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  1. For all the Chargers DL hype, they've had a Bruce Smith season's worth of jumping Offside in this game. Inexcusable.
  2. I'm a little nostalgic for a 5 yard pass completion on 3d and 8.
  3. Allen Diggs Daboll Dodson Addison The guy in the stands who Facebook streamed the game during the power outage.
  4. Those guys will be huge against Rams short passing game.
  5. I love you Micah, oh yes I do I love you Micah, and I'll be true Recovering onsides kicks in blue Oh Micah, I love you.
  6. "NOBODY chokes away seemingly insurmountable leads like the Atlanta Falcons!"
  7. What a throw and catch. Diggs is SO damn good it's really unbelievable.
  8. Yup....can't get mad about Josh playing 'hero ball' and then not tolerate a coverage sack now and again.
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