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  1. I agree 100%. I get at the beginning of the Super Bowl or the start of the playoffs but every time? Especially baseball.
  2. I can see it happening but it would make me sad. He was instrumental getting the team back to the playoffs last year and helping Josh develop.
  3. I wish the Bills were in all white. Those dirty uniforms would look mean!
  4. Beer before liquor, never sicker.
  5. I imagined myself being calm but it is not the case. I’m getting anxious with each day.
  6. Beware, I had my second and I was in bad shape the next day. Had to call in sick from work. Some people were fine and some were knocked out like me.
  7. I laughed when the guy said that anyone who thinks Mahomes might not play should go to the blue tent and get checked for a concussion.
  8. What was odd is that the Bills beat them in KC earlier in the season. Kind of mirrors what could happen this year. Hopefully.
  9. Coming around to picking a RB even higher than 3rd round. If he was there at 29 - 32 I would be tempted.
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