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  1. I didn't know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective. RIP
  2. Bono was on SF sports radio this morning when I was driving into work. Seems like a pretty sharp guy. For the record, he's rooting for the Niners. Of course, I didn't hear what he said on KC sports radio.
  3. Considering the situation, distance and margin for error, that is on the short list of candidates for best throw in NFL history. As for Namath, you have to recognize not only his impact on the critical era (NFL-AFL merger), but also his role as a pioneer in the early days of marketing via athletes. He was one of the guys who paved the way for OJ, Jordan, Woods, James, etc. in what today is a many billion dollar business. You can't tell the history of the NFL without Joe Willie.
  4. Isn't 3 about the average? In general, 3 games per week * 17 weeks * 2 teams is about a hundred open slots for 32 teams.
  5. The Eli haters are furious he won that last game against Miami so now they can't say he had a 'losing record'. Moon and Fouts were .500 QBs too, and neither of them won a Super Bowl, much less two.
  6. Fixed it for ya. Just draining the swamp here at PPP!
  7. I supposed I'd have to know what BSoD was to make a complete judgement on your horribleness. p.s. Did you search his laptop for naked pictures of his wife?
  8. Wow....that's a HOF lineup alright. Good for him.
  9. If you want to know 'bout the bishop and the actress If you want to know how to be a star If you want to know 'bout the stains on the mattress You can read it in the Sunday papers Sunday papers
  10. Did anyone think this wasn’t already the case? Facebook has been accurately suggesting picture tags for years and I’m sure they are not the most advanced game in town.
  11. That sounds very shady. I bet some of them have sold it to dozens of people.
  12. Whether the Bills should go WR in round 1?
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