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  1. Is that JB infront of Allen?
  2. The folks that thought that was Diggs are going to be in for a pleasant surprise. Spray some WD-40 on Gabe Davis he looks stiff in and out of those routes.
  3. Big boy is all hyped in that video. How cute.
  4. Getting dragged by Chubb is one thing, getting dragged by Watson is another. Chubb is a beast, can’t blame them.
  5. You seem awfully hopeful of a worst case scenario. Why? I don’t know Oliver and I’m kinda mush on him as a player but it seems odd that you want this to play out badly. Maybe I’m misunderstanding.
  6. Any third party is just going to cost you more. Call an LTL directly, most of them will deliver right to your house when the time comes. Essentially the third party would be booking the space on the truck which you can easily do yourself. Just get the length, width and height of the pallet from the supplier.
  7. I like Allen, have since before we drafted him. On the Mahomes scouting report it ignores Pat’s ability to change arm angles and flip the ball almost anywhere without having his feet set. That was there in college, scouts are just so set on their expectations of mechanics and how it is supposed to look that they sometimes miss the obvious. FWIW, before the draft some of us had a similar discussion on Allen’s tape. He showed the ability to make anticipatory throws without having his base set. Allen’s going to be good, probably not a Mahomes but the doubters will soon be put to bed.
  8. I will always have a soft spot for Joey Flacco. That whooping him and the Ravens laid on the Pats in the playoffs was fantastic.
  9. Obviously he is just being silly. Honest question and everyone understands QBs get overpaid. That doesn’t make it a worthwhile investment. See Stafford and many others. You have been very vocal about Dak, for the record, would you make him the highest paid player in the league yes or no?
  10. I wouldn’t dismiss the Raiders rumors so quickly. Brandon looked to be in decent shape, if his 40 time was quicker than his peers the Raiders most likely DID have some interest.
  11. Why are you driving drunk Ed? Sorry officer, Uber wanted me to get in their car, they didn’t want to drive my truck. Hmm, better... Sorry officer, the trailer wasn’t going to pull itself.
  12. Right. You download the NFL Sunday Ticket app and you can watch all out of market games. The prices changes a bit each year, last year I think it was 300. The quality is good, when it first started it had some problems. That was 2012ish.
  13. Huh? Are you ok? This isn’t new. Yes live. It’s been like that for 7 years or so?
  14. Over 30 passing TDs. 600 rushing yards, 60+ percent completion, wins a playoff game.
  15. Uhhh welcome to 2020 you can buy a package through PS4 or other streaming services and it’s like 300 for the entire season. All out of market games.
  16. Just play the game and give it a try, if it sucks on tv just quit at halftime.
  17. The Rams aren’t winning 8 games this year.
  18. Lizard King lost his damn mind. Poor lizards will be roaming around looking for a new leader.
  19. Busts? I feel like they better fit under worst GM decisions. You could easily make a case for not drafting those guys. I don’t remember Dockery but the other three were vomit inducing selections the moment they were made.
  20. I can hear Tess’s voice still ringing in my ears. He may not have said as many idiotic things but he also sucked.
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