aside, 2 3 and outs mid 4Q says a lot. Since his SB ring, it's always someone elses fault. "Poor Defense..Can't get a home Championship game..Mike Mccarthy...They drafted a QB instead of getting me more weopons (he has a lot of weopons IMO)..etc." Running out of excuses for the 1-4. Frankly his throwing his coach under the bus is a problem for me. If you thought you had 4 downs in Red Zone then why didn't you try running the ball once, or scrambling down to the 2 yard line to make LaFleur's decision easier.
  4. Never thought I'd be rooting for Brady but for second time in my life will......This Chiefs team is cocky like Pete Carrol's mid decade Seahawks team. That Hawks-Pats Super Bowl I actually got in Pats corner 2nd half. Seahawks were preaning and taunting throughout the game like they'd won already and really got under my skin. So I was thrilled with the Goal Line interception at the end instead of handing off to Marshawn. Chiefs have great talent. But in the words of Papa Bear "Act like you've been there before". Poor character in a lot of their players. F**k em!!!
  5. That review gives me the chills. Makes me feel like I was there. Thanks !!!!
  6. Driving a stake through Brady’s heart in Super Bowl would complete the circle and do a lot to wipe out 20 years of nightmares. Hope Bills get he opportunity
  7. I posted this earlier. But since the bye after the Hail Murray I've been supporting a local tavern by taking out a big order of wings for game time. My wife calls me the superstitious type with OCD tendencies 🙂.....but Bills haven't lost since I started this little ritual. I ordered yesterday late in 4Q of the Packer game. If I keep doing this will the Bills ever lose again ?
  8. Mahomes covers over a lot of ills. Still Andy Reid is coming off a bye week Gonna take an odd play or two for Browns to win
  9. Despite the national media jumping off bandwagon this week I thought if we could score in the high 20s we could take this thing been watching NFL Football since 1968. Big fan of defense. Tonight showed how important it it still is just win baby!!!
  10. Can’t wait to hear what Nick Wright has to say. And will gleefully tune into Russo/Sirius Monday at 3. NO ONE gave us a chance against the darlings from Baltimore
  11. Wondered if these sloppy snaps from center might bite them in the *ss
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