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  1. Mrbojanglezs

    Structural Organizational Issues

    Well. Sell the team
  2. they should cap the pages in a thread to 20 pages max, because after that all we get are food recipes, hidden links to Peter Pan, and references to Dunkirk Don
  3. Mrbojanglezs

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    One of the biggest reasons I didn't want Rosen was his attitude. I didn't think coming from a rich family/southern CA lifestyle would mix well in Buffalo. His mannerisms last night when things weren't going his way came off kind of like a Jay Cutler, just kind of pissy, and I believe that stems from his upbringing. Allen is much more humble and down to earth, more "Blue collar" so to speak. That may not mean anything in terms of if he will ever be a good qb, but I am happy with our pick of Allen over Rosen, Allen may take longer to get to a final product of a "franchise qb" but he is a perfect fit for Buffalo and he has all the potential in the world. I just hope he learns quick, because Buffalo fans are VERY IMPATIENT
  4. Mrbojanglezs

    The season mistake was Teddy Bridgewater

    do we know for sure that the Bills were not interested and he didn't want to come here or Bills didn't offer enough money?
  5. The sad thing is he should be. Rosen was the lower ceiling but NFL ready guy, Allen is the raw not ready but high ceiling guy.
  6. Mrbojanglezs

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    Eh. We'll see. He could easily throw 3 picks and not move the chains. He hasn't been good in years, has hardly played, and is very rusty
  7. Mrbojanglezs

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    I do not expect Anderson to be any good.
  8. Mrbojanglezs

    Think Things Are Bad, Try 2009, Browns 6 Bills 3

    Wasn't Derek Anderson the qb for the browns that game ..
  9. FA comes first so kind of a pointless exercise at this time
  10. It may very well be in DAs contact about limited playing time. Didn't he only sign for like 760k. Not exactly a contract that screams playing time
  11. right. It would be interesting for someone to evaluate his accuracy over the years simply by looking at TV and guessing at it without evaluating him/ reviewing MRI/Xray etc....