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  1. blitzboy54

    What did Fitz say about Whaley at the Roast: Redux

    That’s it, after that I’m getting a Fitz jersey, Hell I might get a Fitz tattoo.
  2. blitzboy54

    Matt Patricia story

    That's irrelevant So has everyone else. He's not convicted. Your point was it's not news. My point is yes it is.
  3. blitzboy54

    Matt Patricia story

    I haven't make my mind up about anything. I know as much as you. But, and indictment is not "nothing" its sufficient evidence to bring charges. I have no dog in the fight but it's beyond weird that the Lions didn't find it. It was not hidden and he has a high profile job that invites scrutiny. Also, Railing against the Media, Liberals or whoever as a setup or bias is doing exactly what you are yelling at me about. You made up your mind there is nothing to it and that is that. The charge is literally "SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD". So stop Again I know as much as everyone else but her being 21 is not evidence it didn't happen. She could have been 16 and reported it as an adult. It doesn't matter. Whatever happened happened but an indictment is a real thing and news worthy. It just is
  4. blitzboy54

    Matt Patricia story

    Because it's his job and shame on the Lions for not finding it? I mean what part of "sexual assault of a minor" is not news worthy? No part of this statement is true
  5. blitzboy54

    1983 Bills vs Dolphins

    We not only would have gone to Super Bowls we would have won them. It's not a popular opinion especially considering Kelly's health but Marino was better.
  6. blitzboy54

    What this says about WGR and the new BFAN

    I don’t need anymore state run Media. Pegs owning a radio station sounds awful. Wall to wall John Murphy. Child please
  7. blitzboy54

    RUMOR - Agent claims NE wanted Mayfield at #2

    The thing about it is Mayfield was every teams QB1. It's pretty arrogant of the Pats and Pats people to simply say "we were going to go get him".. First they didn't have the horsepower we did. They could at best drive up the price but ultimately could not outbid us for him. Period
  8. You should start a new thread and label it "victory lap" seriously, do it
  9. blitzboy54

    Who's who here??

    Allen and Cam
  10. blitzboy54

    Awesome SI article about Beane - Allen.

    I don't care about his tweets
  11. blitzboy54

    Allen Over Rosen Reminds Me of

    That's disingenuous. Nobody had Brady. All the previous examples were guys who the boards largely wanted. Research isn't hard to come by. We all watched the tape Homer on Homer
  12. blitzboy54

    Allen Over Rosen Reminds Me of

    Why, he's not wrong. Don't forget TJ Graham over Russel Wilson. I was literally screaming at the TV when we traded up "it has to be Wilson" and it wasn't TRADED UP
  13. blitzboy54

    You snowflakes mad?

    As a former Marine who has at one time in my life been trained to end human life with my bare hands if necessary I have always thought it was nearly impossible to offend me. I have believed this most of my life. I was wrong as it turns out. Being called a “snowflake” makes me literally want to rip someone’s candy ass over privileged still beating heart out of their pampered chest and eat it. Weird
  14. blitzboy54

    Is it fair to judge Josh Allen based on tweets?

    I have heard different things on that. But if what you are saying is closer to the truth then it's a bit better. Still going to be tough for the kid. I haven't wanted him for a while. This certainly doesn't help
  15. blitzboy54

    Is it fair to judge Josh Allen based on tweets?

    It's absolutely fair. He is top tier prospect about to make Millions with a professional agent. None of the clowns thought it was a good idea to review his old posts and see if there is anything that should be cleaned up. That's so stupid I can't get around it. I suspect he hired uncle Billy to be his agent because to me that's grounds to fire my representation. Also he's a dumbass for not only saying it but not thinking it was still a problem a few years later. Never mind that if we draft him the fanbase is already ready to hate him. His teammates are 75% black. He is too stupid to draft Sorry