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  1. Don't we see this statement from Goodell every offseason?
  2. Wish he was going to the NFC, but oh well. Bengals fans deserve an elite prospect I guess...they have been on the fringe of mediocre and good for so long.
  3. Allen owns a home in the area, I am sure he is back from time to time. But he said he likes to go back to CA to visit family & friends & also he trains with Jordan Palmer in CA, he probably comes back late winter/early spring to start working out.
  4. Not a fan of players talking about their worth, contracts, etc... on twitter/in public. This is what your agent is for, all it does is rub fans the wrong way so why bother.
  5. If he doesn't think the Seahawks are a contender he definitely would not consider the Bills to be one.
  6. They may like Daboll but are probably having reservations that they could sell it to the fans given he was a failed OC there in past
  7. Erhardt Perkins, from what I understand, has less to do with the actual offensive concepts and more to do with how the plays are called (Verbiage).
  8. Option routes are more of a run and shoot concept right? Beasley must have pushed to have those installed in the offense.
  9. Given the development of a very valuable asset - Josh Allen, I would very well think that he would block it for a lateral move. Plus, why would Daboll do that? I would think he would rather stay and coach for his hometown team then make a lateral move to OC under McDaniels? Why would he want to do that?
  10. Is there a difference to this vs Tre White in the end zone on the int? Forgot which game it was
  11. I didn't like the ending of a movie I saw recently I think I am going to sue the producer
  12. The Jets are one of the most irrational and erratic fan bases in the NFL, that's the last place you should be looking for opinions
  13. The bar will be raised for me next year. This was a growth year.
  14. Gore should have been on the bench weeks ago based on his production. Stubborn coaching staff
  15. He did good compared to Foster who has done nothing all year.
  16. I noticed that this morning. The app does random things like that all the time. Honestly it's just better listening on demand(podcast) they post shows pretty quickly. Then you can increase playback speed and skip commercials
  17. Didn't watch much of the Seahawks this year. Was he just the straight line speed guy or did he develop into an all around wr?
  18. Fans seem confident in this game. Would you consider it a failure if we lose or a good growth year?
  19. I would be shocked if Daboll got a HC job. But I was also shocked when Pettine got the Browns job, so who knows..
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