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  1. My wife's business is a home day care. The land line was has voice mail so we can screen incoming calls. If we are not available or it is after business hours, we can deal with clients on our schedule.
  2. I want the Bills to be the best. Individual records are nice but in the end all you need at the end of a game is more points than the other team! In Kelly's first game with the Bills, he split game MVP honors with Ken O'Brien, but the Bills LOST.
  3. I have been a loyal Bills fan since the AFL and it is the games they are SUPPOSED to win that scare me the most. I expect they will win Sunday, but there is always that little bit of doubt in the corner of my mind. This is the week I hope that the offense puts a up BIG points, supported by their stingy defense!
  4. As we continue to bring people's attention to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I have a link to Bonfire.com, who has requested my grandson to be one of their representatives. They have their own story to tell and have created this way to raise money for helping find a cure, and easing some of the difficulties of the families of these brave kids. https://www.bonfire.com/store/teamnaaman/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=store_page_share&store=teamnaaman&utm_content=default&fbclid=IwAR3BJZzalvO4xpq-fHmEZ73hsFzf0W5o4QkdTu4FTlsEozY3xrtth9zo_iI Love my shield hoodie, but not a selfie fan #TeamNaaman #WearBonfire This graphic design is in homage to Captain America's shield, since he is my grandson's favorite super-hero! I wore the hoodie at the Bills home opener until it got to hot! It is a breat hoodie for a great cause. They have a wide variety of other merchandise, so please check them out and tell them Cheeky (Naaman) sent you!
  5. That's OK, you are entitled to your opinion, even when it is wrong! I am curious though, what ARE the Top Ten Rochester plates?
  6. I am basking in the epicurean glow of my cheeseburger/white hot Garbage Plate, with everything and extra meat sauce. Most restaurants are now serving plates but NONE compare to the original at Nick Tahou.. Good seeing Rich, Jack, Jay and Diane! See you Sunday around sunrise!
  7. See you for Garbage Plates at noon! WNYTBDGPS always kicks off TBDAHOT festivities!
  8. Please upgrade me to one prime. Thank you.
  9. The Amazing Spider-Man visited Cheeky and his sister this week. It was very cool! People have been so kind to my grandson and his family. https://teamnaaman.com/2019/09/the-amazing-spider-man/
  10. I would need to contact them through a medium. I never really knew them. I get along with my adult children.
  11. Sounds delicious!
  12. ONE - General. Thank you Mr. Hammer, Sir.
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