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  1. He caught it, controlled it to the ground after couple steps
  2. I really can't stand his arbitrary grading system.
  3. Does Chan still run a lot of 10 personnel? maybe we will be in nickel and dime most the game?
  4. I don't understand why everyone is scared of Josh running. You are historically more at risk to injury as a QB in the pocket. 1) in the pocket you get hit blindsided 2) you have a defender running full speed at you while you are standing often not bracing yourself 3) your foot is planted making ligament damage more common. When you are running you generally see whats coming, he may get hit in the head for a concussion or maybe some bruised ribs or something, but in general running QBs don't get injured more than qbs that stay in the pocket.
  5. Darnold was closer to his ceiling when he was drafted then Josh was.
  6. The trade was the right move for this team this year.
  7. I like Nate Greary and Sal but I pretty much only listen to podcasts now. Sometimes I will go into WGRs on demand audio if they had a good guest on
  8. Going to be some growing pains
  9. Josh had a good game except the fumbles. Also he needs to learn to set his feet/hips when he is rolling left. Couple bad passes including that missed TD to smoke. Bass better rebound quick Hope the LB injuries are minor
  10. 1. Up 3 TDs why are we running Josh? 2. Josh really needs to practice securing the ball. It's a real problem
  11. Have we only handed the ball off once so far?
  12. Masks work right? If so no reason not to have partial capacity
  13. Josh said he likes to get hit to get into the game so that's probably why the run calls, get him settled in. But the fumbles have to stop
  14. preseason games are good for low draft picks and undrafted free agents to try to make a team I think two games is enough
  15. BLM movement provides no solutions except defunding the police and majority of Americans do not want that. Your surprised that Americans are no longer supporting a Marxist movement trying to destroy the country through racial division, rioting, arson, and looting. Don't be surprised about that
  16. The difference is Andy Reid. This year is Dabolls to prove he is legit as well.
  17. Some apps like this are based on the credit cards billing zip code and not the zip code where the internet connection is coming from
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