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  1. Today is really our only best shot at getting the #1 seed, especially with the cupcake schedule the Chiefs have the rest of the way I just had a wave of PTSD after being at the Vikings debacle...
  2. Wait - I thought we were terrible at running the ball, our OL is trash, our RB are slow, and our new coordinator is clueless?
  3. I got into this argument last weekend with my cousin, who is a crazy delusional lifelong Dolphins fan: He stubbornly clung to Tua's statistics vs Josh's for this year and basically said that Tua was the better QB and the Bills would never win with Josh (because he throws too many INT's) I still can't get past Tua not passing the "eye test" for me. Yes, he's accurate Yes, he throws a nice catchable ball But he still seems fragile and not meant for the long haul. He slides to avoid hits or runs out of bounds He doesn't fire up his teammates or inspire a lot of leadership This is the first year he's had any sustained success, and that's with missing multiple games or parts of games due to injury Regression and injuries are going to hit this team hard I'll wait to anoint Tua and the Dolphins until they can prove it in the playoffs
  4. 2 tickets for Detroit Thanksgiving - Section 243 Row 1 - $225 each
  5. I have 2 tickets section 243 - $225 each
  6. I believe that Bill Polian when he was GM of the Colts was asked a similar question about potentially losing Peyton Manning: His paraphrased response: "If we lose Peyton, we're f***ed, and we don't practice f***ed"
  7. I am just loving the hot takes in this thread Jaquan Johnson was a 6th round pick who is now playing in his 4th season in the league. He is and has been a solid special teamer He has filled in on defense as needed Sometimes he's played well in an expanded role Sometimes he has not He's on a rookie contract and has already vastly overperformed in the league, based on draft slot and physical attributes Yes, there are 6th round picks who become stars, but the vast majority do not. Jaquon Johnson is just fine for what we need in his primary role on the team. You can't have a whole team full of guys like him, but you sure as s*** can do a lot worse I'm sure that we will be drafting a safety high in the offseason, to replace Hyde and/or Poyer We'll probably draft one in the lower rounds too, as Jaquan's likely replacement Thank you for taking my call, I'll hang up and listen
  8. I'm going to the game this Sunday and I really have no interest in seeing Case Keenum play
  9. We're always going to have dead cap space - it's the nature of the beast. $16M is probably league average (says me without doing any research)
  10. Let's see if Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni can win a playoff game without crowning them #1 in the NFL
  11. For decades, the Packers had a deal with Milwaukee to play ~ 3 of their home games there, since they were more of a "regional" team and also to share revenue with them. I'm sure the interwebs has more details, but that's the gist of it. I believe the ended the arrangement in the early-mid 90's Pull up the game footage from the 1991 contest and you'll get a sense of how weird it looked
  12. Jeff Wright was just good enough to start and just bad enough for our Super Bowl opponents to correctly identify him as the weakest link on our defense and build game plans around that knowledge
  13. I re-watched this game several months ago, and it was a good one for sure. Our defense was flat out dominant that year (outside of playing the Bengals) An even more fun re-watch was Bills @ Packers from 1991. One of the last games played in Milwaukee County Stadium. The stadium orientation and field layout was truly bizarre to see, now that we've been accustomed for so long to the modern football-only palaces. The truly goofy thing that stood out to me was that because of space concerns, BOTH teams had to share the same sideline!
  14. Gosh, if only the Colts could get their QB situation right after "luck"ing their way into two generational QB's and only having one ring to show for it
  15. We had to do fake elections back in grammar school in the 80's, and our group came up with the Mushy Peaches Party as just something meaningless and juvenile. Have used it as my team name for football pools and other assorted nonsense ever since
  16. I actually think that it's a decent chance that the Bills get this game They aren't likely giving Buffalo a Thanksgiving night game any time soon after they were featured in that spot in 2021 But a Friday afternoon game with no competition where they want huge numbers to justify something shiny and new on the NFL calendar? This sure sounds like a spot to showcase Josh Allen and the Bills - especially with how they can show all of the tailgating, potential bad weather, etc. Giants at Bills
  17. I'll buy into that take - the guy has simply been money all year long. The number of runs that even get to the second level is the lowest we've seen since the Ted Washington era. It's amazing how much of an upgrade he's been over frigging overpaid Star. I get it - he's getting lots of help and he's not the only one on the line doing a great job. But the difference that he's making to our defense while relatively under the radar has been amazing
  18. I make it a point to almost never ever ever re-watch Bills losses, and I certainly could not think of any redeeming or compelling reason to watch this game again
  19. There were random Friday night games back in the 70's and 80's. Many of them were Christmas/New Year's week, but there's a few here that weren't
  20. Well, to frame the question a little bit differently, we can be hopeful that the remaining teams on KC's schedule can be more effective than history has shown that they have been. Or else, just break Mahomes' leg... Wait, I said the quiet part out loud... sorry
  21. Troy Aikman has been phoning it in for at least 10 years. It's amazing that he still has a job
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