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  1. This team should at a MINIMUM win one playoff game, but the expectation should be to get to the AFC Champ game. If we can beat the Chiefs, then this team is a real shot at a Super Bowl.
  2. I'll have to relook at the replay on his injury but it didn't look like there was a lot of twisting it looked like it was more of a ankle injury possibly high ankle sprain which wouldn't be good but better than ACL obviously
  3. Our best chance is to make the Superbowl so teams get impatient.
  4. I still think the woke media still holds a grudge because they think he is a racist from that tweet before the draft.
  5. Keep passing but have outlets for Josh against the blitz, can't go 3 and out with 3 runs up the middle
  6. hopefully we can hold them to three or make a stop because if they score a quick TD they get the ball after the half could be quickly 24-21
  7. Just keep the throttle open there's no reason to throttle back now
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