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  1. Honestly may not watch the game at all. No rooting interest.
  2. I wasn't surprised that the Chiefs offense destroyed our defense. What I was surprised was that Daboll had no answer for the Chiefs defense. We supposedly have great receivers and none of them could get any separation?
  3. He was not very effective for majority of the year, not reliably healthy
  4. Why are people so down on Stills? I thought he was a pretty good depth signing for the playoffs, well see.
  5. This team should at a MINIMUM win one playoff game, but the expectation should be to get to the AFC Champ game. If we can beat the Chiefs, then this team is a real shot at a Super Bowl.
  6. I'll have to relook at the replay on his injury but it didn't look like there was a lot of twisting it looked like it was more of a ankle injury possibly high ankle sprain which wouldn't be good but better than ACL obviously
  7. Our best chance is to make the Superbowl so teams get impatient.
  8. I still think the woke media still holds a grudge because they think he is a racist from that tweet before the draft.
  9. Keep passing but have outlets for Josh against the blitz, can't go 3 and out with 3 runs up the middle
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