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  1. Link to the whole article which is behind ESPN's paywall - https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/35419552/nfl-playoff-bracket-predictions-2023-scores-winners-game-super-bowl-pick
  2. "When Diggs was on the field, the Bills gained 432 yards and averaged an outstanding 7.2 yards per play. Diggs played on all but 11 snaps for the Bills. On those 11 plays, the Bills gained only 11 yards — a horrible average of one yard per play." Whoa. There could be some factors - which Joe Buscaglia really didn't delve into in the article - he just pointed out the average yards per play when Diggs is not on the field. The article points out that there aren't other skill players who "strikes fear into the opponent. "
  3. "Luck is the residue of design” was a popular saying of the famous Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey.
  4. The Lions, Bills, and Chiefs are the only teams with 5 games with 30 or more points.
  5. TL;DR - Bills COO says no to the Dome and discusses many of the issues related to moving the Bills home game to Detroit because of the big snow event. Paging Mods...if this should be merged into the Stadium thread, please do so. From The Athletic (paywall) Tim Graham Nov 22, 2022 DETROIT — For the second time in eight years, the Buffalo Bills needed to escape a harsh Western New York snowstorm for cozier confines in, of all locales, Ford Field. This isn’t the type of winter destination that insists visitors pack sunblock and flip-flops, but Ford Field offers shelter not found in Western New York or other Rust Belt markets. As such, the Motor City is a beacon for desperate NFL wayfarers. Edit: SDS
  6. They were down by 14 points throughout most of the game and they kept running the ball. It seemed to me that the Bills' coaching staff was OK with them running out the clock for us.
  7. Diggs 6 catches for 108 yards and a TD
  8. Daboll getting some love from Pat McAfee.
  9. Kurt's analysis of Denver and the Bills running almost the exact plays. Cool look at the game of inches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DApSid9_aIg
  10. I keep thinking back to the Bills/Chiefs game and how Tyreek Hill killed us...and am worried a little about him, especially given the performance he had statistically against the Ravens, who are usually pretty good defensively. Then I watched this play in particular a few times and am relieved that there's no way either of our rookie CBs will be in man-to-man against him with zero safety help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OAbV5btMmo
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