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  1. Living in the most peaceful and prosperous times in human history?
  2. Try again to educate you about pizza? Naah....you seem happy with your Papa Johns. Enjoy! It took me a little while to find the proper Italians when I came out to CA, but have been pretty happy with the pizza selection since then.
  3. "Just about every" poster here (other than Scott) has long since moved past the juvenile and inaccurate characterization of Beane/McD chasing every former Panther.
  4. IIRC, Tampa lost their first 26 games after joining the league. I further recall their first win came against the Cardinals. One of my friends in grade school at the time was a Cards fan and we all had a lot of fun at his expense the following Monday.
  5. I had to sign a waiver to play tennis this morning. Not a whole lot of interaction within six feet in that game. It’s just CYA so you can’t sue someone for getting COVID. You’ll probably need to start signing them to enter buildings once the lockdown ends.
  6. Uh....what crust? Looks like they cut off the crust then put it back in the oven. Or else they got it from Dominos or somewhere. When we say 'sauce/topping to the edge', people who are not insane mean 'to the edge of where the crust starts', as in this photo of a pizza with an actual crust.
  7. There was a big lotto winner in Greenwich, CT years ago.....a group of hedge fund guys. I always suspected the real winner cut a deal with those guys to let them manage the money (for a nice fee) if they stood in front of the cameras. That type of thing would seem to be the smart play.
  8. Pizza that cost $24 and has lettuce. Right up your alley!
  9. Wouldn’t want to live in the middle of Queens at any price.
  10. I did pretty well on Reddit last year streaming games to my tablet or phone, but I think that may have been disrupted. You have an app that gets int'l feed?
  11. I rarely go to games and never spend money on those other things. As always I'll tune in well after all the singing and other nonsense is over and turn it off at the final whistle.
  12. There's a black National Anthem? Learn something new every day. Don't really care and if it makes the players happy (did they ask the players?) that's all fine, though it does seem like just more virtue signaling.
  13. You really think the Democrats are going to let him debate Trump?
  14. They were just explaining why they needed a safe space.
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