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  1. Public harassment doesn't stop when one ignores another if the other continues with the public harassment. It's unfortunate you are stooping to this level.
  2. Please stop It's a bit obnoxious. I've asked you to stop multiple times.
  3. @B-Man thought you were a better person than that. Agreeing with the constant harassment from that poster is gross. I wish you well.
  4. You cannot find a single politician or political preference that is not on its face hypocritical. There is always something to point at that one said or did before that is inconsistent with one's current beliefs. It's human nature to grow and change one's ideals and perspectives.
  5. Trump planted election fraud seeds in 2012 when Obama won his 2nd term. He continued after he won the presidency with his failed election integrity commission. From what I recall, pre-election he was also screaming about it being rigged. He accused Cruz of cheating when Cruz won the Iowa caucus. We all saw what happened in 2020.
  6. Mike McDaniel wants this game to never end
  7. Herbstreit came close to saying the back injury was bull#### but then must have remembered all his Amazon bucks. What a shame.
  8. Not sure about Hoover, but I believe the Red Cross paid all the relief for the Mississippi River Flood in the late 20s because Coolidge wouldn't pay for any assistance from the federal budget. Too busy to look it up at the moment, but I swear I remember that from a college history class.
  9. Anyone with a functioning brain can see how hypocritical they are. Who the ***** cares though? I think the politics can wait until after the storm. Also is Desantis really begging for aid? Or is he asking for it as he should? There’s a bit of nuance there.
  10. Republicans on this very forum have gone from claiming MTG is a nut-job the first few pages of this thread to defending her views of Christian Nationalism in a recent thread. It's a cult. Get out while you still can.
  11. Hope Destantis does well and helps to provide the people of Florida through his leadership and connections with the courage, strength, and supplies the people need to ride this out. Glad Biden and the federal government have already begun providing relief without any political interference.
  12. Where in the world was he throwing that ball?
  13. That was a great throw to Sutton Hackett should go for 2 here 11-10 potential lol
  14. The camera is not square with the yard line on this challenge. I think he was short.
  15. Both these offenses are doing their best to try to lose. Wilson turnover coming up here.
  16. Was this the Bills first ever sunny game in Miami? Absurd they were not prepared with the appropriate tents etc for shade.
  17. We are now going to see Dorsey at the end of every game the rest of the year. Hope there is a thread to analyze each. That said, the tantrum was a bit over the top. If BB did that we'd be calling him a clown.
  18. Indeed. Wimpy play calls on offense and defense today
  19. The decision to go for the FG in which Bass missed on a 4th and 4 was a much worse decision IMO
  20. Team just did not execute. The play calls we’re fine. Josh failed to put it in the endzone 4 times.
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