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  1. Best play available regardless of position (other than QB).
  2. The question is not how much debt it will create, it's what will we do with all the new capital we created with our socialist programs?
  3. That's why I was clarifying. We're on the same wavelength on this one. I am a free speech absolutist, along the lines of, I may not believe in what you're saying but will fight to the death for your right to say it. Let all ideas out into the market place of ideas and the good ones will rise the bad ones will go to the wayside. That's how I see it too. Joe is right though, the censure is happening from the left, though I do not agree that we should silence them, we should just not allow the censure to happen anywhere. I think that is what he was trying to indicate on his A) and B) choices above. I don't agree with him that all is lost though. It does not matter where you land on the political spectrum, everyone should fight for free speech. The problem is, people on the left seem to think they are winning the battle of ideas and are trying to censor others, but they are short sighted. One day, it will come back to bite them in the form of censorship of their ideas if they're not careful (sadly).
  4. I'm trying to understand what you're saying here. Are you saying it's not real oppression when it's oppressing conservative viewpoints but it is when it's oppressing liberal view points? Just trying to follow your logic given the conversation you're having with Joe.
  5. Won't be as simple as that, calling national emergency gives very broad powers to the president. All he has to do is point towards a provision under a law and he can declare it. It actually does not indicate that there needs to be an actual national emergency (that can be subjective as we're seeing today). I don't particularly like that this is what the state of the law on this matter is as it can lead to abuse down the line also. It is what it is. As far as saying "he didn't need to do this", that's easily explained as saying something along the lines of he "did not need to do this [had we been able to get the funding through congress but now he has to becuase it is an emergency]. You must know that this stuff can be spun any way that people want to make it seem. Not as slam dunk as you think. Your personal feelings on the issue do not matter. http://www.astho.org/Programs/Preparedness/Public-Health-Emergency-Law/Emergency-Authority-and-Immunity-Toolkit/National-Emergencies-Act,-Sections-201-and-301-Fact-Sheet/ Declaration NEA Section 201 authorizes the president to declare a national emergency. The proclamation of a national emergency must be immediately transmitted to Congress and published in the Federal Register.1,2 Under NEA Section 301, statutory emergency authorities enabled by the national emergency declaration cannot be exercised until the president specifies the provisions of law under which the president or other officials will act. Such specification may be made either in the declaration or in subsequent Executive Orders published in theFederal Register and transmitted to Congress.
  6. You're a complete moron. Go ahead and become socialist and we will become Venezuela. It will seem so sweet at first, everyone gets everything free! Tax the 1%, then when they become the 20% then the 20% will be the richest and they'll get taxed to heck, then when they become the 40%...well you get the picture, everyone becomes equally poor. Then we'll have to print money to try and make ends meet, and boom, we are in inflation hell, lines out the door, and not enough food to go around. Uprising by the people, then the big communist hand comes down to squash the rebellion with an iron clenched fist. That is always how it ends. You're witnessing it in Venezuela, wait for the crack down, you'll see. You idiots who want to ruin the country.
  7. Not as silly as your thinking that "many" means a majority. In most cases I believe you are correct, but in this case, I will stick with that logic. This case and the abortion case.
  8. There it is, perhaps you've shown your true colors before, but I had not seen this. Sure sure, easily cut through. MMM hmmm. So you're ok with all of them coming here. What happens when the US becomes so encumbered with unemployable illegal immigrant who are such a drain on the economy because they are living off of assistance that the US becomes a 2nd world country? What would happen if one of your family members was killed by one of the illegal immigrants who was not vetted properly because, who cares, right? I see why people write off your idiotic posts. How old are you anyway? 20s?
  9. If there is even one American killed by an ILLEGAL immigrant, then that's reason to stop it. If it was not for the lax way we do our boarder security (catch and release) then we would not have that one death. I am not against immigrants, as long as their legal. It's not just Trump supporters (of which I am not) there are immigrants I know that came here legally that are for the wall and curtailing illegal migration.
  10. It's like I said, the wall isn't going to fix anything, but it's going to stop some. Why wouldn't you do something that would fix some of it, instead of doing nothing and allowing for business as usual? Build a wall, where it is strategically needed, then move on to the next lowest lying fruit. It's not that crazy.
  11. No, actually, since we don't know and it's logical that it's easier get across the border with no wall than it is if there is a physical barrier, in this particular scenario, the "better safe than sorry" saying is the appropriate stance. It's logical to protect your borders, just like you have walls on your house to protect from the elements AND from intruders. That's why there are walls around prisons. That's why there are walls around those houses of the affluent. It's not likely they will be robbed, but just in case. Right? Why do they have to be on foot? Why do they have to illegally cross with donkeys? Is that truly how you think they would do that? You probably think that walls can be moral or immoral too?
  12. There is a simple reason why this is happening. It's because the far left and some not so far left democrats pander to the lowest denominator. The more intersectional racism, sexism, etc you can claim victimhood on, the more points you get. Those who are illegal immigrants are higher on the totem pole of victimhood than your regular garden variety homeless person who grew up in the US. So the immigrant population gets put on a pedestal and morality is the flag they wave. Meanwhile, our homeless victims are second class citizens to those illegal immigrants. It's a backward way of thinking.
  13. How does anyone actually know this? It doesn't make any sense to make this argument. Those who enter illegally through non-ports of entry try to do it without being detected I'll bet and thus would be hard to keep track of. I want to see the research done on this. Where are you getting this source?
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