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  1. Up next "Biden Island". Biden is F***** This is going to get VERY ugly And Greg may have been so right that I'm actually pretty frightened.
  2. Love this quote... “To me, he was like Tesla or Louis Pasteur or Ray Kurzweil. He might not have been working with circuits or engines or whatnot. He was working with musical notes and guitar strings and bridges and amplifiers.” – Kirk Hammett
  3. EVH has been a massively influential human. Even beyond his guitar playing, I would see how his DIY attitude and experimental approach to his equipment inspired people around me in areas beyond music. Even the paint job on his guitar seeped it's way into graphic/Pop art. An incredible person.
  4. How much of what Deranged Rhino posted here YEARS ago has turned out to be accurate (so far)? What's the score between Deranged Rhino and Tibs (or any of those other ****heads)? I think it's 254 to 0 (I might be off a little, because it's so hard to keep up).
  5. I have 100+ on my list. Many from the football forum...I just can't stand questions like "If you could pick one player from the 90's Bills to play on this team, which would it be?" When that other Bills forum went down, there was an influx of people that I didn't feel I needed to read posts from. It's all about tailoring the board to suit your needs. I see nothing wrong with keeping your feed tight.
  6. This is exactly what the "Ignore" feature is for. No one is obligated to sift through the ridiculous posts of trolls, to somehow maintain that they have an open mind to counter arguments. Just block them.
  7. Really? "It sounds like him" is good enough for you fools at this point? This story is from 2018, and they just decide to pull it out of their hat. You haven't seen enough false smearing of Trump by the media to disregard anonymous sources, and hearsay from years ago?
  8. Sure. And when someone says "Make America great again" they likely don't mean "Make America Great Again", and aren't referring to the Trump slogan. And if the NBA paints "Make America great again" on their courts, it would be A-OK, and only insane Leftist's would confuse that uplifting message with supporting Trump.
  9. At this point anyone using the term "black lives matter" certainly knows that it refers directly to the organization. There are plenty of other ways to get across the sentiment of black lives mattering than using the the same term. But then, you already know that, but want to act disingenuous....because you are full of crap..
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