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  1. maybe/maybe not. A loss to the browns lowers the margin of error down the stretch for sure.
  2. Thats true if Josh is maxing out his arm, but he is not. He can put air under it and throw it 80 yards.
  3. Your probably right. The coaches are brain washing him to play conservatively and protect the football so he is becoming scared to throw interceptions on the deep ball.
  4. hes about to get drilled by a free rusher in 0.2 seconds. He was probably looking right to avoid the pass getting knocked down with the rusher right in his face?
  5. His gut is way too much drag he wouldn't make it up 10 ft
  6. At least we scored 2 points in the 3rd quarter this game.
  7. The most important 5 yards. Points is all that matters.
  8. He's bad when there is NO pressure on him. Play good coverage take away his first read
  9. Tre White is starving for national attention. I remember last time he was on NFL Network he begged the host at the end to have him on again.
  10. Or just good coverage he had the worst completion % in the league when NOT pressured.
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