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  1. You really can’t see why replacing a 34 year old WR who is on a one year deal is a priority? I love Sanders, he made one of the best comebacks from an achilles that I know of but he isn’t a beastly number two at this stage. He is a placeholder. WR is very much a need, Cole is also on the wrong side of 30. Unless they know that they nailed the Hodgins pick, they need to draft one.
  2. I think they pick at 30. That will give the the Bills a player with a 5th year option and they won’t spend additional picks moving up. They don’t have the ammo to make a significant jump up the board and I do not see them using multiple picks on a single player. This is a confident front office, they will find this year to be to their benefit due to the uncertainty that Covid has caused. The changes in the draft process should give an organized group of evaluators an advantage. I have a good feeling about this draft even with the Bills picking late.
  3. Similar situation, I agree. I don’t think he will match Allen’s numbers but I do see him having a “breakout” season.
  4. Daniel Jones is set up for a big year. Giants are going to be good.
  5. Good Post. Contract situations like this are the ones that the Bills will have to nail down if they are going to have this even minded approach to FA and continue to improve. Josh and his own continued improvement will take this team places, but he will need some help against Mahomes and the elites. TFL’s and turnovers are the best way to end drives, Edmunds needs to improve there. I hope he does improve and makes the decision easy, or the Bills move him outside, or they draft an ILB and that player shines and makes Edmunds expendable. There was a post ear
  6. Doesn’t Fields have a relationship with KS? It seems like a no brainer that he is going there. I feel like all the talk that states otherwise is just talking heads trying to stay relevant.
  7. If Chase gets past Cinci I see he going to Miami. I don’t see a scenario where he makes it out of the top ten.
  8. Smith is an easy target for fans because he doesn’t make many eye opening plays, those same fans keeping harping on how important Star is. Smith played a similar role on offense for the Bills as Star does on D. I think he is easily replaceable but he had a did have a good season. The only time he bothered me was when he was getting flags. I’d like to see some 2020 stats with Smith on the field vs. Smith off the field.
  9. Dallas should be his number one option. If Dak goes down he can earn a deal elsewhere by throwing to stud WRs.
  10. Knox, and Oliver are the two I hold out hope for developing into studs. TE takes time to adjust even for the best. Oliver played out of position and should benefit from a guy like Shelvin. Crosses fingers.
  11. Shelvin. Give me a man in the middle. Star and Kroft are the signings I disliked from the jump. Chase is the best player in the draft but there is zero chance the Bills get him. I’m just hoping he goes out of the division so I can cheer for him.
  12. Who is the guy that’s going to change it? Dunlap’s arrival in Seattle lead to a revamped D. The Bills need a similar addition before the season begins.
  13. I didn’t care about this thread, now I feel like maybe I should have. This name doesn’t really fit for a sports stadium. We need a new thread for creative nicknames that somehow incorporate some part of the actual “name”
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