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  1. Yep. FedEx is apparently no good. The St Louis Rams needed a new stadium. Both built in mid 90s. I wonder if Cincinnati is next. At least they got their moneys worth out of Highmark.
  2. Commercial Real Estate 101: The lessor (the State) builds the building at their cost and owns the building. The lessee (the Bills) occupies said building and pays rent under the terms of the lease. The hope is a win - win for both parties. Feel free to argue whether or not the State should be into the commercial real estate development business but don’t argue the deal. In principle it is no different that any other commercial deal. Sure their are some weird nuances because of the uniqueness of the project but not a big deal.
  3. I have a reasonably good income and beat myself up over pissing away $2 sometimes. Add the hassle factor of making another stop especially if he was running a little late to catch the plane. I get it. I could see myself doing the same thing.
  4. Not many people know this but the Coliseum was built because the Rome Raiders threaten the City with relocating to Alexandria, Egypt if they did not get a new stadium.
  5. Will this be covered under the Apple TV subscription or is Sunday Ticket an additional fee?
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Change the jersey to make it more congruent with the use of the red shell.
  7. I also love the one about Walt Garrison. “If you need 3 yards, he’ll get you 3 yards. If you need 10 yards, he’ll get you 3 yards”.
  8. The face mask is white. The picture I posted is a little blurry but if you go to the website it is clearer. Especially on the white jersey.
  9. I wondered about that too. The numbers look photo shopped. Made me think they did that because it was a recent decision to change. But it doesn’t make sense. The site in the past showed the dark trim. I always thought it was navy blue too but some guy on this board insisted it was black. All the more reason to dump it if it is about the drought era.
  10. If you go to the site and see it on your computer it is more clear. That dark trim is gone.
  11. Maybe I missed this but tonight I was looking at the Bills shop and noticed the jerseys are without the black trim around the large and TV numbers. Is this the case? I hope so. Wish they would ditch that black trim completely.
  12. And that tax and lease revenue go away forever. Plus the cost of dealing with an empty Highmark stadium.
  13. The State/County is not giving them anything. The State will own the stadium. The Bills will lease it. The State will get their money back by year 22 of the deal. After that it is new revenue. I don’t understand why everybody thinks this is a handout. It is no different than a commercial developer building a property and leasing it to Starbucks. No one thinks greedy Starbucks is getting a handout.
  14. The Mission Valley site never was given a real shot. If the Chargers were motivated enough it would have been possible. But we will never know. Point is I think the SD threat, where ever it originated from, had merit.
  15. The City/County was fully supportive of a new stadium near Qualcomm. Spanos sabotaged it by insisting on a downtown site that was really tight. traffic and parking would have been difficult. It wasn’t very popular. Plus, in CA, those types of tax measures need a super majority (2/3) to approve. Very hard to do. That referendum to raise hotel taxes had two strikes against it. Bottom line: Spanos wanted to leave. SD wanted to keep the the Chargers. San Diego was probably not a veiled threat.
  16. Same here. San Diego Chargers we’re always my 2nd favorite team. Not so much since they moved. Glad the Bills are staying in Buffalo but having them in SD would have been a bit conflicting. If the Bills moved anywhere else they would have been dead to me.
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