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  1. I’ve been making the same comparison after reading the gulag archipelago. Scary times, and most here won’t see it. The struggle sessions they had then are now done in real time on social media. It’s a scary time, and I fear that those who don’t see it, won’t until it’s too late.
  2. Ok, lets just go with your premise and give you the benefit of the doubt, Trump is everything you say his is. That still does not answer why you trust her? Is it that whole "believe her" thing with the Kavanaugh type movement that makes you believe her? I'm going to venture a guess that it's because you like and believe anything that is negative towards Trump and you cannot see past the derangement syndrome. Can you name one thing that was positive that the Trump administration has done? There are plenty to choose from even if you don't like him.
  3. He's a slave to his feelings. You gotta "feel" bad for those types.
  4. So you're automatically taking her side because? Do you know her personally or something or is it just based on the caricature you and your ilk and the media has created of Trump? You're falling into the "other" narrative and have painted Trump and his supporters as the "other". You are clearly at the mercy of your feelings which means you are in control of nothing. Pathetic. Generalize away, that's what got Trump elected in the first place and will be the reason the polls and media will be wrong again this time.
  5. I’ll agree with civil discourse being the only way forward, we can agree to disagree. Agreed, good chatting.
  6. I’ve heard all these grievances already, I do not agree.
  7. The only thing I see as unfair is where kids grow up. We need to make sure kids start from the same place. That’s it, there is no other systemic racism in this country. There are individual incidents, and perhaps even pockets, but I reject the intersectional, moral relativist, post modern bs that seeks to deconstruct everything this country stands for under the guise of social justice. The thing about social justice is that it’s a pretty little propaganda box that no one can disagree with lest they be called racist. It’s sounds great but is a house of cards if you look just below the surface. I have recently taken a few weeks to really look into myself and see if I can agree with what’s below the surface but all I can see is a power grab by another group, hell bent on creating an “other” (white people) to make a boogy man. Might as well call white people the bourgeoisie. Throw us all in the gulags because we’ve seen this movie already. The scary part is people are becoming complicit in this.
  8. Ok so you’re saying we need to completely destroy the system and make it socialist/communist in nature. Gotcha.
  9. Right, again “lived experiences”. Again, your experience is not the rule, it’s the exception. The vast majority of white people are not racist.
  10. So let me guess, those instances = systemic racism, not individual situations, right? 100% agree with racism needing to go away, and it needs to be called out when it happens. It’s not systemic and I’m not racist because of the color of my skin. Just because I’m born white does not mean I condone racism. They have you bending the knee to social justice ridiculousness and it needs to stop. Content of character, not the color of your skin. Quit seeing people as a monolithic group. Your “lived experience” is not the reality everywhere.
  11. “As a white man”, do you feel good about having to qualify your existence?
  12. What exactly made you think I’m angry? I’m just curious. I don’t understand the train of thought that you express, I’m trying to clarify your point of view to see if I can understand and perhaps adopt it if it makes sense. What is the underlying philosophy or school of thought you are ascribing to?
  13. Who are the gatekeepers of what’s better and what exactly is a “whole lot better” to you? Do you think you have a moral mandate to educate others? Do you think lived experiences are more important than statistics that may show otherwise? In other words, moral relativism? Do you gravitate to group think or do you think rationally and research ideas before espousing beliefs?
  14. Curious, what does your idealist world look like?
  15. Keep your critical race theory bs to yourself.
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