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  1. Chicken or fish, sir?
  2. KD in CA

    Jersey Choice - help?

    Good call. I'm skinny so I always liked wearing #11.
  3. KD in CA

    Marble Racing!

    Great idea. I'm going to do that with my kids at the nearby creek....if it ever rains again.
  4. KD in CA

    Survivor advice

    Saints at home is pretty secure. Eagles Super Bowl hangover isn't going away. Steelers would seem a safe bet vs a floundering Jax team, but road games are tricky. My third choice would be Cardinals at home against Oakland.
  5. KD in CA

    SI Chronicles the Sad Saga of James Hardy

    Sad, and yes it's a shame he couldn't figure out how to grow up in time to save himself, but he didn't "slip through the cracks", he leapt off the roof of his own free will.
  6. KD in CA

    Congratulations, JBoyst!

    My daughter will be thrilled to hear the news. She's going to be Dian Fossey in the 4th grade wax museum at school.
  7. Holy crap. I was wondering after reading a couple articles but never imagined anything that bad.
  8. KD in CA

    PLPA Holdout causes NLL to cancel first two weeks of season

    The fact I had no idea what either of those acronyms meant tells me these guys should settle their dispute quickly.
  9. KD in CA

    Marble Racing!

    I can't believe Dragon's Egg let that guy slip past him in the last few feet for the win!
  10. KD in CA

    Mets fans?

    HAHAHAHA......I love Steve Somers. Schmoooooozing under the covers until dawn!
  11. Unless you really need a QB or there is Bruce Smith or OJ Simpson or someone like that waiting at #1, the difference of a few slots in draft order is wildly overrated.
  12. KD in CA

    California wildfires

    There were several stories of people who survived the Napa/Sonoma fires last year that way. Some of those fires exploded within minutes in the middle of the night. People had literally minutes to react. Not quite the same as blowing off hurricane warnings for a week.
  13. KD in CA

    Wonder how long it will remain "New Era Field"?

    It sounds like they already have a plant there, and have it only because their MLB contract stipulates on-field worn hats must be manufactured in the USA. Lurker nailed it above; NewEra is no longer a manufacturing company.
  14. KD in CA

    Amazon HQ2 Decision - NYC & VA

    She does indeed. Having cities/states compete for business with taxpayer dollars is a net negative for the nation. It's the same thing as the NFL trying to hold cities hostage for a new stadium under threat of moving them to LA.
  15. KD in CA

    Le'Veon Bell Will Sit Out for the Entire 2018 Season

    I'm hoping it's the Ravens just to see Bell come on the field the first time in Pittsburgh.