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  1. No trade downs this year. With limited information on many players, including medical, having more picks later in the draft is not as valuable. Save the draft gymnastics for next year. For selfish reasons I want the Bills involved on day 1. Last year was not as interesting.
  2. I understand friction can cause bad injuries as well. That cap looks like it would stick to the other guys helmet.
  3. Stay put. Unless a current player is thrown into the deal it does not seem the Bills have the assets. I don’t see Beane giving up a 2022 first either. The Bills have the luxury of not desperately needing help at any position.
  4. Don’t trade out of the first round. Want to see the Bills fly the flag on day 1. Last year I was good with the trade but want to be a part of it this year. Trade all the draft picks away to move up in 2nd round and call it day.
  5. It would be an improvement over the pumpkin with varicose veins helmet. Bengals improved their look by getting rid of the paneled jersey but they still look bad. And I love orange and black as a color combo in general. if they had a white helmet with the “B” logo and normal stripes down the pants it would be a lot better.
  6. Let’s all remember the Donald situation and give it a chance to sort out.
  7. It doesn’t seem like the Bills have the assets to move up much and the trading partners will probably only number 2 or 3. They will sense the urgency and will want the Bills to overpay. I would stay put. At least 15 offensive players will be picked before the Bills selection. Bills are like picking 15 overall for defensive help.
  8. Sorry to see him retire. Was hoping a year of practice and conditioning would keep him around a little while longer and earn some playing time eventually. Then Beane can trade him for a 6th.
  9. I think they pick up his 5th at a minimum and I’m okay with that. Coaches seem to be really in love with TE. If they draft that LB out of Tulsa then maybe not.
  10. What do mean? If the Bills beat the Texans they would not have been at 22. They would have been much higher.
  11. Don’t forget about that 3rd and 18 when the play clock expired. Can’t believe the D gave up a 1st down. If the Bills won I wonder if the higher draft position would have not been enough to get Diggs. NE would have had a lower spot.
  12. If Newsome is available that would be an easy selection.
  13. Engineering for snow and wind loads is significant. The roof would have to be really stout in WNY due to the required safety factors used in the calcs. Like you said above, that has a cascading affect on superstructure, foundations, geotechnical prep, etc. It makes a massive dent in the budget and cost analysis needs to be done. I think a more economical stadium like Heinz Field makes more sense. Most of our AFC rivals this side of the Mississippi play outdoors. I think the Bills would be at a disadvantage on the road.
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