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  1. Titans are a 6 win team next year - they're ready to implode
  2. Zack Moss better report to camp in one hell of a good shape
  3. That will help them to keep Kyler Murray... SMFH
  4. I thought this would be an interesting exercise to look at with a full 4 months to go before the season starts. In many years, it's easy to pick out 6-8 coaches that seem to be on their last legs and need a miracle to make it past the upcoming season. With the unprecedented number of 1st & 2nd year coaches this year, it becomes a little bit more difficult, but I'll try to rank who I think will be out by Black Monday: Matt Rhule (Carolina) - this organization is just flailing about with the continuous mediocre QB carousel and an owner who hasn't won yet and doesn't seem to be the most patient guy around. Plus - he doesn't seem to have a lot of respect from players and doesn't seem to be much of a game-day coach either. It's hard to see this team winning more than 6 games, and he'll be done after Year 3. Rhule is far and away the odds-on favorite and a big game from anyone at #2 and lower on this list. Mike McCarthy (Dallas) - I gave a lot of thought to Kliff Kingsbury in this space, as I think he's "all hat, no cattle". But then I looked it up and saw that Arizona gave him a 6 year extension (!). So it has to be McCarthy, who with all the talent they have on the Cowboys, continues to be a raging tire fire of a game-day coach, as evidenced by the debacle at the end of their last playoff game. I get that Jerry Jones is often overly loyal to coaches that he can push around (Jason Garrett), but I can't see McCarthy lasting past this season with an older and less talented roster. Ron Rivera (Washington) - hard to believe that he comes in at #3 on my list with all the hard work that he's done to help improve the image and professionalism of that sorry franchise. But he's had consecutive 7 win seasons to start his tenure there, which again, might be seen as a positive given all the turmoil at QB, but he's stuck with Jeff George 2.0 in Carson Wentz, who you can't help but think is going to be a disaster in Washington. Plus, the overall team just isn't that talented either, so you have to wonder if Dan Snyder pulls the plug after this season Pete Carroll (Seattle) - amazing to see how far this franchise has fallen. Their drafting and personnel decisions have been a mess the past few years and I think that Carroll's act has grown stale as well. He's now on the wrong side of 70 and another mediocre season could see him walk away, if not fired outright. Lovie Smith (Houston) - does he even see year #2 after how ownership treated David Culley? They're not going to win more than 5 games with Davis Mills and a young roster and Smith just seems to be another placeholder for when they draft a top QB next year and pair him with some rising offensive mind. Mike Vrabel (Tennessee) - he's been a solid coach for that organization, but he doesn't seem to be on the same page with ownership and/or his GM, and after last year's playoff debacle, I think the Titans could plummet a long way this season, especially if they have more major injuries or Tannehill falls off a cliff. Kevin Stefanski (Cleveland) - going into a pivotal year #3 - the first season was a raging success, but they went through a lot of organizational upheaval in 2021, and this team could go south quickly in a tough AFC, especially if Watson is suspended for a significant length of time, or if they just lose a lot of tough games. Never count out Cleveland to have a quick trigger finger with coaching staffs. Bill Belichick (Satan's Armpit) - he's earned the right to go out on his own terms, but with a noodle armed QB and another underwhelming draft, could this be the year that he walks away? I hope so after a 6-11 type season! So that's my outlook on May 1. I'm sure that many will have different opinions about the rankings but I thought this was a good conversation starter.
