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  1. I don't know if this is bitter or truthful. You can believe me or not, but I have a close relationship with one of the premier NFL agents. What I have been told many times (prior to Watt being cut) is that he is strongly disliked in NFL circles, particularly by other players. I have heard he is a total phony, obsessed with creating an image/resume that does not accurately reflect his person. That he is incredibly self-centered and egotistical. Could he have helped our defense, probably, but I won't lose any sleep over not getting him.
  2. I want to sign him. However, for what its worth I know for a fact he is not well liked by other players.
  3. I think it bodes well for us. It has been a loooong time since this has been true, but being one of the elite teams (with a great QB) I could see Buffalo being a top destination for guys wanting to do 1-2 year prove-it deals. Lots of exposure and a high probability of a playoff run.
  4. The playoffs have been a weird combination of excitement and disappointment. We got to the conference championship, but arguably were outplayed in both games. Our offense took a huge step back and I am not sure if it was injuries, play calling, quarterback play or all the above. It was great to win a couple, but I am not thrilled with how we did it. Going into the playoffs I was elated because I was certain we had a top 3-5 QB in the NFL that would keep us in contention for a Superbowl year in and year out (barring injury). The type of QB that could elevate a team and make it near
  5. Edmunds injury in unnerving. Until he proves otherwise, he seems like a guy whose play dips tremendously when battling an injury.
  6. Don’t love the offense playing and sputtering. Hopefully doesn’t affect confidence going into next week.
  7. I have never seen it with edmunds. All tools no toolbox.
  8. I just have a bad feeling we face a pissed off group if we play the titans this week. Teams teams tend to play well the game after adversity, then the ill-affects deep in after a couple weeks.
  9. I was skeptical of Allen when he was picked. He seemed like an all tools, no toolbox pick. I tend to like QB’s without elite physical tools because they may have very higher football IQ, accuracy, work ethics ect to compensate for physical deficiencies. I believe these things are more likely to lead to nfl success. However, what gave me optimism that he could prove me wrong was his love of football and, most importantly, his seeming insatiable desire to work on deficiencies and improve. I feel so many Uber pHysically gifted QB’s like Allen fail because they have always
  10. Everyone comparing this deal to Hopkins did not watch much of Texans last year. I was living in Hou for much of last year and watched almost every snap he played. Guy was either hurt or lost a step, maybe 3. Would not surprise me if he goes the way of anquan boldin/kelvin benjamin/ Brandon Marshall ect. Most likely scenario I actually think he’ll be similar to Larry fitz of last 5ish years. Good catch radius, chain mover, but not a game changer. These deals are apples and oranges IMO.
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