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  1. Need a firecracker on D, I’d mix Dodson in some and see if he can’t spark a bit of that. I don’t see it coming from anywhere else. Maybe Eddie O.
  2. No. They have 3 average RBs, now they have two. None of the 3 will wow you, they take what’s in front of them and not much more.
  3. You really can’t understand why people hate seeing him take hit after hit against a bad Jets team? They shouldn’t have to use him like that week 1 against a bottom tier team. I have no illusions that he will ever be able to avoid contact like Russ or Kyler. Allen is Aaron Judge, they are Ricky Henderson. Risk him in the playoffs when you have no choice. For now, get your Oline to earn it’s money and get those RBs going.
  4. I agree. What is the deal with Knox? Is he a terrible blocker? He wasn’t out there much. Allen needs a dependable safety outlet, I was hoping Knox could become that guy.
  5. I know 2020 is bonkers but I wouldn’t start penciling wins for Cousins and Minni just yet.
  6. The Refs? I hope he gets a MorseSpain sandwich served to him for three hours.
  7. If he is healthy I think that is a low bar. Double digits.
  8. So many variables this season, I will be happy with a W. I see the talent gap, coaching gap, etc but I also understand that this is the first time a lot of these guys have played without fans since probably a backyard game 10 years ago. Expect the unexpected, hope for a blowout.
  9. I kept Chubb in my league. I’m curious why he is ranked so low, a bit nervous because of the limited coverage and now Hunt’s new contract. Maybe he will have more of a role. Chubb Hopkins Kittle Theilen Diggs Taylor Dobbins Akers Fournette Arod Tucker Bills D Aiyuk Hardman Herndon Josh Allen went one pick before me, got stuck with Arod. I hate that. Someone released Staffford I might drop Aiyuk and add him.
  10. Ed Oliver. He high fived my nephew when he was running off the field at the home opener. That made my nephews trip. The least I could due is buy Ed some lunch.
  11. Rivers was so bad that TT might be a slight improvement. That’s the sad truth. If Brissett isn’t starter by Halloween I will be surprised at Indy.
  12. Solution: begin drinking earlier than normal on gameday, take a shot of liquor anytime you finish a beer. By kickoff you won’t notice the missing fans.
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