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  1. Josh don’t need to get caught up in all that. Just whoop that backside.
  2. We can agree to disagree. I’d take him over Zimmer, McHype, Pederson, Tomlin and McD. Tomlin has done well this year but I can’t rank him in the top 10 when year after year we saw him try and play zone against Brady. Outside the top 6 or 7 I’d say it’s probably personal preference for the most part.
  3. I’m not talking all time. Out of the 32 current coaches he has to be close to the top 10. There are plenty of bad coaches out there and he has had success. I was just surprised how many people mocked him as soon as he was hired. Maybe folks thought he was a joke after listening and watching his broadcasts?
  4. Conspiracy theories around here? I don’t think any of us here posed the original question. I couldn’t care less either way, after Archuleta’s comments I did notice how early in the play clock they were snapping the ball. Posters had mentioned that if they snapped the ball with 15 plus seconds that would essentially keep the mic open, that does align with what they were doing. I think it’s an interesting observation.
  5. Hmm, Archuleta was slamming the Bills and Allen for repeatedly snapping the ball with so much time left on the play clock when up by 10. It makes more sense now.
  6. I never understood and still don’t understand why people dismissed Gruden so easily. The NFL is watered down now, he was good before all that. I don’t think he is BB but isn’t it fair to say that he is easily top 10?
  7. Do you suppose he thinks a dirty sanchez is worth a flag? He didn’t seem to care for a lot of the calls.
  8. With Brown emerging and guys like Knox slowly coming on I think the receiving options are fine. If I had to place on concern it would be on RB2, Gore looks slower each week. When can they pull that plug and who will replace him? Teams are going to focus on Brown and make Daboll and Allen adjust.
  9. After a tough loss the Bills would benefit from taking it to them early on. They have doubts make those doubts come true. Get after the young QB, create a rabid crowd, score points. Lets go!!!!!!
  10. I did some thinking on this yesterday. His comeback routes are thrown later than a lot of QBs we see. That is him depending on his arm to get it there when the WR breaks off. I can see how folks will think it is him costing the team YAC but it gets there on time.
  11. Connor is also out again and Samuels is pretty awful. That D is strong though.
  12. There was a stat on here that covered this last week, I can’t remember what thread it was though.
  13. Haven’t heard that name in awhile, Jonathan Williams tore it up for the Colts yesterday. Anything can happen.
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