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  1. Steelers 16 Bills 13. Unfortunately, I think we have to wait until week 17 to get that tenth win. Kind of what most of us predicted all along. This is a 9 win team with the possibility of 10 wins if things go just right.
  2. I’m confused. Talking about halftime or at the end of the game? All that stuff referenced above happened in the second half.
  3. I live in Santa Barbara where it has arguably the best weather in the country. But I miss Upstate NY weather. And just like the OP, I grow weary of the jokes. If the economic opportunities were equal, I would pick Upstate NY over 80% to 90% of the country.
  4. Sure but the blue over white is far superior so why deviate from that.
  5. Should’ve beat the Browns so that we could control our own destiny.
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