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  1. That is an odd thing for them to say. His play only got better as the year went on. Whatever plan they used with Kelce works, having two of the best safeties in the league helps with that. KC hasn’t scored over 24 in their last 4 games. The Bills D is much improved since week 6, I like this matchup more than the first two games.
  2. Kelce hasn’t had over 70 yards against the Bills in their last four meetings. I’m not worried about him.
  3. I agree with your post, I wonder how the Bills would have handled this same situation. It’s a tough call for everyone involved. I hope he gets to play and there is no further damage.Same as I would if it had been Allen. Even as competitive as fans get they shouldn’t blur the lines that “knocking” him out of this game would be a good thing. It wouldn’t. The more scrutiny the league and teams get the harder it is for these guys to clear and play. I hope we beat him and he is shaking hands after it’s all over.
  4. They team is well built, I’d like to see any of those guys to there and get a second chance. I don’t see Watson or Mitch being moved though.
  5. Wondering if Dabs is a bad interview. I thought for sure he would have his choice of jobs. Good for Josh and the Bills.
  6. Divisional round? Biggest surprise? Both underdogs in the NFC win their games. The Rams match up well with the Packers. I also think playing a physical defense after a Bye week is dangerous. It will take a few drives to match their intensity. Bucs and Saints look like two teams heading in opposite directions. Brady has more arm left than Brees. Devin White is back. The Saints will need Kamara to go off or they are in trouble.
  7. It’s like marrying a chef and then divorcing her because she overcooked one meal.
  8. I don’t see that happening. The Bills need to be the ultimate team to win this thing. Punishing one of your leaders for a few bad plays wouldn’t promote that. I’m hoping he is extra focused and has a big impact play.
  9. Trent Murphy playing contain on Taylor and Hynes. What could possibly go wrong.
  10. Peaked too soon. An expression we were a few play calls, plays, from heading ourselves.
  11. Just going off of the title of the thread I’d say you nailed it. He called a conservative game and changed everything they had been doing. Did McKenzie even touch the ball? Conservative runs on 2nd and third and short. Some of Allen running looked like it was things that Allen himself checked to. After that sideline hit early in the game he seemed to take it personal and wanted to challenge the Colts physically. Hopefully he grows from that. Daboll needs a stiff drink before the next game so he loosens up and gets back to being creative and not conservativ
  12. Taron Johnson seemed to be in or near the ball carrier more than anyone else. He would be my defensive mvp.
  13. It was a horrible call, many calls the NFL missed are open to interpretation, that one wasn’t. If the Bills lost that would have been up there with the Saints Vikings call.
  14. From Coors Light to Tequila. See y’all on Monday. 🤪
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