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  1. I almost don't ever want to see another snap out of shotgun the rest of the year Yes - I get that situations sometimes warrant that formation. But we are so much more unpredictable and explosive on offense when we can run from traditional formations and hit play-action Let's see if Brady agrees
  2. I'm fascinated - averaging 40 sacks per year for the previous 5 seasons is "anemic"??? IIRC we have also trended near the top of the league in pressures and/or pass rush win rate as well McDermott's defenses certainly have had their share of challenges, especially in big spots. But I wouldn't necessarily characterize getting sacks as one of them
  3. Nothing is easy when our coaches have their heads up their collective rear ends
  4. I'm beginning to appreciate the 4:25 starts for home games more and more. You get the best of both worlds - extra time to arrive at the game without having to get up super early, plus more time for relaxed and extended tailgating But not so much that everyone is passed out for night games
  5. Through 4 games, Gabe Davis is 36th in receiving yards. I'll take that any day for my #2 WR
  6. First time to FedEx for a game and it was a blast. Our crew drove down from Harrisburg PA (2 hours) and hit one of the private tailgates. We were actually there too early since they weren't opening any lots until 9 AM The crowd seemed like 60% Bills fans and we were way louder than the WAS fans at all points in the game. Our section in the upper deck was 90% Bills fans Stadium experience was a joke - couldn't hear anything on the mikes, scoreboards might as well be from 1995, and the team's attempts at firing up the home crowd were hilariously poor. I'd forgotten that some teams still have cheerleaders The best was after they scored that meaningless FG at the end and they actually set off a couple of fireworks and fired up the marching band. There were literally next to zero home fans left at that point, but we all got a good laugh out of it
  7. I like to leave Rochester by 7 AM so that I'm at a private lot off California Rd by 8:30. That helps me avoid the lineup of cars that pile up waiting for the stadium lots to open at 9:00 Based on what I saw two weeks ago, you absolutely have to budget more time this year with the construction. There just isn't the same amount of total spaces to go around as there used to be. This Sunday, with the weather and the opponent, count on a similar situation
  8. Hilarious - like this is 1923 and all we have to do is build a railroad spur and watch the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Carnegies all throw lavish parties on these new luxury trains. Should our fans learn how to do the Charleston and sit on top of flagpoles too?
  9. LOL this was the week after I threw my ex-wife out of the house So the memories are twice as outstanding!!
  10. I was way more pumped up the last two seasons, but maybe we got too high too early last year. 2022 definitely taught us about how long the season really is, and how hard it is to be peaking at the right time. So maybe we'll just not be as great of a regular season team this year, but have improved mental energy and fewer injuries by the time we get into January. Once we're there - anything can happen! But yes, let's also beat the snot out of Rodgers and the over-hyped Jets this evening!
  11. We have a good sized group driving in from Harrisburg PA. There's a big Bills Backers tailgate being run by a local group called Fans of Buffalo through EventBrite $79 all you can eat & drink with breakfast buffet, BBQ buffet, etc We went to a similar event in Baltimore last year and it was well worth it! But I agree that it's potentially going to be close to 50% Bills fans at this game - which is great!
  12. I bought my first red jersey for this year (have 5 blue ones in reserve) Broke my usual guideline of going with established players and went right for Dalton Kincaid I think he's going to be a monster and buck the usual trend of our high draft picks not being huge contributors during Year 1
  13. They won't cancel a regular season game for anything less than what happened to Damar Hamlin last year I wish you luck with that part - pretty sure there's a disclaimer on any ticket that absolves the NFL of any liability or refunding of tickets
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