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  1. They can represent me any day of the week! Squish those fish!!!
  2. Interesting, you think the 40 hour work week is exclusively a socialist program? Are you trying to say that it was born out of it? I’ve heard of these “World Happiness Report” scores. This is a subjective measure. What is actually being asked? How is it being asked? What is the context? These things are created for fun, not to be taken seriously. We also have to understand the context of which they are understanding their happiness. For instance, if they’ve only known happiness relative to their socialist world, their idea of happiness is skewed to their neutered idea of happiness in a socialist country. There are many stories of Nordic people coming to our country and understanding how freedom and low taxes are better for happiness. If they were to be asked now, it would be a different story. It’s all subjective. We are a mixed economy, BLM/antifa want a completely socialist/communist country. That is a very bad thing for this country.
  3. Call our the symbol, what does it mean to you? What about the BLM flags and wearing BLM paraphernalia? Can you not guess what they are going to say? Or antifa? How about them? i never presume, people are individuals with their own ideas and they don’t fit into a little box. MAGA does not mean racist, white supremicist or whatever isn’t you want to say. That’s a characature portrayal.
  4. What is a white supremicist to you? If you believe in the MAGA idea, you’re against all social justice? Just want to make sure I understand. Actual racists, actual neo nazis, actual supremicists, I would agree. However, these terms mean very little anymore as the meaning has been expanded so much that everyone that is not completely compliant with the ideas of social justice will be labeled those terms.
  5. You’re talking about types of people I’m sure. So what types?
  6. Actually, listening to them, no, most do not. It’s a very superficial viewpoint that is clearly surface level.
  7. Which people are the “some people” you are talking about then?
  8. Gaslighting at its finest. If you’re not on board, you must be against fighting racism right?
  9. Again, a mixed market, we are not all the way socialist. The thing that keeps those programs actually doable is the free market and John Smiths’s invisible hand. That invisible hand which lifts all boats (all people out of poverty) would be replaced with government in a socialist/communist government. Thankfully we are not a socialist government completely. That’s what Marxist’s seek to do, make it completely socialist and having them at the helm, to be at the seat of power. Does that make sense? You’re comments seem disingenuous.
  10. Yep, you’ve labeled some of those things that would be elements of a socialist country. I said that already. What’s your point here?
  11. Well said and I concur. I happen to agree with the fact that we need to figure out a way to ensure all people start with good education across the board so that everyone starts with like opportunities. However, Marxism/socialism is not the answer, imo.
  12. No, mixed market. It’s not socialism, there are elements that could be part of a socialist country but the economy is fed by the free market capitalist economy. Don’t kid yourself.
  13. Yeah, Black Lives Matter the organization does not actually stand for what most people think they do. There are far better organizations out there that can help that don’t have a Marxist bent. Equality in their eyes means redistribution of wealth aka socialism/communism.
  14. Everyone is against racism, that’s not why people are so against the social justice movement. It doesn’t stand for what people think it stands for. People are tired of the rhetoric.
  15. I’ll put it this way, I’m proud of myself and what I be accomplished and I happen to be white. That is white supremacy these days.
  16. By that I mean just being proud of who I am. I am as a person. That’s it
  17. On this issue specifically, yes. On other issues, there are looneys on the right too. One such issue would be REAL white supremacy, not the stuff that’s been conflated with any type of positive feelings of whiteness. Perhaps you see this as two sides of the social justice coin and that’s what you mean?
  18. I’m actually not a partisan hack and I can’t stand Hannity. I also don’t think everyone of the left supports BLM. I know many moderates liberals who would not support this craziness. They are likely to be labeled conservatives because that’s how far the Overton window has been pushed. On this social justice issue, it happens to be on the left where the looneys reside, there are people who want to do good and have goodness in their heart when they glom onto the movement. That’s why they can’t understand why people would boo it because their view is only skin deep, they don’t see what is actually occurring under the skin and what it actually stands for. I have researched this outside of Mainstream news, and if i align with those pundits, it’s purely coincidental and I would agree with them. I’m sure I wouldn’t agree on everything the espouse.
  19. Also, what is political in my statement? Is that your opinion?
  20. How about we talk about the tenants of what they are standing for and how it’s disingenuous at it’s core in practice? Does it then become political? Or is it at the point where there is a dissenting view that it becomes political and thus the discussion needs to be moved or the person talking needs to be censored. I would like to know.
  21. Are you insinuating that I’m not mature? The tool of the left, character assassination! As for COVID discussion, it’s not deflection so much as there is a time and place. Let’s find that place and talk about it. I’m sure there is a thread dedicated to it, just let me know when and where and we can have a discussion about this obviously non-political topic... Let me start this way, do you take their premise of black people are killed due to racism as fact? What evidence do you have to support other than a video here and there that does not actually give intent other than what you are assigning to it? What statistics and studies have been able to get into the mind of each of these “unjust” deaths to understand their malicious intent other than the meaning the mob gives it? It’s a white cop killing a person of minority, it has to be 100% racism regardless of anything other factors before or after the video starts? Just want to understand what you think you’re standing for.
  22. Eloquently stated, however, I wouldn’t call myself offended by much if anything. You also state that our history tells us it’s a struggle and I agree it has been in the past. Have we not gotten better and better as the years have passed? It’s as if people think that history means it has to presently be the same? It is my learned opinion that there is no systemic racism remaining, rather sparse individual racism that needs to be rooted out. We’ve come very far to get to this point but now the radicals want to burn it to the ground, all the progress we worked for. All with mostly illegitimate gripes based on feelings rather than actual facts and statistics that don’t back up their grievances. So can a country ever not be racist? Or is it that the term has become so amorphous we wouldn’t even know what a non-racist country is would look like? Everything is racist these days, and that’s by design, license to burn it all to the ground.
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