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  1. It was reverse alphabetical order. Nothing to see here.
  2. After these leaks about going to Cleveland... Is this where we say Watt is ground up in my freezer? That's how this goes right? 🍔
  3. I don't see any punch. I see a background Bill running by which gives the impression of a moving white arm. I'm pretty sure that Jones was angry with Morse's block to the throat. He just turned and hit Feliciano because he didn't know who was doing it and made an assumption.
  4. The question I have on this is why can NY help the officials when they are looking at a brawl "to get it right" but can't signal an obvious punch? I was yelling at my TV to signal to the officials that the punch was thrown. I am pretty confident they have the ability to signal this infraction. Does anyone have the official rules pertaining to the fight protocol. Obviously not that it matters cause NY gets these wrong over and over again.
  5. The reporting on Mahomes status is all over the place. Holy cow. He's in concussion protocol, period. Every trainer (and most onlookers) knew that Mahomes likely lost consciousness and from his natural bodies response likely had a concussion. Don't take my word for it. Discussion on fencing response. Buffalo fans most notable fencing response seen.
  6. No. Also, it's likely Mahomes has Lupus. (If you got this far and are mad, that is an obvious HOUSE joke)
  7. I'm stealing this opportunity to say Thank You for the updates to the board, but specifically the like button options. I see they were updated again recently and wanted to thank you publicly but couldn't find a thread of that. All that too say, THANKS!
  8. This is the second time I get to put this gif into a thread. Watching the whole thing though, he gets up and catches the next 3 balls. Good for him.
  9. When I watch that replay, I have no clue how Mahomes didn't puke on the field. Overall very scary from what at first glance didn't look violent. On a side note, Romo is aware of the injury well before anyone else is.
  10. What the probability meter at now. Without looking, I'd have to guess it's in the high 80s.
  11. I think his fingers had firm possession under the ball on both sides. I would think (in a non gambling league) the play would "stand as called."
  12. The Cleveland and KC fans would say the same about the Bills.
  13. Not all concussions are created equal. Plus they are additive.... So a smaller hit to a person who has been concussed really can cause major problems. Case in point: Tim Connolly.
  14. Those asterisks are for Chiefs, right, single that's a slur...🤐
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