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  1. He’s been pretty good so far imo. One play vs. his body of work.
  2. Did he poop in the Fish’s tank or something? I suppose that would ruin the tank.
  3. It’s a valid point though they are in two different places in their careers when they compare these numbers. It seems that the coaching staff have handcuffed Allen like Tyrod seemed to be when he was playing. I hope the McDermott was serious about playing fearless and they let Josh take the reigns. Gotta take the good with the bad if you’re going to let Josh ball. In my opinion, it’s better than the Tyrod play not to lose scenario.
  4. Adrian Peterson is another bruising back. I hope they’ve shored up the issues on the Dline against the run. That said: 31-17 Bills!
  5. Loved the most if it’s anything like my baby brother was loved. You sum-of-a-gun (said in a Buddy Nix drawl)
  6. I am the oldest of my siblings, the first born. Now you know.
  7. Really? Get over it, he’s not coming back. Quit the dumb social justice-ing. No one cares!
  8. I think the issue is, even if it was not pass interference it was defensive holding and thereby defensive holding. It’s absolutely nuts to me that they gave that ball to the Texans. That turned the game.
  9. Should HAVE run. You beat the Pats with multiple looks.
  10. You watching this game? So far points have come from a long pass and fumble return for TD. You’re saying that the run is what’s needed? Hmmm
  11. It wasn’t worth watching after Tie Domi retired. I like the boxing matches that break out.
  12. Yeah, I’m a stickler to the orthodoxy and a curmudgeon, what of it?
  13. Is this the Sabres board? I must have made a wrong turn at Albuquerque?
  14. You’re misunderstanding, they were statistically right with the Chiefs up to this game. Maybe not by the end of the season but were coming into this game. They will likely be a top 5 offense by the end of the year. The Bills stifled them like a boss. Nuance is your friend. It’s not either or as you’d like to make it.
  15. Don’t be disingenuous. Ask yourself, who had the tougher offense to take on. If the Chiefs had a better O up to that point it was a negligible difference. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pats weren’t #1 after the first 3 weeks. II would think anyone would agree that the Pats O was heads and shoulders better. It’s Brady, what did he do?
  16. Patriots D didn’t stop the most prolific Offense in the game up to that point.
  17. Welcome to the school of redundancy, welcome 🤪
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