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  1. The new cases of the multi-system inflammatory disease in some children (thought to be COVID related) is concerning.
  2. The death rate is not that high for covid. Antibody testing is showing much higher numbers of people who had it but had no symptoms, those people never got tested positive.
  3. I don't subscribe to Buffalo News was he let go or did he resign?
  4. med services are phase 2 I believe unless the Bills file for a waiver
  5. Phase 1 is just manufacturing and retail (with curbside pickup only), the bills would need a wiaver to reopen, I am not sure what phase they would fall in , 2, 3 or even 4.
  6. Once you give up freedom it's harder to get it back.
  7. Weather is yes. But the wind factor is not overrated. 10 mph is considered a fair day in buffalo and the stadium amplifies the wind.
  8. Virtual draft was mandated by NFL to keep it as a level playing field for all teams. Could the bills have gone to OBD and taken the precautions of standing apart and wearing masks, probably, but that may not have been an option for every team so I think they just wanted it consistent across the league
  9. Bills have good receivers Josh Allen plays hard and is talented
  10. This statement is not based on any facts
  11. Tough show to listen to, very boring and they both aren't very good. Chris Brown is good though.
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