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  1. Donte Jackson. His projection is roughly ten mil per year. He has the speed and willingness to tackle that would be ideal in this vanilla defense. The LSU tandem of White and Jackson would be light years ahead of what we just watched a few weeks ago. Signing a starting corner would give the Bills tons of flexibility come draft day. If A top notch offensive player slides down the board I think that would make it harder for McD and Beane to justify taking another defender and ignoring OLINE or WR.
  2. Diggs looks hurt or something. Barely any YAC and two weeks in a row where he isn’t breaking on the ball. I know that won’t be popular but I would have went with three other guys there on the 3rd and two.
  3. I feel like we still Win. Knox redemption. Get the ball back and LFG.
  4. Cleveland couldn’t cover the Chargers wideouts, I don’t see them doing any better against that group in AZ. Kyler should have a huge day.
  5. Bucs secondary is horrible. Josh Allen will be having a holiday feast.
  6. Addison was a man on a mission last night. I know lots of other guys played well but that is the fastest I have seen him move in years.
  7. The tone was set early on both sides of the ball. Diggs got body slammed by Sorensen last year, first drive this year he catches a short pass and runs right at that bum. What a win!!
  8. Seems obvious, keep rotating rookie contracts opposite of White, with their success on scouting CBs they should be able to manage that position without paying anyone.
  9. Bills by a Billion. The Texans have no weapons.
  10. I expect we will see some new line combos this week. Brown and Williams swapping places and both playing guard and tackle. The Texans are a lesser opponent and the coaching staff will want to see what they have for options before heading into hostile territory in two weeks. I don’t think coach wants to be unsure of his options if Chris Jones starts tossing bodies like he did in the AFCCG.
  11. Beth ❤️ and hoping that Moss gets to crush Cunningham for a little revenge from a few years ago on the Knox/Morse/Etc missed block.
  12. 49. That was the most aggressive I have seen him.
  13. So Josh Allen doesn’t suck? Glad we finally solved that one.
  14. He got zero snaps last week, I hope they let him touch the ball.
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