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  1. I think this is the correct thing there.
  2. Always a good watch. McAfee does a good job with interviews. I have to wonder what they told him not to say about Justin Shorter. Skip to 12:45 of the video to get the asked question and Josh's response.
  3. I assumed he had hops (got up high in the air) to catch the ball.
  4. Surprising that you pick a play where the guys plant for isn't down to say he stinks.🙄 Sincerely watch that play and see his left foot slips when engaging with the LB. I don't care how much you weigh, even a sumo wrestler ain't staying up when one foot slips.
  5. Because he is a vet. It's his job to put the ball where coach tells him. Bass' KOs have also been not his normal kicks. This is par for the preseason every year.
  6. That's on purpose. They need to evaluate the special teamers. That's why all kicks have been brought out from 0-5 yards deep
  7. Sheffield really went across the middle and sold out! Good for him, that's how you fight for a spot!
  8. The only time I noticed Kincaid in the game was a terrible attempt at a block when lined up in line. He totally whiffed and his assignment tackled the RB in the backfield. (Can't remember when but he was on Left side of line)
  9. Remember that lacrosse started in the Lower Ontario, WNY region as an alternative to war for indigenous peoples. It is a sport heavy in tradition in this region. While the modern versions of lacrosse have spread across New England and the collegiate space, we shouldn't forget it's history. There are some rabid fans that have been with the team since their inception. The atmosphere in the building during games is non-stop. Blasting music while game is in play, a constant moderation over the speakers starting chants (what's he got? Nothing!), the B-O-X chant, and the heavy physical play on the field usually resulting in a fight or two each game. It's just.... different. Your right, most won't. But some will. As a fan I'll always remember the 3 Kilgore brothers, Johnny T, etc. The building is shared by two franchises (the Bandits even have their own nice locker room). They deserve to have their banners up in the rafters too.
  10. I'm thinking that answer is Tom Golisano 😂 But really, great win. I think that Great Dhanes MVP was incorrect. I believe Vinc was much more valuable in games 1 & 3 than he was given credit for. That first half he made fantastic saves. Additionally 4 goals is an ALL TIME LOW for a championship game! That's impressive as the shot count was 50!
  11. They did a great job of editing! At first you'd think it was a one-take, but it was very clever and creative editing. I'm assuming all the spoken parts were post production addins, but they did a really good job of making the sounds feel correct. Still don't get the premise... And Jerry Jones is the villain?
  12. There's no confusion emoji I can add to the post. I'm assuming your joking....but I can't tell...
  13. 4 in 5 is ridiculous directly after London
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