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  1. blitzboy54

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    She got pistol whipped. I don't care what her lifestyle is. If had anything to do with it he should be gone
  2. blitzboy54

    What Is The Worst Bills Game You've Attended

    Worst game I actually attended was NY Giants in 2007 at the Ralph. It started as a driving rain and ended in snow. We they had 3 running backs go over 100 yards on us. it was humiliating and so god awful wet and cold. The giants used that game to spring board the rest of their season and ended up in the SB. I remember people standing in 6 inches of water while it snowed. It was vicious weather and a humiliating loss.
  3. blitzboy54

    Confession time at TBD

    Yup, Me too
  4. I'm still waiting for him to apologize for calling me and my family loser's
  5. blitzboy54

    What did Fitz say about Whaley at the Roast: Redux

    That’s it, after that I’m getting a Fitz jersey, Hell I might get a Fitz tattoo.
  6. blitzboy54

    Matt Patricia story

    That's irrelevant So has everyone else. He's not convicted. Your point was it's not news. My point is yes it is.
  7. blitzboy54

    Matt Patricia story

    I haven't make my mind up about anything. I know as much as you. But, and indictment is not "nothing" its sufficient evidence to bring charges. I have no dog in the fight but it's beyond weird that the Lions didn't find it. It was not hidden and he has a high profile job that invites scrutiny. Also, Railing against the Media, Liberals or whoever as a setup or bias is doing exactly what you are yelling at me about. You made up your mind there is nothing to it and that is that. The charge is literally "SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD". So stop Again I know as much as everyone else but her being 21 is not evidence it didn't happen. She could have been 16 and reported it as an adult. It doesn't matter. Whatever happened happened but an indictment is a real thing and news worthy. It just is
  8. blitzboy54

    Matt Patricia story

    Because it's his job and shame on the Lions for not finding it? I mean what part of "sexual assault of a minor" is not news worthy? No part of this statement is true