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  1. Of course they did. They moved to another city, and 2 hours each way isn't that short. Spanos is a terrible owner.
  2. Yup. It was quite an achievement, making a game between the Woodley-era Dolphins and Todd-era Jets even worse than usual.
  3. Should have fired him after choking away the Super Bowl.
  4. If only we could replay every play. Maybe an iso camera on every player and a committee can decide on the number of appropriate penalties after each play.
  5. No, no. We play the game so we can over-analyze inconclusive freeze frame camera shots to make sure we "get it right".
  6. My kids discovered the original series on Netflix recently....they are totally into it. Amazing the details I can instantly recall from 40 years ago.
  7. Hell yes! Always had the hots for Marie.
  8. And fully 'progressive' governments at that. How could they possibly be failing the common man??
  9. Good win tonight. Always tough against SC, who has a ton of talented underclassman. Look out for SC in two years.
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