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  1. Less than a month ago I was giving Cbiscuit advice after a rough break. 6 years later I’m suddenly single and it’s ok to be selfish. Don’t let these broads run your life, enjoy every minute. Go Bills.
  2. Drink, eat, play bean bags, drink some more. Wake up on Monday and wonder where the long weekend went. Happy 4th
  3. I can’t wait to be in Buffalo, I will enjoy that silly commercial with a side of wings and a tall beer.
  4. McCittrick has the advantage. He has been here before and he is Irish.
  5. Bozo. Damien Williams won me money but he is an injury risk. Steer clear
  6. You’d have a hard time finding a Celtics fans who’s not excited about this.
  7. I couldn’t cheer for a guy like that, even if he was on the Bills. I don’t even put guys like Hill and Mixon on my fantasy team.
  8. The woman’s soccer team lost to a 15 y/o boys team?
  9. I’d hate to interrupt another WEO and Doc make out session but it’s a risk the Bills has to take. They had the money available and fixing the oline was priority number one. A head injury for an interior lineman is much more likely than someone getting thrown into OBJ’s ankle again. How many WRs have had a broken ankle? How many on a play like that?
  10. Of course that’s possible. Is it wise? That’s debatable. I have liked Yeldon since he was at Bama but he gets nicked up a lot. The old guys will be hurt at one point or another. That leaves the bulk of the work to a guy coming from a tiny college program. If they are set on keeping Shady/Gore I suppose the fourth guy doesn’t matter much because you can find guys similar to Marcus Murphy off the street.
  11. Kemba, Brown, Tatum, Gordon You’d be moving the picks for a bigger body? That scares me because the good ones aren’t available and the middle tier guys are overvalued. I’d be excited if they could find a fit though. The Miami experience wasn’t enough for yah?
  12. Ditto. I didn’t watch nearly as many Celts game as I normally do. I’d be energized if they do land Kemba.
  13. Everything I’m hearing is that Kemba will be a Celtic.
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