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  1. BillsfaninSB

    What do we do in the first round? (Options in Poll)

    This guy. Hopefully we do not pick in the top 10 again for a long time. We won’t get another shot at a guy like this. Keeping Josh healthy is the name of the game. Bills can never have too many quality o lineman. It is guaranteed 1 or 2 will get hurt in 2019.
  2. BillsfaninSB

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    Good point! Completely agree. Keeping Josh out of the hospital is mission critical. You can never have enough quality offensive lineman.
  3. BillsfaninSB

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    Seen mocks where he goes to Lions at #12. So I agree.
  4. BillsfaninSB

    AJ McCarron cut by Raiders

    Antonio Brown was in the 6th round.
  5. BillsfaninSB

    Thoughts on the draft post free agency.......

    Don’t get cute. Keeping Josh alive is critical to this team. Take the best O lineman. We can never be too deep at the offensive line. I guarantee some of those guys will get injured along the way. We we can get skilled positions later in the draft. Remember, AB was a 6th round pick.
  6. Does it bother anyone that he blew off his bowl game to “focus” on the draft? They played Mizz in 2018. 15 yards on 4 carries. Skipped chance to play Wake Forrest in bowl game.
  7. BillsfaninSB

    Bortles released

    I get your point but I think all of us would be disheartened hanging our hat on him as our franchise QB. At least we have high hopes for JA. Plus, we had no idea the Jags would bomb in 2018. Everyone thought they could contend for the AFC again and Blake would stay put.
  8. BillsfaninSB

    Bortles released

    Can the Giants chuck Eli and get Bortles? I think it would be an upgrade. They can be a little more patient with the next QB if that is Haskins or someone in next years draft.
  9. BillsfaninSB

    With all the moves, I'm now conflicted at 9

    I’m torn. Protecting Allen and keeping him healthy is mission critical. Getting the best OT and making that O-line even deeper is always a huge plus. But I really like TJ’s versatility. Get 2 for 1 with him. Either one is fine with me.
  10. BillsfaninSB

    What if Metcalf is BPA at draft time?

    Trade back. Get Risner and Harry.
  11. BillsfaninSB

    Le’Veon Bell Signinig With the Jets

    I think he meant future on-field performance.
  12. BillsfaninSB

    Le’Veon Bell Signinig With the Jets

    I wish he went to the Bills but it makes the division more interesting. Maybe the Jets can now win a game against the Pats. That can help us a lot if you think about it, as long as we split with the Jets like we routinely do. May be the next best thing.
  13. I think he will be gone by our second round pick.
  14. BillsfaninSB

    C Mitch Morse (Chiefs) to the Bills

    Nothing on espn yet. Weird.
  15. BillsfaninSB

    Lions sign TE Jesse James

    This why the Steelers wanted the AB trade to go through with the Bills. Get the 9 pick at grab TJ.