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  1. Great column I read before the holidays and just got around to posting. I am originally from Canisteo so this hits close to home..... Column: “Redskins” is a family name "But they know they are in charge, and they know we are powerless. So they put their wind turbines on our hilltops and they bury their trash near our lakes and they decide what our children will learn and what we may say. They tell us where we can carry our guns and how much water can be in our toilets and whether or not we can burn our leaves." A related note, last Christmas we stopped at the casino in Salamanca off I-86 on our way back from the Comedy Museum in Jamestown. Didn't gamble, just wanted to check it out and have a bathroom stop. Spoke with some of the Seneca's there, oddly they felt a connection to us as we were from Canisteo and there is a kind of shared heritage between us. We talked about the Redskin name and a woman younger than myself said "We don't find name offensive at all. Quite the opposite, our lands, language, lives and history have all been take away. Soon all that will be left is our names and they're trying to take that away as well." It was sad. I felt sorry for her, all of them. There was hardly anyone there.
  2. I'm sure I've said this a few times. Generation is the easiest part of transitioning to electric vehicles. The grid is the problem, it will take decades and trillions of dollars to solve. Last week National Grid came out with a report stating that in order to keep up with electric vehicle demand, by 2035 each highway plaza on major highways will need to be able to provide as much power as a football stadium. Electric-vehicle charging stations could use as much power as a small town by 2035 — and the grid isn't ready
  3. I suppose it's better they codify it in congress than consummate it in congress!
  4. Booooo to you turn signal missing, stop sign running BMW snobs! 😀 We're an Audi family (wife and I), kids drive VW's. Like my gasser A6, test drove an AMG E53, should have purchased that but was concerned about the smaller inside/trunk. We frequently take long drives and I'm very concerned by the charging stops. Not sure what vehicle/brand we will be driving in the next few years. Please post updates on your experiences with the ride!
  5. Companies break or skirt the WARN Act all the time. It is more advantageous for the company to get people out of the building and pay the fines. Most companies want to get past the reduction turmoil as quickly as possible. It also limits stealing of trade secrets, disruption of customer contacts and equipment damage/theft. EM broke the Act on at least one occasion with Tesla, he knew what he was doing.
  6. The irony of this entire thing is that the censors in Twitter are some of the same people that pushed the climate change narrative. The same people that tripped over each other to purchase a Tesla. They lined Elon's pockets with enough cash that he purchased Twitter and now he's putting these people on the street. I wonder if they have enough insight to see that and if it keeps them up at night.
  7. Glad to hear that the D's were able to come out with a new fear message right before the midterms. I guess the "Covid is going to kill everyone schtick" has gotten old and "Climate change is going to destroy the earth" hasn't progressed as quickly as they hoped. At least the old ladies, unemployed, union and government workers have something to grasp onto when they vote party line again this year.
  8. The Senate race is not really as big of a surprise as some might think. Hassan is from MA and I don't believe was a NH resident until the late 90's. Many I've spoken to thought of her as an aloof outsider. I think the Pappas/Leavitt House race is very interesting. The Pappas family is well known in NH and are the owners of the Backroom restaurant/conference center. Ties to the fairly large Greek community. Chris was raised in the Manchester area. Very surprised a young upstart (Leavitt) would be able to pose much of a challenge let alone be leading at this point.
  9. Surprised no one has mentioned the murder in Cheektowaga. A tragedy that would have been avoided if not for the bail reform legislation. NY man sprung on no bail in Facebook-posted beating executes wife in front of kids just hours later: cops He was arraigned in Cheektowaga Town Court on Oct. 4 but was released because state law prevented the judge from setting bail due to the low-level of the charges, Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn said. “There was zero evidence for anything higher than that,” Flynn said of the misdemeanor charges. “The charges were correctly charged. The judge had no choice but to release this person.” Adding insult to injury, under the bail reforms enacted by the Democratic-controlled state Legislature and upheld by Hochul, the judge couldn’t even consider Bennefield’s 2000 conviction and 15-year prison sentence for kidnapping an ex-girlfriend and another woman at gunpoint because the Empire State is one of the few across the US that doesn’t allow judges to weigh the “dangerousness” of a perp in considering bail.
  10. Fauci is what you get when you give a federal agency a $15 billion budget with inadequate oversight. An agency that's allowed to skirt American values by moving controversial research overseas. I'm sure they saw this whole Covid experience as applied research. Didn't matter who or how many died, in the name of science and all. I wonder if they've lit and beagle puppies on fire, you know just for science/fun.
  11. I don't know SCD, there's flawed and there's Fetterman/Biden/Clinton flawed!
  12. Fetterman is an example of what the Democratic party is all about. Put out a flawed candidate and back them regardless of ability or circumstance. Feel bad for Fetterman but there is no way he should be serving as a Senator. Similar thing with Biden, he was showing early signs of cognitive decline during the primary. Not sure if everyone remembers but all his challengers "oddly" backed out the same weekend within days of each-other. Was it chance or were they told to throw in the towel by the Democratic leadership? Had the primary continued there would likely be someone else in the oval office. Again, same story with Hillary, another flawed candidate. The Democratic leadership did everything possible to back her and depict Bernie as unelectable. Anyone who saw HC in person knew she didn't have "it" (off camera she always looked uncomfortable to me). If she would have had to earn her nomination maybe she would have beaten Trump in the general election or perhaps Bernie would have been the D's candidate? It's a shame that the D party feels the need to get involved and not allow the best candidates to rise from the ashes of the nomination process.
  13. I wonder how long before WH staffers start signing book deals regarding what was happening in the WH as Joe deteriorated. I'm sure most of the memoirs will be filled with CYA quotes like "I was never aware of Joe's mental decline" or "I tried to intervene but was met with resistance by the rest of the WH staffers". Hopefully someday we'll get to read the actual and likely shocking WH transcripts through the FOIA.
  14. Losers that can't come up with a measly 10 grand really love this.
  15. My god, who would even allow Joe to drive a vehicle!
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