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  1. How will the criminal acts be laid out, if the country is in chaos/civil war?
  2. When? I need him sending troops right now. I'm anticipating things like hostages, assassinations, and planted explosives, etc.,VERY SOON. I'm not joking.
  3. In LA, it is very bad. Trump needs to do something.
  4. Are there still protests in Buffalo?
  5. Really sick and sad beliefs. Pathetic people that want to impose their unhappiness on the rest of humanity. Again, I know more than a few of these people.
  6. I still don't know a single Democrat that will care in the least if ALL the people implicated in this are guilty, or even if it is proven that they were staging a coup. They are willing to loot, vandalize and beat the opposition, you think they care if Obama had a database that was weaponized against people they think are deplorable? No ***** way They will think it's justified, and probably be excited that it exists. Sure I want this exposed, but again, unless there is damnable proof of the past administration committing crimes against ALL the people, it won't matter in the least.
  7. This exactly what these people are about, and the main reason I dropped my support for the Left. Social media is filled with little tests and groupthink challenges to get everyone to conform, or "be exposed". "Everyone should turn their profile black, in support of the protesters"...if you don't you are clearly a racist POS. Social media is filled with this stuff and kids are particularly pressured by these tactics. Even the "I Voted" stickers are a mild form of this. It's nobody's business whether I voted or not. It's a shaming tool. ***** them all.
  8. They will equivocate through this endlessly, and the Left media will dominate their outlets with talk of Russians, White Nationalists, and needing a leader with a "strong moral compass".
  9. It helps gun manufacturers, mostly.
  10. ...You are surprised? You want the press secretary to scold the media? Things have gone beyond that. Wait until the cartels in LA start using their weapons... Across this next day, the poser radical kids (they have their selfies with the burning cop car), and "casual" looters will get scared away by the night time violence, and the real ugliness will get underway. Tonight in LA there were a few car chases...they looked pretty effective for the looters, because the cops just follow behind and kind of wait for a way to box them in. I can picture a bunch of car chases at once, and it would be really bad, because the cops have to be so careful, and follow regulations. Picture a bunch of these going on at once. The truck was filled with 5 or 6 guys in all black. They only caught 1. The SUV has tinted windows, is heavy duty, and was able to go as fast as 120 mph. *****I just noticed it's not the same chase, but it is the same type of SUV. https://abc7.com/police-chase-lapd/6226157/ It's not gonna just end. And even if things are quelled soon, between now and Election Day there will be more.
  11. No, Morticia was had a better body than Stevie Nicks... Nicks is nice looking, but really a Girl Next Door type, with a strong sense of fashion. I see women as good looking or better every day I leave the house.
  12. Who? I don't know. We don't know how things will unfold. Biden might be completely incoherent long before the election, and there could be demands for him to step aside, regardless. He's a disaster. Why would they not happen? Civil War
  13. If there is any election, I can't see the Dems not having a Black VP, or maybe even replacing Biden. The elections are a long way off, and I'm not counting on them happening.
  14. I have been wondering about the bricks that turned up in the downtown areas of big cities. Don't they have cameras around that would show who put them there? With so many surveillance tools, I would think even with masking, I would think they would have some clues who some of the violent and organized rioters are.
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