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  1. BillsfaninSB

    Do we really need another debate on Tyrod?

    Actually no. We want him to be good and beat other AFC teams. Sick and tired of teams getting automatic Ws against the Browns. These are the same teams we compete against for a wild card spot.
  2. BillsfaninSB

    Why Your Team Sucks 2018

    “Come back to Miami. We weren’t shooting at YOU.” Nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Good one today.
  3. BillsfaninSB

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    The first episode was flat but I will watch next week and the week after because of Coleman and the Bills play them in their preseason home opener.
  4. BillsfaninSB

    Hard Knocks 2018: The Cleveland Browns

    I agree. I know it is very early but the vibe on that team feels off.
  5. BillsfaninSB

    Interesting Astro Tweet re: Beane

    Beane is just probably going to announce that it is ladies night at the Monday night game.
  6. BillsfaninSB

    Bills Offense ‘17 vs ‘18

    2018. Bills were 31st in passing. 29th overall. Can’t get much worse.
  7. BillsfaninSB

    It May Be Time To Think Big With The Bills

    My enthusiasm for next several years may not match the OP but I do feel we are on the right track. 7 win seasons +/- 2 will be in our past. I think we can achieve 10 win seasons regularly going forward +/- 2. Going on a Patriot-like run is unrealistic. I’m thinking more in-line with the Saints or Packers or even the Ravens. Strong seasons year in and year out and hopefully 1 magical season where we win it all. I’d take that in a heartbeat.
  8. BillsfaninSB

    Why Your Team Sucks 2018

    Laughed so hard when I saw the TV image of someone’s Mom texting F$&@ when they drafted Mayfield.
  9. BillsfaninSB

    Darnold and Allen , offsets and no offsets

    So glad he was not available to us in the draft.
  10. BillsfaninSB

    Caption this!

    Peterman: Not kidding. That is our O-line.
  11. BillsfaninSB

    Do you find the "Saints" name/logo offensive?

    I’m guessing you are easily offended but say you are not.
  12. BillsfaninSB

    2018 Playoff game vs Jags

    The only good thing about the game itself is it convinced me 100% that we had to move on from TT. The defense played great. I knew they would help keep it close. Hopefully they keep it up in 2018.
  13. BillsfaninSB

    If you could change one draft pick

    Reading these posts depresses me.
  14. I canceled as well but for different reasons. Getting killed by monthly subscriptions to stuff. Needed to trim that. Also, not in the car long enough to make it worth it. Finally, like Howard Stern but he is not on enough.
  15. BillsfaninSB

    The Herd- AFC east predictions

    It’s just his opinion. Not a big deal. I do respect cowherd though.