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  1. I kind of like the simplicity of just going with numbers on the helmet. Would still add a helmet stripe.
  2. This was the Bills biggest mistake....not tag and trade. Look what the Jags got for Ramsey. They would have had the draft capital to get Mahomes and White.
  3. Normally they do stay in a hotel the night before a home game. I wonder if they will abandon that this year.
  4. Okay Goodell you have my permission to push back the season two weeks now.
  5. The Bengals should sign him to tutor Burrow. Joe has no support around him and could be in for a long season.
  6. Yep. Jimmy B’s alma mater. My Dad went to school with him. They called him Digger as a knick name since his family had a funeral home business. I don’t recall the 1982 season. I know they had some formidable basketball teams in the 80s.
  7. I’m from Lyons, NY. We were the Lyons Lions. Seriously. Thus, the Bills could be the Buffalo Buffaloes. Problem solved. please be advised this is sarcasm.
  8. Totally get your point. I’m not a cap space guy either. You spend it to be good. But to be over that much for a mediocre team that likely would have not made the playoffs if they were in any other division is definitely interesting.
  9. I have always like the Federals. But it would be stealing the USFL team. The Colonials is good too. Revolutionary soldiers.
  10. Nope. The Washington Red Tails. WWII African American pilots. Can keep the color scheme and stylized “R”.
  11. My expectation is that they win the game in week 1. I will go from there after that.
  12. That drawing always cracks me up.
  13. I agree. The current helmet looks sharp. Would be okay with the red helmet one game a year if the NFL changes the rule.
  14. I wish we could stop playing the national anthem at the beginning of every single sporting event. Pros, college, badminton tournaments, T-ball. Just stop it. Same with plastering the flag everywhere, which by the way is technically illegal. It debases what it symbolizes.
  15. Love to see a mock up of a blue helmet with that white standing buffalo.
  16. I hope the players are smart enough to know that every large city in America will have residents who support the BLM movement and those who do not as well as those who care about equality but not necessarily support nightly protests. Can’t lump a City into one category.
  17. Not worse than the Falcons but they screwed it up. designing uniforms can’t be that hard especially when you have a good basis to start from. Im probably in the minority here but I never liked the ram horns on the helmet. Flattening a 3D logo to 2D does not look right. Same for Vikings and Eagles.
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