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  1. Born a Bills fan, son of a season ticket holder, but started really following when Takeo Spikes signed, really exciting time to be alive.
  2. With tbe Bills chasing them for the division and how poorly they've been playing, the Cincy and Miami games are very important Every advantage helps
  3. Except for, ya know, Cleveland...
  4. Idk. Food trucks live and die on big events, and Bills games are as big as you get in WNY. Losing all that revenue from last week's game, plus you have to think it will be the same for at least this week too, may be too much for them to handle.
  5. Regardless of where you stand, this is an excellent case study of a business not understanding it's customer base and destroying itself with a few social media posts.
  6. Should have said "The North Remembers Hong Kong"
  7. No one said he should be jailed over kneeling, at least no one of consequence. There is no constitutional right to play i the NFL.
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