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  1. Plus not having a cool logo on the helmet is lame.
  2. It should be that dude who gave Wilford Brimley massages in the movie The Natural. If that doesn’t prevent an erection nothing will.
  3. I think Goodell will move it to an 8 game suspension to make it look like they are playing it a little tougher. All part of the plan. 8 games was the target for all several weeks ago.
  4. Not a tattoo except but that one wins.
  5. Now that is a proper football uniform. Like what Beast said above, put the charging Buffalo decal on that helmet and no more discussion about uniforms ever.
  6. Edmunds needs his own message board. College Football Off the Wall Edmunds News and Rumors
  7. I don’t believe anything that is printed this time of year, including Bills related stuff. Just training camp speak.
  8. Not liking changing helmet colors just for the sake of it. Okay if they wore that helmet during their history. NFL will start looking like a lot of these dumb ass college teams.
  9. I have learned. Stay far away from any kind of Bills team predictions. Except this. Bills will not have a red helmet game this year.
  10. No ill will towards Rosen. I actually hope he makes the team as a back-up.
  11. I did not think it would be the whole season but 4 to 6 is ridiculous. I think it will be 8 to 10.
  12. What else is there? Oh I know! I will start another Tremaine Edmunds thread.
  13. Baker still has to pass the physical. I wonder if that is not exactly a slam dunk.
  14. I would love it if Colorado State joins the PAC-12. Renew that rivalry with CU.
  15. I get how the Florio soap box rhetoric can be annoying to some but PFT is still the best. I tend to agree with him more often than not so it is a little more palatable for me.
  16. The charging buffalo looks massive on those helmets.
  17. Same. A one game appearance of the red lid is fine but if it never happens I’m good with that too. The white helmet is far superior to the red.
  18. It makes sense what you say but if I ran the Browns I would want him on the field as soon as possible. Get that circus over with, especially if 2022 is a lost year. Start 2023 without that massive distraction. Besides, he needs all the reps possible going into next season.
  19. So what is the over/under on the NFL suspension? I think it is a season but it would not shock me that much if the NFL goes light here and gives him 12 games.
  20. It would have been Rob in that SB if the Bills got there.
  21. And the Browns and Jets played their part in the draft. Still a little amazed he got past the Broncos.
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