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  1. Let’s not pile on the Jets. We have virtually no idea what the Bills will be this season. We could be the next train wreck come spring of 2020.
  2. If someone told me in early April we would get Oliver and Ford without trading a player and/or giving up something in 2020 I would have never believed it. Super happy about the pick and shows they are serious about protecting JA.
  3. Can’t give up a first. We have no idea where we will be this year. That 1 could be huge. If we were a playoff contender then maybe.
  4. Should have picked up Rosen.
  5. Bears and Colts go to the Superbowl. Rodgers gets hurt again and Packers have a top 3 pick. Will get weird about whether or not they take a QB to replace Rodgers or WR to help him.
  6. I agree with you but Prescott wants +$30M. Elliot wants a huge contract like Bell. Cooper wants Brown type money. How do they afford all of that? Not saying the Bills go do it but he is 24, in his prime. Can be a huge help to Josh.
  7. Prescott and Elliot are due as well. Not enough to go around? Cooper threatens to sit out?
  8. Hearing that the Cowboys and Cooper are far apart on extension. We punted Brown. Would you take a run at a trade with Dallas?
  9. I hope this is a good sign and that he is hyper focused.
  10. Did not love this pick at first but I’m coming around. This is the one guy I’m looking forward most to see how he does.
  11. Media Bills bashing is perfectly fine. Keep us under the radar.
  12. Jags with Josh Allen at 7. Tantalizing close to the Bills. I wonder what Beane would have done if he was there (Oliver vs Allen).
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