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  1. Do you actually believe that wholeheartedly? Do you not think that there's someone crazy enough to bring that argument to court? The petitioner will say that the body has natural mechanisms to remove a dead fetus, and having an abortion to remove it is a slippery slope to pro choice. (Think guns, don't give an inch)
  2. Ok, then say that. Don't go out of your way to say that, numerically, more whites are poor than blacks. That's purposefully misleading. They can and you can too. You can research the institutionalized racism that has propagated American systems and it's impact on minorites. We can talk about 'redlining,' Plessy v Ferguson, the Greenwood District in Tulsa, OK, or really any other laws legislated by white males for their some benefit (don't be so naive to believe that laws aren't written to benefit the legislators or their coffers). It is my opinion that there has been an assault on minority family structure. The war on drugs, again in my opinion, was a thinly veiled assault on minorites because it hurt white people. Just like the opioid epidemic wasn't a big deal until it started hitting white families. These are my opinions, and others can disagree.
  3. Come on man, you can't bait with that. When there is a ~5:1 ratio of whites: blacks, numerically there should be more poor white people, unless the poverty rate is 5x that of whites: then they'd be even. So, that point you are making is that maximally, blacks can be at a poverty rate 4.9x higher than whites. Also your first question is that wealth is concentrated to relatively few.
  4. FTFY But thanks for the laugh otherwise!
  5. Is it because the Bills hired her last year? https://www.buffalobills.com/news/nfl-network-s-cynthia-frelund-partners-with-buffalo-bills
  6. It was the Michael Silver article. brandon beane's lasting formula to build a champion in buffalo
  7. So quoting the article: 1.3% of all pregnancies in the US end in abortions. And Places where access to contraceptives and education on such have lower rates of abortions and unplanned pregnancy. So let's do some simple math (62 and 78% reductions, taken from that article) A 78% reduction [0.013×0.22=0.00286] or 0.28% of US pregnancies or easier to read: 2.86/1000 pregnancies. A 62% reduction [0.013x0.38=0.00494] or 0.49%; 4.94/1000 But let's even be conservative and say a 31% reduction [0.013x0.69=0.00897] or 0.89%: 8.97/1000 So we can take abortion from the current average of around 47k or year (off of 2020 us birth number of 3,613,647) down to 32k (the conservative 31% reduction) by changing our countries view on how to prevent pregnancy. Instead we would like to bring our country more in line with Central America denying access to abortion, contraceptives, and education to bring our numbers up to 3.4% of 1000 pregnancies or ~122.8k abortions. And this hasn't even factored in those complications that occur when women who don't want to have a baby try their hardest to prevent it, causing long-term harm too themselves, or even worse, the baby when born! But I digress, I was attempting to inject a small amount of humor in a humorless topic.
  8. So which of the following are you alluding to? Not that many abortions happen per year Or Back alley abortions will rise up again Or Doctors will do it despite the laws Or States where they make access mostly impossible, without fully crossing the line, already have fewer abortions so this is a liberal states issue only
  9. Well... Supply and demand would insinuate yes that should go down, but in our version of capitalism, three big companies will find a way to keep that cost at 70k. Seriously, this decision will deepen the divide between Conservatives and Liberals. Just what this country needs more extremism... Ffs
  10. BBB believes in Moss, see article just posted about beans and the draft. I think Johnson is gone.
  11. Fantastic article! Thanks for posting. Interesting confirmation that Breece Hall would have been the pick had Elam not been available. Great insight into the room, and the Joke Schoen sweating sorry is funny as h***!
  12. I have been lucky enough to see all 3 Bandits championships won at home (93,96,08). I was a young'n for the 93 win up in the oranges in the corner, same seats but much more aware of the situation. I was randomly asked if I wanted to go to the 08 championship game. 3 rows up from the field! Such a great experience and I can find myself in the official championship photo! Other than that Bills and Sabres fan, and we all know that story.
  13. I begin with ARISE, and if that doesn't work I use a CHO** word. T's are rather easy to identify later on. It's not the best strategy, but my current streak is 53. I got lucky and didn't lose anything in the transfer to the NYT.
  14. Either FMIA or MMQB had a section on MVP candidates, despite both staying with how great Allen was, and then did not have Allen listed for MVP. I think he should be talked about as a candidate, but this season's MVP pool has been determined. Combined with the pro bowl votes, it's clear the NFL doesn't want him to be a superstar (insert small market cliche here).
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