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  1. You don't think that the drive by colleges, government officials, and teachers to push teenagers to go to college from the time they are 12 with basically zero financial literacy courses throughout their K-12 education would at least be considered predatory behavior?
  2. I genuinely forgot that Toronto had a basketball team...
  3. Like Gary Busey decided to eat that motorcycle he crashed on
  4. 2006 McNabb is a first ballot HOFer. The fact that he was bad longer than he was good keeps him out. McNabb was a top 5 QB from 2000-2005.
  5. Isn't that the code you enter for 99 lives in Contra?
  6. Is the money the Jets are going to bw on the hook for worth a draft pick or two though?
  7. This comment is too streets ahead for this forum
  8. for all the people who are against other people's career politicians, they sure do love voting for THEIR OWN career politician.
  9. Isn't Cali already trying to rig their ballots so Trump can't be on it in 2020?
  10. Would yall do this? BILLS McCoy + 40th pick + 5th Round pick PHILLY 25th pick
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