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  1. Same. A one game appearance of the red lid is fine but if it never happens I’m good with that too. The white helmet is far superior to the red.
  2. It makes sense what you say but if I ran the Browns I would want him on the field as soon as possible. Get that circus over with, especially if 2022 is a lost year. Start 2023 without that massive distraction. Besides, he needs all the reps possible going into next season.
  3. So what is the over/under on the NFL suspension? I think it is a season but it would not shock me that much if the NFL goes light here and gives him 12 games.
  4. It would have been Rob in that SB if the Bills got there.
  5. And the Browns and Jets played their part in the draft. Still a little amazed he got past the Broncos.
  6. Refs did us a favor. Bills would have lost SB #5.
  7. It still amazes me the Browns went all in with this guy knowing the baggage he brings and nothing resolved. I don’t get it.
  8. I thought he was headed to the airport to drop off the rental and catch a flight. Why does he have a lady friend passenger?
  9. The only lousy issue is KC before the bye. 3rd straight year possibly going into the bye with a loss. That really sucks.
  10. Steeler fans are probably annoyed they are coming to Buffalo 3 straight years.
  11. I will be relieved if it is not the Bills. Do not want to play defending SB champs on opening night. Don’t care if the Bills might be better on paper. Seems like a tough task under the circumstances.
  12. It seems unlikely the Bills first two games are at home.
  13. This sounds like other GMs were being playful. It is like a fraternity. I bet they give each other hard time in a mostly friendly way.
  14. I think it is more about scouting the opposing defenses and providing information/tendencies from a QB perspective as opposed to giving Josh pointers on throwing the ball.
  15. I got the impression this was staged so I give that list zero credibility.
  16. He did have the knee injury to rehab going into the previous off season. At least this summer it appears he is fresh and injury free. Hopefully that helps.
  17. True and I’m still very thankful for that. But it still sucked so bad to endure that going into the bye week.
  18. He has been with the Bills for only a season but his name has been mentioned countless times on this Board and elsewhere.
  19. Now that the draft is behind us, what familiar face might not be a Bill going into the 22’ season either by trade or release? Haack? Moss? Epenesa?
  20. Joe is great! Puts the other guys on “Locked On” to shame.
  21. On Joe Marino’s Sunday podcast he nonchalantly referred to Breece as a “former Bill”. I thought that was hysterical.
  22. They could pick a back-up long snapper and I would be good.
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