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  1. I'm not missing any point there, fella. His "plays" more often than not were a result of other more talented players winning their battles. Let's not overpay for JAG. I don't think anyone is going to be saying "dang" about Jordan Phillips leaving, especially if he gets big $$$.
  2. Yes!!! Let's overpay for a guy who got released by the Dolphins, will likely not put up the stats again that he did this year, and will cost a fortune to hold onto at the same position we just drafted a guy in the first round... But but but, he's a "chearleader" and loves Buffalo. That'll come in handy later when we can't re-sign our really talented draft picks to second contracts!
  3. gosh, would never have seen this coming after the dude sat out a whole year...
  4. I'm more than happy to watch Jerrah overpay this guy. Dak's OK but I don't see him as a championship QB. Anyone think that he'll really get any better than he already is?
  5. I think that a B grade is probably about right, given the production that we got. But to think that there's that many teams that nailed it with an A or a B+ is probably a little bit of grading on a curve
  6. They should absolutely look to move on from Stafford. If you don't have a top 5 QB (which he never was, and never will be), or a young QB on a rookie deal, then you are in the "messy middle" and destined to live in a constant state of purgatory. You'll never be good enough to reach a conference final, and you probably won't ever be bad enough to get a top draft pick. Stafford isn't a bad QB, or a bad guy, but in this day and age, you can't cling to a guy just because you see him as "good" or "good enough"
  7. we're not trading draft picks for tight ends when we already have several options already on the roster, and some of them (Knox, Sweeney, even Croom) that haven't hit their ceilings yet and are cheap cost-controlled options
  8. Offensive coaching is #1 for me. We can't keep trying to win scoring 17 points if we're never going to legitimately threaten other teams with schemes & personnel
  9. This is going to be pretty low on the list of things for me to get riled up about going into Saturday's game. Let's look at this from an opposing coaching staff point of view: Do opponents fear our offense? Can defensive coordinators easily scheme against our offense? Do we have an innovative top-flight play caller? Do we have an aggressive unpredictable head coach? Are we likely to have a game plan that attacks opponents weaknesses? Do we have a track record of scoring lots of points this season? Are we regularly getting big chunks of yards? Is our QB prone to turnovers and/or bad decisions? Do we have playoff experience? I'm not trying to be a negative Nancy. This has been an awesome and enjoyable year so far. But we do have to be realistic about what our chances are this year based on the above factors GO BILLS!
  10. Good context. There were large portions of the last two seasons that were raging tire fires
  11. Recalling that I got flamed by one very negative poster for suggesting over the summer that Rivera wouldn't make it past this year. Comments here are 100% accurate about him being over-rated and not an x's and o's guy. Laughing at the suggestion that he'll get a head coaching job next year. There are lots of stupid teams out there, but thinking he'll be somewhere off with Mike McCarthy as guys that got real stale in one spot and aren't as valued outside of their original org
  12. I want guys on the way up And if they're on the way down, they'd better bring character and leadership Watkins fits none of these criteria
  13. I'm most concerned about Josh Allen going into this game. It's his first real test in the national spotlight and the worry is that he'll come in tight, or trying to play hero ball. If he can just block out the noise and play within himself like he has the past few weeks, I think we get the win. But I just have this irrational fear that "Bad Josh" is going to show up tomorrow
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