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  1. Soft walk back. That’s like benching Peterman from his start only so you can bring him out for the second half.
  2. In fairness it’s not that bad, he could have said millions of millions.
  3. Definelty is. Do you feel any better about the path forward?
  4. I haven’t seen any of the pressers but just from reading this and some of the models you guys had above, today feels like a good day. A day we all needed. Not to dismiss the unfortunate who are suffering but a step back towards living life again.
  5. Just popping in to say hi to Cbiscuit, I saw the thread title and figured you might see this.
  6. Yah I’m sure if the sitting president shut down travel entirely there wouldn’t have been riots in every major city. Now can you answer my question? If not, hush it. I don’t see anyone saying it’s a cure. The closest thing was a silly meme. Boston Medical Center has been treating everyone that is even suspected with it, I was curious if it was now being provided by general care docs.
  7. Are people that test for it and aren’t hospitalized allowed to get HCQ or is just an emergency thing?
  8. Do you think there is something we aren’t being told? I have no idea, it does all seem surreal though.
  9. His release was totally different during the games last year, I surmised that it was coached into him. If you’re going to miss, overthrow it. That’s what it looked like from my comfy seat on the couch. Maybe it’s excuse making but it just looked off.
  10. That throw looks totally different than his long balls last year. Release angle and everything
  11. It’s a tough exercise, if you had a similar conversation in 2014 everyone here would be saying Sammy Watkins would be better than X. Then look how many other guys from that same draft were so much better.
  12. John I knew where this was headed and what your opinion would be just from the title and your love of all things Bills. I liked Diggs before he entered the NFL, i still like him. He is a good player, he wasn’t even thought of the first few days of the draft. With so many highly touted guys coming out it’s almost a certainty that one will be as good or better. What’s that matter though? Would he have been there at 22? Would the Bills have picked him? The real question, when will he reach Digg’s level? Not anytime soon would be my guess. The Bills need an impact guy now so they can improve the O and equally as important so they can evaluate Allen. The trade made sense and the only way it won’t work out is if Diggs acts up and stresses an otherwise amazing locker room.
  13. Who’s the say that some of the failed passing plays were on the players and not him? I get your point but look at the execution on the perfectly called QB sweep at the end of the game.
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