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  1. Live by the sword, die by the sword, let Josh be Josh, he usually survives the sword fight.
  2. I agree, I was more responding to the OP saying these are really for regular season, but perhaps he is talking about the DVOA statistics themselves and not the Superbowl odds. That'd be a hell of a Superbowl! 🙏
  3. Then it says Dallas has the highest chance at the Superbowl at 15 percent to KCs 10% and Buff basically 10%. So I would say they think Dallas is going to get past their playoff futility.
  4. Bills beat Cheifs in the AFC championship? Now we know the NFL is rigged when the bengals beat the chiefs on the divisional round of the playoffs and somehow they still move on. Did someone die on the field again and the Chiefs are the winner of the decision not to play the game or something? 😂😂
  5. Summer is for the birds, nothing beats the fall when birds fly south!
  6. I think it's more likely he was asking if he made the team, but reasonable minds can disagree.
  7. I thought he was either being funny or didn't know if he'd made the team and was asking someone to be sure, who was off camera.
  8. I’m not in love with the guy, I’m a Desantis supporter, you forgot that part eh? I said If he’s guilty you have to then prosecute Biden and Hilary, I would be fine with that. The precedent has been set, if Comey let Hilary off and Biden is not going to be charged for much more blatant laws being broken (no one is allowed to take home top secret documents from the sciff as a senator yet he had them all over the place and a vice President cannot declassify but he had those top secret records to) then Trump cannot be either or justice is not blind. It clearly favors democrats. Your last sentence justifies everything I’ve been saying. Your TDS has made you so blind to the obvious injustices and attempt to burn the constitution down so that you can get orange man bad. Pathetic
  9. When a Republican is President on Inauguration Day 2025, I’ll be right back here to see how you and your dem friends, to include Hilary, Stacey abrams, pelosi etc will say it was rigged with no proof. Get over yourself, they all do it. This is get Trump TDS bs, you know it. Double standard which will lead to the downfall of this country, already starting. Ok so you’re taking the word of someone who has all the reason to make himself look good. Alternative electors makes more sense if they were convinced that there was foul play and were persuaded by political protected speech. You’re too dumb to understand this and you are a useful idiot to the left taking the narrative hook line and sinker. Pathetic
  10. Just like the losers you all are on the left, you just don't even look at what I posted because it's inconvenient to you. Loser. No they didn't. Also, you posted that I'm just saying that it happened on the same message where I showed some evidence of why I Think that. You're not very smart. Angry? You're damn right I'm angry, when the country is falling apart and the constitution is used as toilet paper by the left. I'm angry as hell.
  11. https://wwmt.com/news/state/hundreds-of-ballots-found-in-a-storage-unit-in-genesee-county Yes, the conditions were ripe, there was the ability to do it and the reason was there to get rid of Orange Man Bad because the dems made it feel like it was life or death. Add on that liberals god is politics, they will do anything. There's also this, your own saying the quiet part out loud... https://time.com/5936036/secret-2020-election-campaign/ It's also interference with social media, changing laws in ways that the constitution in those states don't allow to favor democrats, collusion with the 3 letter institutions, and so on and so forth. No one actually believes in their heart of hearts that this can be called the most safe and secure election ever. That's just complete BS. No, it's the DOJ and Jack "I always have my charges overturned because they are unconstitutional by the supreme court" Smith who is alleging this. I love how you and your ilk are always unable to explain what it means and constantly deflecting. The Right are the ones being persecuted at every turn, of course they are the ones that are talking about it. The leftist privilege makes you feel like things are ok because you have all the power. It's always the less powerful that is ostracized and silenced that rises up, is that so surprising? Keep it up.
  12. There was massive fraud, I don't care what anyone says, they are just trying to cover up what actually happened. When you lose the chain of custody on millions of votes, you cannot say that you know for a fact that the election was on the up and up. There is NO way to know, that's just common sense. For some reason common sense goes out the door with woke leftist idealists.
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