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  1. Someone can be restructured. Get this done, he wants to be here
  2. With both Davis and Shorter Josh is going to have to stand in the pocket for 5 seconds
  3. The problem with kids taking it over might have to do with taxes because assets don't pass tax-free to children with those kind of estate net worth but I am definitely not sure on that
  4. Well Kim probably was in the succession plans considering she is almost 20 years younger than Terry, that plan is probably out the window. So it's possible we should be moderately concerned about longevity of the franchise
  5. I like Beane a lot, but he needs to draft better
  6. The window of an easier path to a championship has passed, the time to do that was on Josh's rookie deal. Now it's always going to be a cap battle, never will have quite as stacked of a roster because of the cap. Beane is going to have to start drafting better and get contributions from rookies
  7. A roof over 95% of the stadium with a special cold box section for the diehard fans that like to sit in freezing rain, sleet and snow and 30 mph winds
  8. Looks like a bedpan, very uninspired
  9. Without it being indoor and multipurpose, it's a complete waste of money. So the hallways will have a nicer cost of paint and fancier more expensive food. Will all the fans be happy paying a PSL to freeze their butts off, at least the wind will be confused
  10. I like the pick 6 because it's a possible 14 point swing and a lot of times comes at a surprise
  11. Beane hasn't done a great job filling this team with cheap productive draft picks
  12. Looking back Beane has not been a very good drafter and the effects of it are going to start being felt this year
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