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  1. Allen uses to different ones that I'm aware of. He was using "Black 20, ready set" for most of the game. The last call in the video he went to "green 19, ready set." The green 19 one is the one I remember him saying the most all season.
  2. Seriously thought you forgot the spoiler brackets! But alas great joke instead.
  3. These have been asked and answered so many times in this thread. There is no way to differentiate the with and from. Any way that has been described can easily be flipped on its head. Even if there are other factors, SARS-CoV-2 accelerated their deaths.
  4. This is a respiratory illness, so if the heart stops because of a lack of oxygenated blood: was it Covid or was it a heart attack? And how would you know? Extremely high would be my guess, however I would like to leave that to the doctors.
  5. I can't find numbers, but reading the footnote for underlying conditions.... It's like a prescriptions side effects: it's anything and everything. The aggregate number of Americans with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or asthma would be high. Not every one is an athlete in perfect condition. Every footnote matters.
  6. My point wasn't that they will catch up, just that the point on the graph where other cities are is about a week behind. There are no doubt cases in all lower 48. It's just time before they have the same close to exponential increase in their cities/towns (if testing is done).
  7. And that kinda proves the whole point doesn't it? It's not exponential US wide because all localities are different (and about a week behind the NYC outbreak)
  8. Nope, but testing isn't being done well enough nationwide. NYS' numbers have been pretty darn close to exponential (considering shortage of testing media upstate).
  9. Deaths from SARS-CoV-2 start slow. It's because in general the complications are preventable. However once your local healthcare system is at capacity, deaths rise out of the lack of resources to deal with the respiratory problems. The real reason the virus is a killer is because of how quickly it moves through a population. If testing and tracing of positives are being completed, expect about 390-430 cases to be there the next day. If they are spread out around the state, deaths will stay low for about a half well, however if there's a cluster, deaths will show up within the next two days.
  10. You are 100% correct. The numbers are likely higher. There was also too much restriction on who was tested at first, making the numbers lower.
  11. Also, I have been tracking the NYS numbers and here is the curve up to today. Covid 19epicurve.pdf
  12. I don't agree with your premise that this is not real. That said, those that are fearful can know that it will be alright. We will get through this together.
  13. He took the time to berate instead of answer the question of, what do you say to those who are scared? If he disagrees with the false sense of hope from a previous question then preface your remark with it. You can help those who are scared by letting them know that it will be okay.
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