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  1. Princess Bride Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  2. This weekend's movies with the kids: The Incredibles Star Wars Ep IX Jungle Book
  3. Happened across this gem on youtube......I miss Tim Russert so much.
  4. I took mine home from the office on our last day there 3 weeks ago. Almost didn’t bother, but so glad I did. Staring at the laptop all day would have been brutal. How long is the wait to get them online?
  5. No owner is going to tank his own franchise -- and more importantly his season ticket sales -- by trading away his best player. Especially on the heels of trading away his second best player. There's a reason guys like Watson are worth $30m a year. They are the ones who sell the tickets and boost the TV ratings.
  6. Yup. In times of crisis, people tend rally 'round the leader. Or at least stick with the devil they know. btw, if the media actually assessed Democrats honestly it would be 70% favorable.
  7. That gave me a good chuckle. Humor is definitely a requirement through all this. Maybe we can have a quarantine sub-forum.
  8. Sooo.....when exactly do you want them to start drafting the 'sick kids', given that this virus will be around for a minimum of two years?
  9. Beane, Beane is good for your heart The more FAs he signs, the more you ________.
  10. It's amazing to me how some people deride that instead of recognizing the value in it.
  11. I'd vote for any option in any situation that allows that response.
  12. The Globetrotters from that era were awesome. Funny seeing him put up those crazy long shots......Steph Curry gets about $40m a year to do that now. RIP
  13. Absolutely. Brown and Beasley both likely have two years left in Buffalo based on current contract and age. The time to draft a starting WR for 2022 is now.
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