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  1. Nothing. Made up conspiracy by the left and aided by some RINOs to obstruct and block Trump's presidency and try to impeach him. So obvious all along even though the media has spent thousands of hours covering it
  2. I would take 59-62% with Allen. Lower % is ok with him because it will likely be with the longest air yard completion distance in the league.
  3. Mrbojanglezs

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    Why did he give up being a tackle. Was be no good? Haven't followed his career. More money in OT position.
  4. 9-7 would be my guess before the draft unless Allen becomes Mahomes
  5. Mrbojanglezs

    Bills showing Interest in Darius Philon, DL

    I'd say hes pretty reputable.
  6. Mrbojanglezs

    Josh Allen, the slot WR and a summary.

    YES! One of my pet peeves is people Quoting the OP, it's NOT needed. Any post in a thread not quoting someone else should be assume to be a response to the OP....
  7. Did you type all that?
  8. audio worked for me you have to unmute the player in bottom left
  9. Mrbojanglezs

    KR/WR Andre Roberts (Jets) to Bills

    Is he just a KR or is he good WR
  10. Mrbojanglezs

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    Is it just me or does brown look slower on game film than what his 40 time indicates
  11. Mrbojanglezs

    Using remaining cap dollars for extensions

    Let's extend Josh Allen he only has 4 years left on his deal
  12. Mrbojanglezs

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    have you seen the money WRs have been getting lately
  13. And what laws have been broken?