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  1. And we didn't even have to pay a subscription fee to read it. What a novel concept
  2. I like this create a separate forum different than stadium wall for game days and lock stadium wall from Sunday morning to Monday morning
  3. I have listened to 1 or 2 podcasts on my commute and I think Joe B said that Tuesday was the only media availability this week.
  4. So does the younger generation of kids in Buffalo not become Bills fans because TC is in Rochester? Let's face it younger generations become bills fans because their parents raise them that way not because where training camp is.
  5. really Rochester fans are going to quit the Bills because training camp isn't there?
  6. How do you break your foot in non-contact OTA practice....no way this guy will last through the season. I wouldn't bank on him being a contributor.
  7. that new training facility paying off already. So with the cryo tank does this mean they can recover 3x as fast now?
  8. Im sure McD would have no media availability to practice if he could.
  9. its in the Steve Tasker sucks at radio thread. But it probably is deserving of its own thread.
  10. Ralph Wilson has given large amounts of his estate to charity so let's put this joke to rest.
  11. What's the schedule today? Practice time and press conferences?
  12. Yet most the training camp practices are open to the media and public....
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