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  1. blitzboy54

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    guaranteed to be Bull S****
  2. blitzboy54

    NRC still hates the Pats from when he was a Bill

    I have completely given up on Brady ever being bad at football. He will play until he is 50. I have succumbed to my New England overlords
  3. blitzboy54

    Portland Bills Backers Stand up!

    Lived in PDX for 10 years. Started watching Bills games at the Cheerful Tortoise, then Paddies, then Jax. Left in 08 but the Bills Backers was always fun. Would pick up Raffle merch on pilgrimages east.
  4. blitzboy54

    Brady and Belichick Deserve to Go Out On Top

    Bring me Brady's HEAD ON A SPIKE!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me I want their lasting humiliation to lose to bad Bills team at home. OMG Bring me Brady's HEAD ON A SPIKE!!!!!!