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  1. I mean, he plays in the NFL, I respect him just for that. He also seems to be a good person and a team player. Lots of things to respect about him, including his play on the field. He’s not going to bust plays open very often but he is a productive back most of the time.
  2. Only question I have is what does he have on the commish?
  3. I used to be BillsBaller311, I enjoyed that board. The name I used could have used an upgrade, maybe Hamsandwhich? Who knows, maybe by now I would have upgraded it to something else. I remember your name on the old board.
  4. We don't need him in this game, Tua is out, let him get another week under his belt and hopefully will be ready for divisional round.
  5. I was right there with him, educated guess and gut feeling. I figured they would follow the script from the year before. A lull in the middle of the season as they tried to get their run game up and running and then we start to rattle off these wins. It's the way McD works, not unlike how the Patriots used to work when they were on top for decades. Plus, we have Josh Allen and he wasn't going to stand for this. Only wildcard was if his arm was going to allow him to, and it didn't stop him! Next stop, Superbowl Champs!
  6. I guess I was right. Just had a gut feeling about this one. Probably more like a clock is right twice a day, but my instincts were correct. Now on to the Super Bowl championship! I’m calling it!
  7. Does anyone think Cook could be the lead back in carries tomorrow? He can stretch the field and the teeth of their D line is on the inside.
  8. It almost looks like they’re trying to strip the ball every time
  9. You stick by your statement, I'll stick by mine. If the Bills lose a game, it will because they rested their starters.
  10. Giants backing into the playoffs superbowl run style?
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