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  1. blitzboy54

    Portland Bills Backers Stand up!

    Lived in PDX for 10 years. Started watching Bills games at the Cheerful Tortoise, then Paddies, then Jax. Left in 08 but the Bills Backers was always fun. Would pick up Raffle merch on pilgrimages east.
  2. blitzboy54

    Brady and Belichick Deserve to Go Out On Top

    Bring me Brady's HEAD ON A SPIKE!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me I want their lasting humiliation to lose to bad Bills team at home. OMG Bring me Brady's HEAD ON A SPIKE!!!!!!
  3. blitzboy54

    The NFL has killed the Golden Goose - ITSELF!

    It's not that high, riding donkey on this one.
  4. blitzboy54

    The NFL has killed the Golden Goose - ITSELF!

    You mean black people. I have never heard anyone call a white kid a "street thug" Congrats on being gross
  5. Ha! On pace as the WORST offense in NFL history but you disagree. Great is great. Mahomes may not have put up video game numbers but he is still great. No way you can justify passing on him. Almost every prognosticator on the planet said to stay away from Allen but we traded up for him. No part of this article is wrong. Complete train wreck. Every offensive player we shipped out is having a carrier year outside of Taylor. But you disagree.
  6. blitzboy54

    McBeane Confidence

    My problem with this theory is the Quarterback. Allen does not look good and if you say they knew that why was Peterman the only thing between him and starting. My confidence is completely shaken. Take the trade up for Zay and Edmunds and it's flirting with tire fire status.
  7. I would have started by drafting Mahomes. Then I would have not traded up ever (probably move down when possible) and draft some (vs no) offensive players. I would not have traded up for Zay Jones, or Tremain Edmunds or Josh Allen. I would have not gotten rid of every piece of offensive talent on the roster for the sake of hiring retread Panthers.
  8. blitzboy54

    Media trying to get McDermott fired.

    I would argue that McDermmott is trying to get McDermmott fired.
  9. blitzboy54

    Bronco's cut Chad Kelly

    Yeah, he's been kicked off his team in High School, College and the NFL because he's misunderstood. Got it I'm sure being Jim's nephew hasn't bought him 3rd, 4th and 5th chances. Proof is in the pudding my friend.
  10. blitzboy54

    Bronco's cut Chad Kelly

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb spoiled punk gunna dumb spoiled punk
  11. blitzboy54

    Bills are 2013 Houston Astros.

    This office has shown zero ability to choose decent offensive talent, much less good offensive talent. They passed on a QB who is next level good for a guy who struggles to simply throw the ball. This is not so much the Astro's as the 78 Buccaneers
  12. blitzboy54

    2nd half thread: Bills at Colts 1 pm on CBS

    This is a game being played in the NFL.
  13. This is exacerbated by the fact that the traded up for him. They gave up picks to go up. These guys spend draft picks like Whaley. Very few guys are worth multiple picks. It's disconcerting.