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  1. Mrbojanglezs

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Maybin by far the biggest one in my fandom lifetime. I remember screaming Orakpo before they picked.
  2. Learning on the bench is good for becoming comfortable in the film room/prep/ mental side of the game. But no practice in life for any task is better than actually doing it. Do you think a golfer is more prepared for a tournament by being someone's caddy or actually playing a practice round?
  3. The only way you develop is by playing. Learning on the bench is a myth. And if Allen starts and plays bad 1st couple games and people worry about him losing his confidence then he doesn't have the mental toughness to be a franchise QB anyway.
  4. Mrbojanglezs

    Am I the only one who has confidence in our WR's?

    Zay Jones better make a big jump.
  5. Mrbojanglezs

    Coming to Buffalo - Bears Game 4th November

    Public transit in Buffalo sucks so you should rent a car or Uber For wings if you want to stay downtown and not travel too far I like Gabriel's gate and there's also always the original Anchor Bar downtown.
  6. So is Allen and the rookies still there working out with the vets?
  7. They should. He has amazing ability to throw on the run with more velocity then most QBs in the pocket
  8. They may look a alike but their political views are polar opposite
  9. Mrbojanglezs

    Who's excited for rookie minicamp tomorrow?

    Allen will be able to throw two footballs by the time AJ or Nathan's pass reaches the 1st target.
  10. Mrbojanglezs

    Accuracy vs. precision

    when I watch him he seems very accurate, the only times he is off target is when he rushes his footwork or throws from an awkward base. Jordan Palmer has been working on that with him, so as long as he can keep his footwork good, I don't think accuracy will be a problem. He played a lot of hero ball at WYO, he carried that team on his shoulders, he was forcing downfield throws. Not a lot of dink and dunk driving up his completion % #s.
  11. Mrbojanglezs

    Josh Allen Picks Blue Cheese Over Ranch on his Wings!

    In the end aren't boneless wings just nuggets
  12. Mrbojanglezs

    Allen or Dahlin: Who will be better ?

    QB has way more impact than a defensemen, but Dahlin looks like a sure thing superstar.
  13. Mrbojanglezs

    Every Josh Allen TD pass in 2016/2017

    same thing in the senior bowl
  14. Mrbojanglezs

    Josh Allen - Game Film Links

    He has tremendous ability to throw on the run and still with a lot of velocity. That part of his game is very impressive
  15. Mrbojanglezs

    RD 6, 187 Ray-Ray McCloud - WR Clemson

    Another short slot guy?