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  1. I'm not sure I recall a rookie kicker having that strong of an all-around season. Yes, he started slow, but once he righted the ship, it was easy to see why we spent a draft choice on a guy that can be rock solid for 10-15 years. Those guys don't grow on trees
  2. There's no way that Wilson should be ranked above Allen. Yes, there's the sustained success element that Allen doesn't have, but I watched the Bills-Seahawks game last year, and I'm pretty sure who the better QB was that day, and will be this season
  3. Let's correct that to 4 out of 4 and we'll be closer to the reality of what happened
  4. The Packers are already prime candidates for regression coming off back-to-back 13 win seasons. This whole Rodgers & Adams nonsense could quickly move them into raging tire fire status. Which would really be a freaking shame
  5. That would be a challenge if it were true, but the Cap is only based on top 50 or so salaries
  6. This is nonsense Roberts was consistently strong on returns and got us out to midfield or beyond several times. The days of teams having returners like Devin Hester breaking multiple 100 yard kickoff returns per year are long past. I'll gladly settle for consistent sustained strength Additionally, our punt returns were also strong and McKenzie hit a home run in Week 17 We had a huge yardage season from Bojorquez, who while he has his ups and downs, was definitely more up than down last year Bass broke out as a rookie, hit several long FG's with
  7. It's our turn when we frigging earn it - when we have the optimal combination of skill, luck, coaching and aggressiveness. And not a moment before then We are close with the Bills, and this could very well be their year
  8. I go back and re-watch a lot of old games (the ones on YouTube from the 80's & 90's are gold just for the commercials) Have never watched any replays of playoff losses, including Super Bowls. It's just too much of a downer. The one exception I've made was the '89 WC game vs Cleveland because that was such a great game and birthed the K-Gun.
  9. My god, we only scored 500 points last year! Our RB's suck! Our OL sucks! Better get Daboll to start calling better plays! We can't close out games! The sky is falling! SMFH
  10. To the locals, it will be like if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears
  11. Marv is a HOF coach and I'm not sure I would have ever rated him as high as 5th at any time during his tenure... Jimmy Johnson Bill Parcells Bill Walsh Joe Gibbs Don Shula (although debatable as we always kicked their butts) Mike Holmgren Chuck Noll/Bill Cowher
  12. I really don't get the hate for Singletary. He's an excellent pass-protector, and more than adequate receiver and rusher for the pass-heavy schemes that we run. These are the most critical elements of his role on this team, and as noted, we have had a lot of turnover on the OL and again, the heavy emphasis on pass-blocking skills vs run-blocking. He's just fine, and also comes cheap without a lot of tread on the tires. Let's not be so hasty to run him out of town yet
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