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  1. Pat Williams, Brian Moorman, and Fred Jackson were top 10 drought All-Stars too
  2. I wouldn't be stunned - people like sexy names at the top of the draft and at premium positions. I'm sure the fanbase got all fired up about our great draft when we traded up for Sammy Watkins. Or how about when we picked CJ Spiller, Marshawn Lynch, and Willis McGahee? Or when we won the offseason when we traded for Lesean McCoy? No thanks, I'll take this draft any day of the week
  3. Every year, I become a bigger fan of Beane's team building strategy Free Agency is to plug immediate holes and find plug & play starters and high snap count rotation players Draft is for development, depth, and future backfills Obviously there are some exceptions, especially in the first round of the draft, but this is exactly how you build a sustainable, competitive roster. Once you begin to "need" the draft to find multiple starters each year, it means that your current talent isn't performing or you're top-heavy vs the cap I en
  4. I can't see us cutting both Horrible Harry and Justin Zimmer. We need to have at least one big body option other than Star to play 1T.
  5. I'm very confident that Beane will find one or two veteran free agent finds this summer in the low-to-mid $ range to help address the depth gap. Not a worry right now, but I think they'll know more after they see what they have in mini-camp, i.e. if the rookies can play this year
  6. Fun fact - this is the first Bills draft since the pre-salary cap era of 1991 that we signed 3 of our original picks to 2nd contracts It has always felt like this, more than anything else, contributed to the long period of mediocrity, and indirectly to all of the bad free-agent spends as well.
  7. I'll be worried about the Browns when they find a better QB than Faker Mayfield
  8. Urban is a fraud - I doubt he makes it past 3 years And having lived in Jacksonville myself during the Tebow era, I know how crappy of an experience going to a game is. They're barely the 8th most popular team in town, and I'm probably being generous
  9. They should have just hung on to Kendall Hinton
  10. I'm in the boat of letting the draft come to us this year. We have a lot of young cheap depth that's going to age out in the next 1-2 years that's going to need to be replaced. It takes cheap draft picks to do that. Yes, I'd like to win, but I don't want to become this top-heavy have/have-not club either. That's the quickest path back to 6 win purgatory
  11. Whatever product Josh endorses, the commercial needs to end with him diving through a folding table
  12. This was a fun season that started my true Bills fandom at the ripe old age of 14. The defense was absolutely stifling even with Bruce sampling the nose candy. Good think too, because despite having an up-and-coming QB, we gave way too many carries to stiffs like Jamie Mueller and Carl Byrum
  13. Exactly - the only right answer is "who cares". This isn't 1977 - the best teams in the league win by passing the football. I enjoy that finally, we are one of them
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