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  1. I think this is crazy and somewhat unnecessary for both sides, especially with the current level of uncertainty
  2. I think we have enough tight ends on this team already, and I'd like to see what the young ones (Knox, Sweeney, Croom) look like this fall before I start trading away draft choices for someone else's disgruntled guy (who hasn't proven a whole heck of a lot yet either). And also pay him $3M or more when we're trying to budget for future extensions
  3. In all seriousness, can you imagine actually being a fan of this team? Racially offensive nickname Greediest, most corporately soulless owner on the planet (and that's saying a lot) Incompetent management at all levels Next to no history of winning over the last 25+ years Terrible ridiculous overpriced stadium experience Located in possibly the worst place to live in the entire country Dwayne Haskins is your QB Hired Retread Riverboat Ron Rivera Zero hope for future improvement
  4. Holy crap, you actually take the time to come on to this site and offer up these nuggets of wisdom? Really breaking the mold of intelligent and insightful Jets fans
  5. Almost like we did this year too, huh? Except for the beating up part
  6. Shaw - didn't Mularkey take the Titans to the playoffs at 9-7 and then get fired? Also, I would not have said Spikes was over the hill in 2004. He was a beast that year
  7. If I remember correctly, they had 10 (or maybe more) special teams or defensive touchdowns that year, which definitely helped fuel that late season run. I've never seen a more devastating return unit, especially as they had Jason Peters and London Fletcher on those units, blocking for McGee. Here's the TD's I remember: Spikes INT against the Dolphins, then bowling the ball in the end zone (and getting flagged for it) Peters blocked punt and return against the Bengals, still one of the more athletic big man plays I've ever seen McGee had 2 kickoff returns that year, and had near misses on several more Jonathan Smith had a punt return Clements I think had one too Clements INT return against the Steelers
  8. You are spot on - Dick Jauron was just the worst. Standing like a statue on the sidelines, no imagination, no leadership, but by god, Ralph and Marv liked him - so that's all that mattered! As much as I love this team, those seasons were borderline unwatchable for long stretches.
  9. I really don't care about the stats or the obvious warts in his game. They are great clickbait and obvious low-grade fodder for lazy TV analysts, but here's the basics for me: He's a leader - his teammates love and respect him and he's worked hard to get to that spot in just 2 years He's a winner - he does what it takes to make plays both with his arm and legs. Early career John Elway He's shown great improvement on harnessing his raw talent and getting markedly better at the mental side of the game, including prep & game plans He's incredibly fun to watch and easy to root for. He has fun playing the game and leads with energy which his teammates feed off of Is he Drew Brees? Nope, and never will be. So we should stop worrying about why not. Enjoy the ride and whenever we have a season, it will be fun to watch
  10. I said a lot of the same things before last season about McDermott needing to be more aggressive with game management. I got flamed by a couple of long-time posters and let it go, wanted to watch the 2019 season play out. Well, despite the overall positive results, there were more than enough games that we lost where lack of aggressiveness played a large role. I do agree that he's working hard to get better and not being stubborn about just doing things "his way", (unlike so many of our past failed coaches). Hopefully a more talented offense moves the needle in the right direction. But on the flip side, let's not pat him on the back too much. The success of the past 3 season has been as much about not tripping over our own d*cks, as it has been about playing well enough to win. Last season, we had an all time easy schedule and largely took advantage of it. But the next step is about outplaying AND outcoaching the best teams in the league. McDermott and the team definitely haven't shown enough in that department This year will end up saying a lot about this topic
  11. No one should be surprised at a member of the media pre-emptively ball-washing the next unheralded Patriots QB Especially someone with the last name of Simms
  12. We couldn't be much better positioned to win this season and for the years to come Just need the continued growth evolution of both Josh Allen and Sean McDermott
  13. And this is why it never feels like 3rd and 10+ is never an automatic punt. We've seen Josh Allen convert more of these in 2 years than most QB's i yn a lifetime simply because he DOES NOT GIVE UP on these downs. And I'll take this mindset any day of the week vs the guy who might have a higher completion percentage but dumps it off to the RB in the flat for 6 yards when we need 12
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