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  1. The way they lined up for each offensive play was ridiculous. Five receivers meant it was a pass. Bringing in a running back or two meant it was a run. Also, the apparent use of Josh as an RB was foolish. It seemed like a few plays were designed for Josh to run, not an on field decision by Josh to scramble or take advantage of a lane that opened up. They cannot afford to use him routinely as an RB! The exception would be 4th and short where he should run, not be assigned to attempt trick plays.
  2. Lots of good input, after a great conversation starter by Virgil. The lack of a running game can be largely blamed on too frequent use of the empty backfield formation. When they brought in an RB or two, the Steelers defense and everyone watching was expecting a run! It was so painful to see the PI call on Wallace. If he just turned his head to look back for the ball, it would have been a terrific defensive play. I know it is "only one game" as I have heard so many say. But as mannc said, it is a continuation of what did NOT work last season and in the playoffs. Buffalo is a contender. I am not a fair weather fan, but I am also not blind! Id do not want to just make the playoffs, I want the Bills to bring the Lombardi trophy home. GO BILLS! 😎
  3. Happy Birthday, Scott. Are your seats near mine again? See you at Hammer's tomorrow.😎👍
  4. I understand, but it is my humble opinion that what happened in SD will not happen in Buffalo. I can only hope I am right! 😎
  5. I would like to see the results of this same poll if the Pegula's announced that without taxpayer support they had an agreement with another city and were packing up the trucks.
  6. I miss the good old days of shooting the breeze at our campsites at Hammer's Lot until my wife hollered at us to shut up! I think you, me, and Ken closed the Big Tree that night.
  7. Me too, Doc! Mr. WEO, I agree with you that multibillionaires should pay for their new stadiums, but "you may say I'm a dreamer..."
  8. The "build me a new stadium or I will take my team and go elsewhere" goes back to the Rockpile and Rich Stadium. They will work out a deal. The topic comes up every couple years. If I am wrong, I am done with the NFL. I am confident that a deal will be worked out and The Bills will stay in Buffalo. That said, who owns the Bills name, team franchise history and NFL records? The Colts name, logo, and history moved with the team to Indianapolis. The Browns retained all rights to their history with Cleveland. The Colts history is with Indianapolis, with a just tip of the hat to the the city of Baltimore. who now have only Ravens stats. Indianapolis Colts (Baltimore Colts - 1953-1983) Edgerrin James (1999-2005) Art Donovan (1953-1961) Bill Polian (1998-2011) Don Shula (1963-1969) Eric Dickerson (1987-1991) George Young (1968-1974) Gino Marchetti (1953-1964, 1966) Jim Parker (1957-1967) Joe Perry (1961-1962) John Mackey (1963-1971) Johnny Unitas (1956-1972) Lenny Moore (1956-1967) Marshall Faulk (1994-98) Marvin Harrison (1996-2008) Peyton Manning (1998-2011) Raymond Berry (1955-1967) Richard Dent (1996) Ted Hendricks (1969-1973) Tony Dungy (2002-08) Weeb Ewbank (1954-1962)
  9. Irondequoit. Coming in with family from Canandaigua.
  10. Dan used to play Santa at the Christmas party. Big Dan did not need any padding under his suit! 😁 It was a bar/restaurant but during dinner hours it was a real neighborhood pub. 😀 Many times after supper during the week when it was slower, the Moms would visit in the dining room while kids played and the Dads moved into the bar area. Early sixties reality was not Leave it to Beaver, but working class family values were strong. The building is not even there anymore.
  11. Please put me down for one Prime Spot if still available. Thank you!
  12. Only works well if they wear the blue helmet with the red pajamas uniform. <gag>
  13. I will make it to the tailgate, but possibly needing to park somewhere else because of timing only.
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