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  1. No one said he should be jailed over kneeling, at least no one of consequence. There is no constitutional right to play i the NFL.
  2. Why do I feel like this was just a bunch of teenagers screwing around with Draino and tin foil?
  3. 99 yards in a minute with no timeouts. Can Rivers do it? Probably not...
  4. Our defense is elite, and we would have beat the Pats if Josh doesn't get hurt. We are better than you think
  5. We've seen that, just not yet this year. Nice attempt...
  6. I actually don't mind the idea of moving our 1st for a WR. We are going to draft one next year in the 1st anyqay, why not guarantee we get ourselvea a good one?
  7. Josh Allen Touch Down Josh Allen picked off damn it Are we elite yet?
  8. Cleveland is the 2015 Bills. Loads of talent with a lot of egos and bad attitudes and a coach who can't control them.
  9. After last night, the Colts definitely deserve to be in the conversation
  10. 2nd and 4th for Diggs. 3rd, Zay and Shaq for AJ Green. Get it done Beane!!
  11. From 2000 to 2005, you would have been crazy to suggest Brady over Manning. 2005 to present? Not so much.
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