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  1. Or maybe people that like to laugh when Brady is getting torn up on his expense?
  2. I got about 2hrs of the show and man was it legendary. Funniest crap live on TV I might have ever seen, so damn raw and funny.
  3. Really surprised we didn't take Ladd or Mitchell here??? I really wanted Ladd here but whatever. I hope Coleman is the next Eric Moulds for us with a real QB.
  4. It's basically the same as insider trading. Way too many people and leaks within each team from Scouting and so on.
  5. Well Whaley would have been fully in charge of the draft and we would have taken Mahomes as reported many years ago. I can't see how the Bills would have drafted Allen still under that regime? No clue how things pan out with them from there though.
  6. Seeing Moulds go honestly sucked as I know we blew a career of someone that should have been in the HOF with above average QB play. A huge wasted talent with QB hell all the years he was here. Dude just went out there and played friggin hard for us for so many years. Bruce/Reed/Thurman sucked too.
  7. Dell is basically a young Diggs 2.0. I wish we just traded players 1:1 and called it a day.
  8. 2024 tank year is on now for youth. There has to be more Diggs drama behind the scenes here we don't know about and Beane is cutting bait.
  9. The D gave up 31 pts in 30mins of game play or 2 QTRs. How many teams win in that scenario? The D in all 3 games have been a train wreck.
  10. Add poll option of Defense for all 3 games we lost in the playoffs against the Chiefs. The stat of only forcing KC to punt 4 times in 3 total playoff games is all anyone needs to know or letting KC average 35.7 pts a game.
  11. I lived in Masshole land during our drought and the Pats legacy which sucked really, really bad. I'm going Chiefs though as we have been knocked out of the playoffs by them in 3 out of the last 4 yrs when we actually have a franchise QB now. I bet we have 1 SB victory by now if we didn't get knocked out by them. I can't blame the Pats for their success when the Division was basically handed to them every damn year as the Bills/Jet/Dolphins didn't have a franchise QB to battle test the Pats.
  12. This Thread = If you gave Allen a future HOF OC HC, a future HOF TE in Kelce and future HoF WR in Hill how would Allen look? If we seen Mahomes in 2018 under McD with the worst Bills o-line and WR core I have ever seen, I highly doubt he does anything like Allen his rookie year.
  13. If you play a team 3 times and only force 4 punts total in those playoff games played who is at fault? I don't get why some McD supporters aren't seeing the big picture here. Reid and the KC Chiefs straight own the Bills in the playoffs. The Student (McD) will never take down the Master (Reid) here in this case. Lets try again next year though for the 4th time and see if it changes.
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