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  1. This is the article that they were talking about.... https://sports.yahoo.com/bills-josh-allen-jets-sam-darnold-need-breakout-seasons-to-avoid-path-of-mediocrity-210211036.html
  2. Can this be done at New Era? https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29225313/miami-dolphins-open-drive-theater-hard-rock-stadium The Miami Dolphins will soon let fans drive their cars inside the stadium where football games are played every weekend in the fall. The Dolphins announced Tuesday that they are launching an outdoor drive-in theater inside Hard Rock Stadium that will be used to show marquee games in team history, classic movies, commencement ceremonies, concerts and more. They are also hosting an open-air theater that can host small groups for an intimate viewing experience in the complex plaza. Hard Rock Stadium became the first public facility to earn the Global Biorisk Advisory Council's STAR accreditation, the standard used for facilities to implement cleaning, disinfecting and infectious disease prevention work practices to control risks involved with infectious agents like the coronavirus.
  3. Vic Tafur from The Athletic (pay site) writes: The top six Arizona Cardinals — under 7.5, -110 Everyone is betting on the Cardinals after they traded for top-five receiver DeAndre Hopkins. But their schedule is tough (four of the first six on the road) and I still don’t know how Kyler Murray won rookie of the year last season. He was decent, but a three-game jump from last year’s five wins seems unrealistic for him and a pretty boring defense. Indianapolis Colts — under 8.5, +180 Philip Rivers is often lumped in with the great quarterbacks who switched teams late in their careers. But 18 QBs have either won an MVP or started a Super Bowl since Rivers became a starter in 2006, and he is not one of them. He has really fallen off, and I don’t know if a great offensive line fixes a statue who throws the ball up for grabs. Plus, for all the love that the national media showers on general manager Chris Ballard, the Colts have won 21 games in his three seasons. Cleveland Browns — over 8.5, -120 As much as I wrote about how the Browns were going to underachieve last season, I feel just as strongly the other way now. Cleveland added right tackle Jack Conklin in free agency and drafted left tackle Jedrick Wills, so the offensive line is much better, and new tight end Austin Hooper bolsters a dynamic offense with Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb and Odell Beckham Jr. Kevin Stefanski may be new, but he’s a huge upgrade over fired coach Freddy Kitchens. Baltimore Ravens — over 11.5, -110 The Ravens not only got to keep both their coordinators — amazing how no team waited to raid the Ravens’ or Chiefs’ staffs — but improved their roster on offense and defense. They straight out stole Calais Campbell from the Jaguars, trading a fifth-round pick for the three-time All-Pro defensive tackle. And there is no reason to think that Lamar Jackson takes a step back either. All the Zoom meetings in the world won’t help teams adjust to him. Green Bay Packers — over 9, -105 Everyone is counting Aaron Rodgers and the Packers out this year. While I do think they were pretty lucky last season AND that Rodgers will only be in Green Bay another year or two, a four-game drop seems way too steep. Running back AJ Dillon was a sneaky good pick in the second round, as he will come in for Aaron Jones late in games and run tired defenses over as the Packers pound the ball. Miami Dolphins — under 6, +110 Miami had a magical five-win season last year, when everybody thought they were tanking. Congrats to them. But they are likely going to redshirt their first-round pick this season, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and are clearly the worst team talent-wise in their division. Opponents may actually pay attention to the scouting reports of the Dolphins this season. The other 26 ... (I snipped all but these two) Buffalo Bills — over 8.5, -165 Stefon Diggs is going to have a big year, and the young Bills defense still doesn’t get talked about enough. Friendly schedule too. This would have been a favorite play, but laying 165 to win 100 is not how we roll. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — over 8.5, -300 There is absolutely no value here, as everybody thinks Brady is going to bounce back with laid-back Bruce Arians after being freed from the apparent shackles that Belichick had on him. The defense is very good and the receivers are elite, so I will begrudgingly get in line with the public.
