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  1. They should ban games in So Flo in September. Too many injuries
  2. I always liked your avatar but what is Josh throwing in that picture? Looks somewhat like a grape?
  3. Hyde went to the hospital? Sorry, I've been under a rock.
  4. Who we got behind Poyer and Hyde? Hamlin, Johnson, and Neal? I know the coaches like them but I would expect a pretty big difference between them and our dynamic duo. That could be scary especially with the 2 WRs we are facing Sunday. I may have missed it, is something going on with Hyde other than injury?
  5. This guy is exactly what I was thinking about with the boneless vs bone in conversation. Classic. Nice job!
  6. “We’ll do the switching of the channels for you”
  7. I’m not offended, just figured some of the wokesters would be. Maybe not? Maybe the world has changed?
  8. Prob get roasted for this one, I believe he’s actually African American?
  9. Par for the course for years. Your framing is interesting and apt.
  10. Great voice, mom eh I wouldn’t. I’m sure she’s nice though!
  11. Who is that doing this? Damn, what’s up with Dane?
  12. Have you seen Seagal these days? I could beat him up
  13. Very interesting take. Given the size, arm length, and his ability to cover ground, I can see this for sure.
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