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  1. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    How come no announcement of media availability/press conference?
  2. Daboll's preferred offense and QB.

    Getting rid of Dennison and hiring Daboll keeps it open ended at qb, we are no longer restricted at a type of QB to fit the west coast style
  3. Case Keenum available if Pat Shurmur gets Giants Job?

    That would be ideal especially with the Gettleman connection (may be more willing to work with Beane).
  4. Case Keenum available if Pat Shurmur gets Giants Job?

    So you think he takes backup money in NY or do you think NYG move on from Eli? Also if Case does sign with NYG it makes it interesting for trading up to #2 especially with Dave Gettleman as the GM (relationship with Beane)
  5. Looks like Pat Shurmur is the leading candidate for the Giants HC job. It has been said/rumored that Case Keenum would follow Shurmur wherever he goes. With Eli in NY does that mean Case will be a more realistic target in FA? Or do you think the Vikings move on from Bridgewater and stay with Case? What do you think?
  6. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    I have not heard anything.
  7. Why Daboll?

    Why a new thread?
  8. There is always hope that if Brady wins another SB that may just push him over the edge to call it a career.
  9. What's the price to move up and get our guy?

    sign Kirk Cousins stay put at 21/22 and draft Mason Rudolph
  10. I've lost all of my Saint Doug hate...

    As far as I remember the Pegulas told him they wanted him back and tried to extend him and he chose to quit. Me saying he would probably be fired anyway was just my conjecture base on the previous 14 years.
  11. Bills Offensive Line

    Bills need to start thinking about some youth on the oline
  12. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    No, I wouldn't assume that he is going to clean house on offense....maybe just 1 or two changes I would expect. Maybe O line and Maybe QB
  13. I've lost all of my Saint Doug hate...

    Hate and respect are completely different meaning words. I thought he was an OK coach when he was here but I did not like hackett and I did not like his conservative nature. So when I heard he left I was like OK no big deal he would probably be fired anyway. But I thought the fact that he would take money and run and quit on 1 of 32 coaching jobs in the league was pretty lame, but I never said I hated the man.
  14. A Buffalo News reporter who thinks he is God's gift to the world of snarky commentary.
  15. I never thought they would put up 40+ points, I thought the Steelers would put up 40+ points on the Jags and blow them out.