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  1. Between the NFL and college I can’t believe how these coaches manage to stay around forever. It’s like a job for life as long as you are okay moving every two years.
  2. I’m bracing myself that Cole gets cut very soon. Hodgins must be thrilled.
  3. The Sooners will never see another CFP while in the SEC unless they expand it to 8.
  4. Wishing the Bills drafted Moore more than ever right now.
  5. Obada! He will make the team and see a ton of snaps this year.
  6. you should start an Ertz thread.
  7. Easy to label Greg as a future bust. Anyone could predict him and feel justified about it. That was built-in with the pick and the Bills know it. I hope I’m wrong but don’t love the selection. Still can’t believe the Bills skipped on Jenkins or Moore.
  8. I get his point but would like to see where he stood for the 2020 season. I bet not top 2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Edmunds fan but hoping for a rebound.
  9. No cold teams. Niners most likely but Jimmy just went to the SB and had a good year.
  10. I hope he has a great season especially against the Chiefs.
  11. The Vikings played at UM stadium I believe recently. Chargers played in that soccer stadium as well to name some examples.
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