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  1. Just as Elon Musk predicted, now that he’s a Republican his political enemies are smearing him by making him pay $250,000 four years ago to settle a sexual misconduct claim Interesting how the self-titled champion of free speech writes an agreement asking a victim to remain silent.
  2. Buffalo democrats elected India Walton in the primary. Republicans then joined forces with anti-Walton Dems to Write Down Brown in the general. Things haven't changed.
  3. You emphasize an insignificant length of time related to what you quoted with CAPS and then emphasized what seems like it is supposed to be a sarcastic joke (it's sarcastic but terribly unfunny) with a ! This leads one to conclude you are triggered. Emphasizing unrelated points to make yourself feel in control. Pathetic in another word.
  4. Not sure what this has to do with what the poster I quoted was talking about. Your CAPS LOCK and ! also make you seem quite triggered. Relax
  5. The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee concluded in August 2020 that Manafort's ties to individuals connected to Russian intelligence while he was Trump's campaign manager "represented a grave counterintelligence threat" by creating opportunities for "Russian intelligence services to exert influence over, and acquire confidential information on, the Trump campaign."
  6. This thread is a roll call of racist idiots. what a mess Get *****
  7. The shooter had "WAUKESHA" written on his gun. @Big Blitz comes into this thread knowing exactly what he is doing. Deplorable
  8. 3rd post in Radicalized by Tucker Carlson. We are in a civil war
  9. There are folks defending in right now in the "War on Whiteness" thread. It ain't fringe.
  10. I tagged that you are a fan of The Gret Reset conspiracy. That's a fact, jack.
  11. Odd you wiggled yourself into a conversation you weren't even directly involved in. Does calling out racism make you mad?
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