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  1. After the quarantine started, retirement lost a lot of its positives! I used to go to the gym a few days a week, just to stay loose. I also would meet a friend for brunch about once a week, which kind of cancelled the benefit of the gym. I was using our local library Maker's Lab to scan old photos and digitize VHS tapes. My wife has a IN HOME daycare which continued since her work is essential. In the cold months, I pretty much self quarantined - everything was closed anyway.I spent quite a bit of time on Ancestry and virtually connected with a lot of family I did not know I had. About the time I was going to lose it, warmer weather got here so at least now I can spend lots of time outside. As NY loosens restrictions, we have had more opportunity to see friends and family. The biggest problem is I gained a lot of weight that has mostly been related to lazy guy diet and no exercise. I am working on that now! Be safe and well, my friends! Rock
  2. Same to you, brother! We are managing well. I hope you are too!
  3. I lost my job of 27 years, when my company dissolved our department. I collected unemployment, worked contract jobs, part time, etc. But, it taught me that the company does not give a rats ass about you. No bitterness, it is about profit and loss. This just made me refocus that MY future was up to me, but it was a wacky decade getting through it all. I worry about the kids who miss their friends or are NOT receptive to the home schooling on a tablet classroom. They do not understand and some may never completely recover! If they are lucky they are in a healthy home with good parenting.
  4. We were able to raise $1,122.62 this year! Yvonne and me walked along a path and the beach at a Durand Eastman Park on Lake Ontario. The weather was perfect! I did not think we would do this well with all the craziness going on right now, but I thank God for all the support. Please be well and stay healthy! Love to all, Tom and Yvonne Family Rocks! ❤️ #VIRTUALWALKMS
  5. Only four more days for me to nag you! Virtual MS Walk 2020 total is now $668 ! Sponsors: ggrace tab hjguiles dslamb Thanks to my TBD Family for sponsoring me: Mr Info Jay Rubeo Greybeard aussiew
  6. We used to go to Nick's Lake (Old Forge) for one week every year when the kids were younger. It is beautiful if you can get a lake front site. We would rent a canoe for the week, and spent many nights under the stars. The kids and even some adults who came by had never seen the Milky Way before! No motor boats was a big reason we liked it there. We started our family vacations with tenting camping at Eighth Lake, near Inlet, but after a few years and and four kids we got a popup just to get off the ground! We had a great time hiking Blue Mountain, but it was a killer if you are out of shape! The last time we were in the Adirondacks was a BNB at Indian Lake which was OK but I prefer the Saranac Lake area. These days we do BNBs, mostly in the town of Woodstock in the Catskills. I have grown to love it there. The Woodstock Festival was probably 90 minutes from there, FYI. It is just a good place to stay and do day trips.
  7. One thing for sure, the majority of television shows are not great, and going from three networks to hundreds of networks has not helped. But people, me included, will stare at mediocre product way too often. Quarantine is not drawing people closer. It is leaning them more towards a world resembling Fahrenheit 451.
  8. I think he was patterned after the dork with glasses in American Graffiti. In the photo from Maxim, but not on the Big Bang, IMO.
  9. Wife got up early for quiet time. I made her a simple breakfast of bacon, eggs, biscuits, and fruit (she picked the menu). No, she is not my Mom, but she is a very good Mom to our four children and ten grandchildren. I also bought her wind chimes for the deck if summer ever arrives, and a case of wine. Two daughters stopped by with their children and we saw them for the first time since early March. We visited and it really made Mom's day! Later we went for a walk near Lake Ontario. We ordered curb pickup and delivered a meal and a gift to her Mom. We had masks on and passed it through the door. She is in her mid 80's and active but has maintained isolation as much as possible. Before quarantine, Mom and me went to the "Y" 2-3 times a week as Silver Sneakers! Regarding flowers. Mother-in-Law received four bouquets of flowers from her son and grandchildren. While appreciated, she lamented the money spent on flowers, especially right before Mother's Day. Flowering plants for outside, and then setting a date to plant them where she wanted them may have been a better choice? IMO four bouquets is too much! It was a good day!
  10. The MS Walk is Sunday May 17th.. Contributions from friends and family to date total $512 with several days to go. Thanks to my TBD Family for sponsoring me: Mr Info Jay Rubeo
  11. Good one! It does not work that way, as you know! The annual MS walk in Canandaigua is a "virtual" walk this year. We will be walking on our own, NOT having a gathering of several hundred walkers. "Social distancing" and the economy has screwed with a lot of people's lives!! The walk is just two weeks away. If you are able and if you are so inclined, the link to sponsor me follows. All proceeds go to the National MS Society 2020 MS Walks - Family Rocks! Facebook Page is "Family Rocks" Thanks and God Bless my TBD Family! ❤️ Rockpile - still trucking after MS diagnosis 26 years ago
  12. Just a reminder that this year's MS Walk is on May 17th. It will be a "virtual walk" since large crowds are not permitted. Me and my wife will be doing the walk in a park or a path near the lake, we have not decided. Things are in a "new normal" state right now. IF you are able to help and want to sponsor me, click here: MS WALK 2020 FAMILY ROCKS! I hope this note finds you safe and well. God Bless! Go Bills! Rockpile
  13. To my fellow Bills fans, it is that time of year again where I ask for sponsors to raise funds for the National MS Society. Over the past decade and more, Two Bills Drive and others have helped us raise over $20,000 for the cause. I know these are hard times for all. IF you can sponsor me, I assure you, all money goes directly to the MS Society. I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting Multiple Sclerosis Twenty-Six years ago, and I am still walking the walk! Thanks! MS WALK 2020 FAMILY ROCKS! I am also on Facebook Groups as "FAMILY ROCKS" Virtual Walk MS: Canandaigua, NY Because of the Corona virus, we will not be walking in large groups this year. On May 17, 2020 our team will be walking in a variety of ways to raise funds to help find the cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Since 2003 we have raised over $20,000 thanks to YOU! Any amount helps! Thank you! From the MS Society: Celebrate Your Walk, Your Way: Whether it’s on a home treadmill or a walk around the block with your dog, on your site’s Walk MS date (or whenever it’s convenient for you) put on your orange or Walk MS finest and show us how you’re celebrating by using #virtualwalkMS on social media to share photos and more.
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