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  1. Where's the "it's cheaper to keep her" option? Seriously, this franchise loves to rip your heart from your chest, toy around with it, then stuff it back in for a second. Seriously the cardiac kids need to be good and stay good.
  2. This New England team shouldn't scare anyone. Mac Jones throws dunks and that's all he has. He throws over the top but is just inaccurate.
  3. The Diggs almost TD, the play before his real TD, was not even close. The second "foot" you see hit the turf is the defenders. The first one, there was a clear replay form the far endzone that shows the defender trapped the ball on the turf. Don't know how the replay officials missed that.
  4. My god the OL hand movement caused the offside.... But they'll never call that.
  5. I saw the time left and said there the 3 touchdowns! That said I also knew it was impossible to run the clock to zero. So you run the ball. Josh just had the b-line to the endzone. Not classless for the TD there, he's a competitor. The 2-point conversion attempt was kinda weird, I would think that a snap and knee for the two pointer would have negated any chance of shenanigans for an xp block or fumble. But they didn't do that so it was odd. Maybe like everyone else said: it was practice.
  6. *Noises* that's freaking awesome. This team is extremely tight knit. How much they care about one another is obvious (also I know there is bias from the team producing these).
  7. That was the second offside in which the Colts jumped as a reaction and play didn't stop. How fortunate for the colts.
  8. Mahomes laughing on the sidelines shows he's impressed! Allen with 2 hurdles so far, do you think he'll continue to do them?
  9. What's nice about the terms White and Omaha is he can hold onto the vowel as long as necessary if the defense is jumping on it. It's just the center waiting for the set. One other observation I didn't see live was that he jumped into the pile on the second fumble (Devin I think). Name another star quarterback that does that.... Josh's a darn good leader. To each their own............
  10. No. Because the clock was already stopped with the incompletion.
  11. I think that there's a great little site opening up that would be within walking distance of BOTH campuses! The boulevard mall. The traffic would be impossible, but that's not the exercise here. Expansion of the metro rail to the North campus should be included, as a cherry on top. There's some massive infrastructure issues on NFB near the location that have long been delayed, based on how busy the road is.
  12. This was a great little video. Hopefully some more of it, since the Christian Wade show is on IR for now. "In Pennsylvania they have a saying, 'if coach McDermott is wrestling a bear...help the bear!'"
  13. So did you stick it out, And not swallow your pride? Or did you spit it out, And not swallow the lies?
  14. When do we hear that Wade is placed on protected PS?(unless they already IRd him). Is so, I would have expected that a long time ago...Or are we not counting him at this time?
  15. Point 1 I was under the impression that Cuomo said in NY it's the golden bullet that will prevent deaths and stop the spread. I also know that based on the CDC's response to vaccinations and their making guidelines they had the exact same thoughts. Point 2 It's labeled as breakthrough because the mRMA vaccines were marketed as 94-95% effective from getting COVID. Breakthroughs are for those who do get COVID after a certain time period after full dosage (14 or 28 days after second ***** dependant on who you speak to). If the amount of fully vaccinated persons who contact COVID stays at 5%, well that's perfectly reasonable. It's when you start hitting double digits that the efficacy of the initial vaccine has gone down. And some may be out there to create narratives. I just want people to see facts, not just propaganda ( be it from whatever side is coming from)
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