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  1. Pretty sure he played against the Raiders. I think he missed the Patriots game.
  2. Yes, if his name comes up in a spelling bee.
  3. I’m taking COVID plus the points. Something will get messed up over the next four weeks.
  4. Color analysts has to be one of the best jobs going if your are good at it and can stay relaxed when live.
  5. Getting a bad feeling about this game. I know it is the Jets but these bad teams seem to get their win along the way. This maybe their best chance. I wish our bye week was next week.
  6. Lately it seems like every time I check-in with TBD it is lousy news. Need this to stop.
  7. Eric Kendricks. Vikings are not going anywhere this year.
  8. Do we need to add yet another injured player?
  9. I will gladly take a 17 to 13 win with Milano and Brown on the bench and no additional injuries. Need to be as healthy as possible against the Pats.
  10. He has been excellent when he can kick away but on short punts where he has to drop it into a zone he hasn’t been so good.
  11. I wonder if the Titan reschedule debacle was a blessing. Those guys were not available for TN obviously. They my not have been available if the game was tonight.
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