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  1. It's not for the accused to prove their innocence, it's for the accuser to prove the guilt. Why put people on stand that could potentially say things they did not mean and can be taken apart and ran with by the other side. No reason to, the Dems did not prove the case, their case is very weak. No matter how many times they try to say that they have overwhelming proof, they actually have 0 factual proof.
  2. I heard this too. The NFL is just so out of touch. I mean really! Honestly, don't they read the TBD message boards?
  3. I don’t know man, going from what they said was the best he felt in practice all year to all of a sudden hurt? Could they be trying to sandbag it? Try to get the Bills to game plan else where? Am I being too conspiracy theorist?
  4. Did he poop in the Fish’s tank or something? I suppose that would ruin the tank.
  5. It’s a valid point though they are in two different places in their careers when they compare these numbers. It seems that the coaching staff have handcuffed Allen like Tyrod seemed to be when he was playing. I hope the McDermott was serious about playing fearless and they let Josh take the reigns. Gotta take the good with the bad if you’re going to let Josh ball. In my opinion, it’s better than the Tyrod play not to lose scenario.
  6. Adrian Peterson is another bruising back. I hope they’ve shored up the issues on the Dline against the run. That said: 31-17 Bills!
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