  5. I gave it a B+ because the team focused largely on positions of specific need. When you don't have a lot of big gaping talent holes, I think you can do this, and Beane did it in a measured manner. Elam - we needed an infusion of top end talent at the position, regardless of White's status for the beginning of the year Cook - again, adding talent to the room, especially on the pass catching side. Zach Moss was already two steps out the door, and we're not likely to give Singletary a big second contract either Bernard - LB was a sneaky need for this team and we needed an infusion of talent behind Edmunds & Milano. Ask yourself if you would want any of the ST depth guys behind those two playing significant snaps on defense this year... Shakir - different body type, but this feels like Gabe Davis 2.0. Great value for the draft position and can step in and contribute in many versatile ways Araiza - what more do we need to say except I never want to see Matt Haack in a Bills uniform ever again
  6. I want a WR and a RB How they get there doesn't really matter (as long as we aren't trading next year's #1)
  7. Basic laws of supply & demand There's a lot of supply coming in over the next 3 days Once that shakes out, then the secondary market for guys like these will start to heat up a little
  8. I think it's 4 night games @KC Pitt NE @Balt Plus Thanksgiving Day @Det
  9. I'm sorry, did he miss the part about how we get to keep the Bills in Buffalo? SMFH
  10. Sorry, it hurt my head too much to try to do a comprehensive review of all our first round failures. These were just the low-hanging fruit, but I know that the tree isn't bare
  11. Aaron Maybin Mike Williams Erik Flowers JP Losman Walt Patulski
  12. Derek Carr is the AFC's version of Kirk Cousins Not going to win anything significant because of him, but too scared to get rid of him and start fresh If I were a Raiders fan, I'd be thrilled to have been in QB purgatory for the last 10+ seasons and just signing up for at least 4 more
  13. Noooooo... it's just that for a large number of fans, Edmunds doesn't pass the eye test. Yes, he's the captain of the defense, signal caller, etc. But the man just DOES NOT MAKE PLAYS. I can't recall a single game changing play that he's made in the last 4 years. NONE But yes, let's give him a handsome new contract because he has all the physical attributes, young, still growing, blah blah blah MLB is not a premium position in this league and I don't want Beane and the Bills overpaying for replaceable talent
  14. You don't trade up or into the 1st round unless you're looking for a QB. That's the only position that you should part with any significant draft capital for. Otherwise, let the draft come to you. We circled the drain too many times during the drought years by chasing picks at other positions than QB. Conversely, we didn't pull the trigger on trades during the drafts that we really needed to find a QB
  15. Edmunds is a luxury that they can no longer afford after this year. I know that the coaches rave about his coverage skills, and leadership, and blah blah blah. But we need to pay the guys who MAKE PLAYS. Edmunds might get better, but he sure is going to get more expensive Let's get what we can from him on the field this year, but let's not be rolling out the checkbook for him unless he suddenly becomes a Top 3 MLB with the stats to back up that status.
  16. God help us if he ever actually sees the field
  17. I think that the push to 36 or even 40 teams is not that far on the horizon. The current owners strongly desire new, rich blood, and the outrageous expansion fees. Plus - it's the only real way to manage any kind of international growth
  18. I'm laughing at the thought of fans viewing Knox as average. He doesn't have all the fancy receiving stats yet because he's sharing targets with a pretty strong group of WR's in a dynamic offense. But he was a game changer at several points last year and took a huge step forward. He'll be a $12M/year player on his next contract and that might be on the low end
  19. The Browns really screwed the rest of the league by giving Watson that huge contract. Every mediocre or better QB is going to basically tell their current teams to pay up or just wait to get traded and get the new desperate team to pay them. It's a win-win for the QB's As noted earlier, our contract with Josh is going to look smarter and smarter every year down the road
  20. I feel like it's more of an urban legend to think that Donte Whitner ever made a noteworthy play in a Bills uniform. They'll find Jimmy Hoffa before they ever unearth that footage
  21. To this day, this is the only playoff loss that I have ever had the stomach or inclination to re-watch. Probably because it was such a great game and spurred the team to the successes of the next few years.
  22. I think that your logic here is accurate - the salary cap structure isn't going to tolerate having top WR's paid like QB's. What's going to happen is that smart GM's start to understand that the incremental benefit of having a top WR isn't worth the incremental cost, and the position overall will start to get de-valued. Similar to what happened with RB's over the last 20-25 years. It's not quite the same comparison, but the market correction will occur, and eventually teams will begin treating WR's like more "fungible" assets. That's going to be a hard lesson to learn for top shelf WR's, but it's going to happen now that these salaries are getting downright ridiculous. And the value of first contract WR's is going to be even more critical
  23. Remember when we brought in T.O. to help a young QB that didn't throw the ball downfield? Remember when we drafted Sammy Watkins to help unlock EJ's potential? This isn't that much different
  24. Until the Dolphins have a QB that's anything above average, an owner with a clue, and a culture where they don't spin through coaches every 3 years, we are going to continue to win at least 75% of our games against them. Josh Allen is 7-1 against them with the lone loss being a ridiculous Charles Clay drop in their first meeting in 2018
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