  4. 100% agree. Let's look at the schedule Bills at home - possible W Bills away - L Jets at home - W Jets away - W Dolphins at home - W Dolphins away - possible L Conference games prediction 4-2. I can see the Bills beating them twice and them sweeping the Jets and Dolphins. I can also see them going 1-1 against us and 3-1 against the Jets and Dolphins). I don't see them going 3-3. Non-Conference Away at Texans - W at Chargers - W at Rams - W at Chiefs - L at Seahawks - L 3-2 Non-Conference Home Ravens - L 49ers - L Raiders - W Broncos - W Cardinals - W 3-2 Their record would be 10-6, which may be good enough to get to the expanded playoffs.
  5. If Dalton signs with the Patriots -- that's a big if based on the money...let's say he does. I think that he will be a lot better under Bellichick than he was last year under Zac Taylor. Let's not forget that he was pretty good under the tutelage of that great QB whisperer Marvin Lewis. At the very least he got them to the playoffs. Now he's the one of the scapegoats for the Bengals failure of past years. Never mind that the organization is a horribly run machine. Dalton may be a good fit in New England. And he may surprise. There's a reason BB didn't draft a QB and I believe it has nothing to do with the QBs currently on his roster....or his dog.
  6. https://twitter.com/i/status/1070083538765180935 He kicks a 50 yarder standing and a 60 yarder with one step.
  7. I really like this pick. Again, not that my opinion matters. What really matters is what he will do on the field. It seems to me that he's already an accomplished player in the Big 10 against some of the more accomplished tackles of that particular league, including his own teammate. Those guys rated him as the toughest guy they'd ever faced. Looking at his past college performances, where he was drafted and where he was projected to be drafted, I'm even happier with this pick. I just read an article where SI had placed the over under on where they (and Vegas) felt at 29.5. The Bills got him at 54. 1st round value at 2nd round price. I think Beane and McDermott hit the nail on the head when they told him to use this as a chip on his shoulder. If anyone criticizes the lack of elation at being drafted by the Bills at #54, then they do not understand the competitive nature of most of these players.
  8. Favre going from Atl to GB would be the biggest example of a backup QB going for a first rounder
  9. Great read! Thanks so much. I'll be looking at this tonight. Not that my opinion matters all that much...but...living in Clemsonland, I haven't been impressed with Tee Higgins. Yes, he has a lot of numbers and the size and speed to be a solid NFL player, I've seen a few of his games and he seems to disappear in big games. Check out the stats against LSU and OSU versus UVA and South Carolina.
  10. Not that I remember him...but according to Wikipedia....At 6'6", he is the tallest kicker in NFL history.
  11. I'm not defending EJ. Just pointing out some things... The guys like EJ do not get the coaching that they need to even get to be good, much less great. EJ had such great QB whisperers as Doug Marrone and Rex Ryan as his HC. Marrone brought with him the wrong Hacket as OC. The guys who get drafted and are developed by legendary coaches will almost always turn out great. The system may fit their skill set or the coach sees something that others don't. Examples - Joe Montana was a 3rd round pick, drafted by Bill Walsh, one of the greatest of all time. We know all about Brady/Belichick. Brett Favre was a 2nd round pick of the Falcons who was traded to the Packers and then schooled by Mike Holmgren. Even Mahomes was not perceived to be great coming out of college as evidenced by being drafted overall #10. Would EJ have been much better under their tutelage? Or like some here say...he'd still be a bust. It's really difficult to say.
  12. My thought that they both have something to prove and I can see one of them signing for a lower amount to prove he's still a starter in this league at QB, that he can play at a very high level, and have an opportunity to play with one of the greatest coaches of all time. Bellichick has taken players like Randy Moss, Corey Dillon, and even Antonio Brown, and worked with them to have them play his way. If he thinks he can win with them, he'll sign them. If he signs them, it will be for what he wants and he will cut them at the first sign of trouble, i.e. AB.
  13. I really believe that Beane will sign a veteran RB to further mentor/push Singletary. McD likes to have a veteran in the room and that person is not TJ Yeldon. Great analysis.
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