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  1. Why not just pay him half his worth and let him build a company of his choice on Pegula property so they can circumvent the salary cap?
  2. I’d like this season to be about football not the off the field drama. Maybe I’m in the minority but I hope all the players and coaches get on the same page and stomp out KC, Tampa and whoever else rises to the top. The sooner the better. Go Bills. I can’t think of much worse things sports wise than a fractured Bills team losing to Tua and Cam Newton. No freaking way. Sit down and get it together.
  3. that crowd was amped at the beginning of the game. Thanks for sharing
  4. I feel like this is one of the best post I have seen in awhile. This is exactly how I feel. Get over yourselves. Seeing Tom Terrific refers to himself as MJ atleast has some merit even if it is vomit inducing. Rodgers should have shut up and worked his butt off after the way he choked in the playoffs. Instead, distraction distraction distraction.
  5. Same. Wasn’t his last major stunt pulling during SB week? Seems he needs all the attention.
  6. 34 year old Sanders almost the same quality as Diggs!? Yeouch. My brain. I have always loved Sanders but some people have unfair expectations.
  7. You can stream through PlayStation. Not sure if that is an option for everyone. It’s like 280 last I remember.
  8. I ran into Vontae Davis, I couldn’t get a good read on his personality as he left halfway through the conversation.
  9. Knox is going to be a beast this season. Oliver would be my pick but with the heavy rotation it will limit his impact.
  10. That seems to be the popular opinion. I agree.
  11. He is hard to explain. NFL’s version of the Brawny Man on a pack of 3 ply Angel Soft.
  12. You’re doing it wrong Harry. You struggle getting off the LOS, ask for a free release not a trade. The Bills have 2 or 3 WRs that won’t make the 53 which are better options than Harry.
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