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  1. And the Bass missed FG. My heart sunk after that miss. Felt the Bills were not going to win after that.
  2. All Miami games should be at night in September and Maybe October. It’s the new normal. Not sure why the NFL puts the Pats and Bills down there in September.
  3. He didn’t. Got knocked out of Texans game 3 weeks later. Gone for 4 games I think. I bet they beat the Texans had he stayed in. Maybe beat Miami and NYJ too given he would have had more reps. and Bills would have been in the hunt for the playoffs. Instead it was a comedy of errors until Barkley went off on the Jets.
  4. I have yet to figure this out too despite massive research. I have Tivo as well. I have recording enabled but no idea how to get to that version. I can watch the KC/Chargers game but that was days later. No way to get to the recorded version if live is still on going. Very frustrated.
  5. If I recall correctly he was out there when the Titans gave up the ship and sent in the back-up QB. I wish the Bills did the same thing. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  6. Don’t like it. Went with my Dad last year who has had several hip replacement surgeries. Was not comfortable for him. I took breaks and sat down once in awhile. Was watching the game on the big screen wondering at times, why am I here. With MLB, NHL and NBA, spectators get to sit down. Why is that?
  7. I may regret it down the road but I’m ready for the Jets and Patriots to lose this weekend. Do not want those teams to get any traction. Bengals are 0-2 and the Ravens and Bengals will likely pick each other off. Am I wrong?
  8. How is Levi doing on the Steelers? Is he getting any playing time? I don’t recall hearing his name once while watching the game. But maybe I missed it.
  9. There are moments when I’m grateful IDGA s#%t about contemporary stuff. This is one of those times.
  10. Man I really want to know what set him off. It seems that a guy on the winning team who got a lot of playing time would be in a good mood after the game. Unless it was a misunderstanding it had to be significant.
  11. With any type of suspension, do the Bills get to add a guy to the roster for this one game?
  12. I hate this thread. Can we change subjects and talk about Josh Rosen?
  13. Saw him standing on the sideline during the TV broadcast when we got reserve time. Appears to be not bad but maybe it will hurt today and be an issue for the Dolphin game.
  14. Titans are in the AFC south. 0-2 is far from being out of it. I think they can still win that division.
  15. Had Covid during the Rams game. Still have Covid thanks to the Paxlovid rebound.
  16. So glad Cook got some work in tonight thanks to the blow out. I hope he can build off of that. He was the leading rusher for the Bills tonight so that’s not nothing.
  17. Like the Rams game it could have been worse for the Titans.
  18. So he was able to play in week 1 and 2? The Cards and Bolts have to be pissed.
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