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  1. I don't struggle that much with many of these comparisons. I wrote a post over the summer that outlined the ways that I wanted to see Sean McDermott improve. High on that list were game management, level of aggressiveness, and in-game adjustments. We've seen some mild improvement in level of aggressiveness, but the other two remain sorely lacking. I got flamed by some for suggesting that these were potentially fatal flaws that were putting a low ceiling on the overall success of this team. Seems like this is playing out as advertised, so I'm asking the same questions I thought about several months ago: How does this coach get better with addressing these pronounced deficiencies. Because all the positiveness, "process", and focus on character and structure aren't getting it done
  2. Let's also account for the extremely light travel schedule plus having all of the games Sunday 1 PM (excepting Thanksgiving). Consistency of timing also helps players & coaches prepare and recover, both physically and mentally
  3. I wouldn't touch that guy with a 39 1/2 foot pole. His best days are long behind him and he's a basket case with a supersized ego to match. Essentially untradeable
  4. I've never seen Stafford as anything more than an accumulator. You trot him out there for 16 games/year and the stat sheet shows some decent numbers but you're never thinking the guy is a winner or that he really elevates the play of the team as a whole. Nor are you scared to face him as an opponent. To me, he's the football equivalent of a guy like Harold Baines. Never a top player in the league, but hangs around long enough to hit some numbers. And don't get me started about Baines being in the HOF...
  5. It's just getting to be over the top. You're trained now to almost expect a flag on every incomplete pass. I think I was watching a game on Sunday where there were calls on 6 consecutive plays. Even dunderheads like Troy Aikman notice that stuff. And it's everything. I get that they're trying to make the game safer, but I miss the days of when they'd just let guys play. So much that guys have to watch for (especially on defense) that it doesn't seem like a natural football game any more, just some highly regulated, manufactured, football-like substance
  6. I think this team as presently constituted is better at running vs passing in the red zone environment. QB & TE lack of experience and familiarity Athleticism at the QB position Risk-averse coaching Better run-blocking OL
  7. It was just a matter of time before this happened, regardless of which team he was on
  8. Whatever Jones turns out to be, I'm grateful that we got them with Eli starting
  9. I had very little issue with the first half play-calling or schemes. I liked how Daboll was attacking the Jets defense. Obviously the first half results were poor, but it wasn't for lack of imagination or creativity. And that was also why it never felt like the Bills were out of the game, even down 16-0. Lots of fluke plays and poor execution. They just needed to wake up, shake off the mistakes, and make things happen. Which they did
  10. I'd like to roll with what we have. RB is the last position that we need to add talent from the outside
  11. Again - why I qualified my remark with "dark horse candidate". It's not necessarily logical. But there are reasons to see how it could happen. That's why we have these forums
  12. Perception is that the Bills are on the way up. Full support of ownership & GM. Team stability. Young core Do you see the Chargers as being better than they were last year? Do they have a stable situation?
  13. Thanks - I totally forgot about Pat Shurmur - he's pitiful. I would hate myself if Jauron 2.0 were the coach of my team. Kliff Kingsbury is not going anywhere. They'll be better this year if not for the fact that they probably couldn't be worse
  14. As we get ready for the season, it's interesting to look ahead and think of the teams that will likely be firing their head coaches at (or before) the end of the year. First off, it's worth noting the stability and relative competence that we currently enjoy at the position. Barring a complete disaster of a season, it's safe to say that Sean McDermott will not be part of this group. Doug Marrone Not difficult to envision our old pal St. Doug being high on this list. I think the Jags are going to be a tire fire this year, and it appears that he's worn out his welcome within the locker room. Since he's definitely not an innovator, or someone prone to self-examination of his own flaws, it's likely to be a year of him getting angrier and surlier, and his players tuning him out more and more Dan Quinn I don't think the Falcons have recovered from the SB loss 2 years ago, and the talent level of this team hasn't kept up. I think they're a couple major injuries away from a very rough season, especially in an improved division. Ron Rivera Similar comment to the one above. Cam Newton is on the downside of his career, and the owner's itching to put his stamp on the team. Again, more of a motivating coach, and not an innovator. Jay Gruden Amazing that he's survived there this long. I think it catches up with him this year Mike Zimmer A team that's getting old and stale, and with a huge contract for a mediocre QB. Still laughing at how we curb-stomped them last year. Matt Patricia This guy's on borrowed time already. With the Packers likely improving this year, and another expensive QB on the downside, this guy needs a winning season or he's lost the team already Jason Garrett This team has some stars, and good young players, but this guy never seems to get the most out of the talent that he has. Plus, Jerrah has his next young coach in waiting. Anthony Lynn Probably a dark horse on this list, but it's not difficult to see the Chargers imploding, especially if Rivers starts to show his age. Lynn doesn't impress me as a great game coach, and this could be where it catches up to him
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