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  1. Assistant coaches just keep getting job after job. College or pro: interchangeable. You know you can always find a job if you’re a nurse, electrician, plumber, assistant football coach.
  2. They weren’t beating the Ravens so it doesn’t matter.
  3. Not sure if it was the camera angle but Tua looked chunky during practice. Would have guessed he was a fullback.
  4. Right side of that graphic looks good. Wish the Lions would stay away from the mono blue/gray look or the all white pants. They have good uniforms if they just stick with the silver pants.
  5. I’m a Bills fan. I don’t own a confidence level meter.
  6. Prefer a Browns/Ravens bloodbath. Browns have the better chance of making the Bills the 1 seed if they win.
  7. Will fans come out in droves or will they be hard pressed to get people to show up?
  8. True, It has worsen a bit but @bigturk posted this right after the Bills game. The NFL had some idea. Uh no...KC has a high of 14 and low of 4 on Saturday. At 8pm, temps likely in single digits with negative windchills
  9. The playoff schedule was determined less than a week ago. Seems like they could’ve checked the weather report. Plus the other game is in dome. It is not like it is two outdoor games in northeast and/or upper mid west. They had all the flexibility in the world.
  10. I don’t feel sorry for anyone but it seems the NFL could have used some common sense and made this game the early game so that there is some sun.
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