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  1. So are they not allowed to change cleats after the first couple of series? I know they can’t sign a pass rusher after the 1st quarter but I assume they can change shoes.
  2. Could have taken Josh Jacobs and Metcalf in that draft instead of Oliver and Ford. Sigh.
  3. The Bills will not be picked to go to the SB. They may not be picked in the top 5. Less pressure and expectations.
  4. All teams have injuries. Some things could have helped the Bills too. If Hall was there maybe Jets win the 2nd game. If the Dolphins were healthier maybe they win the 2nd game and/or the payoff game. If Gay did not get suspended maybe KC wins that game. It all comes out in the wash.
  5. The Bills have a big to do list but a low hanging fruit is dumping the all blues uniform. Grew weary of them quickly and they looked awful yesterday.
  6. To be honest, with all that happened, I think they over achieved this year thanks to Allen and Diggs. My expectations were muted going into the off-season. It was confirmed during the Miami game. I’m just surprised how flat they were today.
  7. Kind of like Captain Benjamin Willard In Apocalypse Now. “The horror!”
  8. I get the anxiety about playing the Bengals and by no means am I’m predicting a win for the Bills. But the Bengals should be sitting at home this weekend and they should have lost to the Patriots. I expect a tight game. But this is fun! So much better than the alternative of the drought era when we were pulling our pud this time of year.
  9. Same here. I think any outcome is possible with the Bills. My anxiety level was sky high after the Dolphin win. Still haven’t rewatched the game which I normally do by now. Probably won’t get to it. The most I felt remotely confident that they would win was the Jags last year and the Steelers this year.
  10. Same with the Patriots game. Easily could have lost that one too.
  11. Kind of wishing for a Cowboy loss. Love the high intensity drama and angst that comes with it. No one will really care that much if the Bucs loose.
  12. I just don’t see why you risk it. Sure it could have worked out but it was nearly the beginning of the end of the 2022/23 Buffalo Bills campaign. Nothing wrong with getting a little conservative and using up clock from time to time. It cost us the Vikings game. Great plays become the enemy of smart plays. I would like to see more methodical offensive drives especially in the playoffs. Keep that banged up defense off the field.
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