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  1. The Bills are hitching their cart to Allen in 2020. End of discussion.
  2. Ugh. Very sad. He was one the good guys.
  3. Allen missed very little time as a result of an injury. Racking up that experience will pay huge dividends next year.
  4. The game never should of went to OT in the first place. Those three bad calls (one non) would have never taken place. The longer you play the more likely bad things will happen. The offense has to get better next year to avoid this crap. Just 6 points in the second half is not going to cut it.
  5. The 2019 bills achieved what many thought was their ceiling. If we knew what they were going to accomplish back on 9/1/19 we would be pretty happy. I would have loved to check the box of beating NE at least once and getting that playoff win. But not quite yet. Here is what I’m happy about. Josh played a full season. He maximized his experience. This will pay dividends next season. Let’s win the East. That is the goal.
  6. My heart sunk when they converted. Right then and there I knew this was going to be a 50/50 game with the Bills not having the fortitude to withstand a comeback.
  7. I tend to agree as well but if the Bills want him, go and get him. I said it about Hock last year where many thought he was a mid 1st rounder and the Bills should not waste a 9 on him. Don’t play games. If he is your guy take him.
  8. We got the usual Allen today. It was not a huge surprise. It wasn’t good enough to win. Just like I gave Beane and McDermott a pass in 17 and 18 he gets the same in 18 and 19. Expect better play in 20.
  9. A super bowl caliber officiating team thought it was a TD. It should have been a TD. The kickoff team knew right away the guy messed up.
  10. Team loss. Plain and simple. Lost their ability to execute and put this game out of reach in the second half. I knew they could not shut out the Texans but 19 straight including 2 two point conversions.
  11. The entire team was horrific in the second half.
  12. I like Cody Ford but he has to the know the rules. He could of stood at angle and just use his arms to push him. It was a reasonable call.
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