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  1. A win. Even if it is Bills 2 - Texans 0.
  2. BillsfaninSB

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    I think he starts. No doubt about it. How long he lasts in the question.
  3. BillsfaninSB

    Bills @ Houston - White on Blue Jerseys

    I completely agree. We don’t win in those blue pants.
  4. BillsfaninSB

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    Wasn’t everyone fired that was part of that draft? Beane wasn’t around and Sean never coached a game in his life. He probably did not have much input.
  5. BillsfaninSB

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    16 to 16. It will be a tie.
  6. Trade him for 2 and a 3. I like LeSean very much but I have a feeling he is going to get abused in the coming weeks and will miss a lot of the season.
  7. BillsfaninSB

    Is Allen's Ceiling Cam Newton Lite?

    It will be quite awhile before we know what Josh is and Is not. I’m glad he is getting starts under his belt. For now, we just have to grit our teeth and take it for the rest of the year whatever that might be. Hopefully we see an upward trend soon.
  8. BillsfaninSB

    NFL TV Schedule and Maps: Week 4, 2018

    Dang it! Fresno gets the Bills and GB. Santa Barbara gets Pats/Fins. Fresno gets all the luck. 🙂
  9. BillsfaninSB

    Next 4 Games

    Let’s just beat the Packers. i like the optimism but we are still not that good. JA had three fumbles. We got them back luckily. If we didn’t it could have been a different outcome. Rodgers at 70% is better than Cousins at 100%.
  10. BillsfaninSB

    Phins vs Pats

    I’m leaning towards Miami as well. Hard to route for the Pats under any circumstance unless it would get the Bills in playoffs.
  11. BillsfaninSB

    Phins vs Pats

    Who do we want to win? Pats to keep division tight or Miami to help stop the Pats for the season?
  12. BillsfaninSB

    Call it homerism...but we WILL beat the Packers

    Man I’m so happy the tone of this season has changed drastically. Now we are thinking we can beat the packers in GB. Its so much more fun when we have a competitive team.
  13. BillsfaninSB

    Bills sign Nate Orchard

    Did not like the Star and Murphy signings. I like this acquisition.