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  1. Why would it be racial? He was good, I have no clue what his numbers look like. I think that’s where his HOF hopes are as with any QB who isn’t winning multiple SBs.
  2. It was better before, I haven’t seen them much lately but I was home today and they seemed ridiculous. “Talk about it” Holy smokes if that ever catches on I’m going to lose it.
  3. The percentages are well documented and the NFL has plenty of recent examples that illustrate how often another break occurs or another surgery is needed. I don’t think Kroft has the ceiling where the long term reward was higher than the short term risk. If Morse and some of the other guys contribute, Kroft’s name will soon be forgotten. With it being the slow season there isn’t much else to talk about so it leads me back to “why”. Same thing I wondered when I saw the signing.
  4. Whaaaaaaat, this was an avoidable mistake. Some parts of the business are hard and you can’t see an injury or a guy changing his attitude. Big atheltic guys with broken bones bones in their foot never ends well. This wasn’t a good signing, it was much more risk than reward. I like Beane and I’m still hopeful he can make winning a regular thing but I think you’re making excuses for his mistake on this one.
  5. You get worn out by new threads? I feel like that needs an explanation.
  6. It’s a shame the Maple Leafs stuck a dagger into the Bruins during the first game of the playoffs.
  7. Nice day for a race. I’m heavy on Warriors Charge.
  8. I feel like they have an explosive set of guys on and off the field. It will be really good or really bad on the field. Is Mayfield a big enough personality to keep the two LSU WRs from running the team? That’s the biggest question for me.
  9. Drive by pukers are going to blow chunks wherever they can, limiting open topics won’t chase them away. I don’t think navigating the discussion is beyond anyone that is interested in a good conversation. If gamedays are a nightmare for mods I’d understand any changes. I find the meltdowns entertaining after a bad game, it usually gets me a laugh or two.
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