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  1. I think that this statistic more than most explains why the Bills are so fun to watch and that Josh Allen is an elite QB On 3rd down, you never feel like the Bills can't convert. Josh Allen ALWAYS gives them a chance Contrast that to the previous soul-sucking years, especially when you needed LeSean McCoy to break 27 tackles on a screen pass on 3rd & 12 to maybe get close enough for a measurement.
  2. What I will say is that sometimes these professionals that spend countless hours on player evaluations can become too close and too wired into the little details. They often can miss the big picture or common sense stuff that to fans is much more apparent I like to refer to it as "boiling the ocean" - yes it's a corporate buzzword, but I think that a lot of teams are guilty of it, to some degree.
  3. You can't possibly want Sal Capaccio as our PBP announcer. Murph was "meh" Brown is worse (but with more enthusiasm) Sal would be downright unlistenable
  4. I think there's a legitimate case for Milano over Shane Conlan. They've now played about an equal number of games as Bills and I would definitely say that Milano has been a more impactful player, especially in terms of splash plays. Conlan was solid, but rarely spectacular, and I think that he had a lot more talented teammates around him as well, especially in the front 7
  5. He had Sestak & Smerlas on the list plus Kyle Williams, with McDole, Pat Williams, and Washington as honorable mentions He listed 6 safeties - noting Poyer & Hyde as a pair. Henry Jones was an honorable mention
  6. This week, Joe Marino from the Locked On Bills podcast had 2 episodes focused on the Bills "Mt Rushmore" or 4 best players at each position group in the team's history. As a caveat, the criteria that he used only considered what these players did while playing for the Bills, not accounting for players like James Lofton & Terrelle Owens who were HOF'ers, but had relatively brief stints as a Bill. The offensive edition was pretty solid, without a lot that you could legitimately quibble about at most position groups. My beef was with the defensive selections, as I was listening while driving yesterday afternoon, I shouted out a couple of choice phrases at two of them in particular: Defensive Tackle - his last choice among the top 4 players was Jeff Wright, who played for the Bills for 7 seasons. For those who remember, Wright was undersized for his role, especially in later seasons as O-Lines began to get a lot bigger. He was a penetrator - and did get decent sack numbers for his position. But he was significantly below average against the run - especially as you're playing a 3-4 front. And we got absolutely destroyed on the ground vs the best teams and in the biggest games. Teams knew that they could exploit Wright's lack of size and basically push the Bills around if they were committed to it. Inexplicably, Marino chose Wright over Ted Washington - who in 6 seasons with the Bills was the obviously superior player, and arguably was the key catalyst for defensive improvement (and often dominance) when Wade Phillips took over from Walt Corey. Washington wasn't the pass rushing force, but in my mind, it's not even close to who was the better player Safety - his last choice here was Mark Kelso - who played 9 seasons with the Bills. Kelso was a solid center fielder playing in an era where QB accuracy (and defensive rules) were a lot different from today's game. He racked up a lot of INT's just by sitting back and catching overthrown deep balls. So, a nice player, but not a game changer or someone that offenses game planned against. Kelso was also very slight of frame, and thus not a great tackler, which again manifested itself on the biggest stages in games that the Bills got run over. I've rewatched at least 75 games from 88-95 over the past few years, and these two players were arguably the WEAKEST links in our defenses over that era. Yes, there are those who will remind me that folks like James Williams and Leon Seals were starters during that time frame. But to consider both of them as worthy of inclusion as top Bills players at their position over 60+ years of history is laughable. Replace either of them with above average athletes in size and/or speed, and we might have won a title. I don't think that's hyperbole either.
  7. Technically, this last occurred in 2018 I know that's not what you meant, but couldn't resist...
  8. I think that people are counting just a little too much on Milano making a return to full form. He's getting up there in years and a broken leg is no small thing to recover from He'll be a decent player this year, but I don't think he'll ever be quite the same as before. Instincts will still be top-notch, but speed and closing ability will be off Still a plus player, but not a GREAT player
  9. Good god, I can't imagine having to cheer for a stiff like Cousins, no matter how good his statistics say he is. It was bad enough trying to root on Bledsoe for 3 years - every game was like throwing up in my mouth just a little bit
  10. I don't read into the RB competitions too much. The strategy seems to be to draft a new one in the middle rounds every year or two so that we have someone decent to take the bulk of the carries when the older guy is ready for a second contract. Each one brings a little something different to the table, which is healthy. But as long as we never pay these guys Saquon Barkley money (unless they're a hell of a receiver), then I'm good with this approach
  11. That's funny - like he wouldn't have taken the money from whatever company ponied up for it after the Rich's contract expired
  12. Let us vow to never ever again trade a future 1st round pick just to move up and draft a WR
  13. I’ve never enjoyed watching a QB play as much as I enjoy watching Josh Allen. It’s electrifying every single drop back when I’m inevitably yelling “Rip it!” And then he does - and it’s like “holy dog balls”
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