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  1. His helmet is broken. Watch there be a penalty on both teams....
  2. That needs to change. Intent is in all other sports.
  3. If you have access to it, watch the refs signal on the sideline. Hands crossing over the head, stop the clock, arm swirling like a windmill, the clock runs. Now I don't remember the play clock running rules, but I believe that the rules changed about 10 years ago where even if the runner gets out of bounds, the game clock still runs except: Last 2 minutes of 2nd quarter Last 5 minutes of game Change of possession
  4. Not trying to say that the refs tried to give it to the home team, but the spots by the line judges were poor for the Bills the entire game. The 3rd down QB sneak and the safety, plus the 4th down Bell gain are the ones that stuck out.
  5. This crew really loves being on their knees for Bell. He hasn't done THAT much.
  6. The act of putting your hands up without looking back is textbook interference.
  7. Did they get rid of the DPI by putting up you're hand without playing the ball? That was Mosley's pass break up.
  8. That's to calm Josh down. He's likely to go play Favre ball. It's only 2 scores
  9. So if they call OPI, can the Bills challenge the holding the entire route?
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