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  1. You aren't going to get rid of the EC without an amendment, and you aren't getting an amendment passed. This is a stupid conversation.
  2. https://people.com/politics/andrew-cuomo-accused-of-sexual-harassment-by-former-aide/
  3. 6-7 and their loss tonight put a large dent in their playoff hopes. They are an 9-7 team at best with the oldest coach in the NFL and no QB prospects to speak of.
  4. They should consider moving on from Belichick. Not because he's over the hill NOW, he's still an excellent coach, but because he isn't going to be around long enough for a proper rebuild to take place. He would be a great head coach for a team like the Chargers, with a young stud QB and some talent on defense. He is not the head coach for a team of over the hill talent and a QB desert incoming. All the Pats are going to do now is run on the treadmill of mediocrity with BB.
  5. If we win out The Chiefs lose to the Fish and NO The Steelers lose to Us and IND We take the #1 seed because we would win the three way tie. Head to heads don't count in 3 way ties
  6. Why does it matter? A lottery only guarantees a league like the NBA or NHL. 5 serious teams, a dozen teams stuck on the treadmill of mediocrity, the rest permanent bottom feeders.
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