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  1. Some days I think the last two seasons are truly representative of the FO/HC and the 8-8 +/- trend will continue. Others days I think they overachieved with what they inherited and this year they will break through. Either way this will be fun to see unfold. And one thing is clear. You can argue the last two seasons were transition years but this season is all on the HC/GM with respect to results. And we have our clear #1 QB. No wondering who wins out in camp this year. I love the clarity we have this season. Seems like that has been missing.
  2. 9 wins for sure. Worried about game 1 against the Jets and Titans on the road. I think the Eagles could be a win.
  3. Born and raised in Wayne County. Live in Santa Barbara. Get the occasional go Bills when I wear the logo.
  4. Zay Jones seems to be figuring out how to be a pro. I am really pulling for him this year. I hope he and Josh flourish together.
  5. Did Jackson have 10 wins last year? Thought he only started 7.
  6. Same here. Use to turn it on after work and I would often never turn the channel. Only watch the station if there is a live game on that interested me. Would drop the station if it wasn’t for college football.
  7. That is awful. I wish him the best. Did it happen during practice or pre-existing? i wonder if the Raiders took Oliver we would have drafted him.
  8. Maybe I’m being too dramatic but I think this could be the Bills most import game of the season. A loss here and I think the best they do is 9 - 7. A playoff spot is up in the air. With a win in week 1, 10 - 6 is achievable and a likely playoff spot.
  9. The Jets probably thought the same thing in 2017 when they went up against the Bills and their new HC In week 1. Have to take the Jets very seriously.
  10. I totally get your point and the man needs to think it through very carefully before getting married and having children. It certainly can come off the rails in a big way and there is a lot of financial exposure and unhappiness. However, your post about the woman side of things is a little insensitive. Out of all the couples I have known who have gone through a divorce it was the woman who was ripped apart and crushed by the process. It wasn’t their grand plan and they would have given anything to have it the way it was. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are wives who are manipulative.
  11. Consistency, getting open quickly and making big catches when we need it to keep a drive alive is not boring to me. If Zay elevates to that kind of WR we are in good shape.
  12. I do not buy jerseys. Don’t get the opportunity to wear one. They don’t seem comfortable for everyday wear and tend to be pricey. Only will buy the occasional t shirt or hat.
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