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  1. Nah, she was standing next to her Mom. (at least that's what she said) Whenever I am going to go on a fairly long walk, I use the walking stick for balance. I made that stick at least ten years ago to hike in the mountains, and always used a walking stick when I backpacked, even forty years ago! Unfortunately I have had to give up mountain hikes and backpacking, so I walk for a CURE!
  2. This was not even all of our crew. At least six others were not here yet.
  3. We stayed at Lake Luzerne once and had a great time. I also like Nick's Lake in Old Forge. Favorite summer vacations were Hampton Beach, NH and Martha's Vineyard.
  4. There's the group photo! For those who do not know me, I am the old dude with the walking stick. My wife is the lovely lady in the orange t-shirt.
  5. Thanks to TBD / TSW and my other friends and family. You sponsored me for a total of $1,555 this year. It was HOT - 80 degrees here - but that sure beat the 40 degree days we have been having. Photo album will be linked later for Jack. 👣 👣 👣 👣 👣 👣 👣 👣 👣 👣
  6. Got it, Auggie! Thank you! Keep those donations coming, even though I broke my goal. It ALL goes to the charity, I never see it. It will hurt but I will be doing the 5K Walk, as my thanks for your generosity. FOUR days to the walk, and you all have sponsored me for $1,230!
  7. Thanks for the support, Jack. I am DELIGHTED that Jay broke $1,000 for St. Baldrick's. His efforts are to assist in fighting childhood leukemia. His "Honored" kids are Sweet Sally Sunshine and Naaman J (my grandson). I shaved my head yesterday and have sponsored Jay. With 14 days to go, team "Family Rocks" is up to $815, including your support. My individual goal of $1,000 is at $740. TWO WEEKS TO GO! Visit my page Family Rocks My heartfelt thanks to all. If I missed you, lease Message me. * is for Two Bills Drive sponsors Jay Rubeo * Bilby dSmack GraceB Aussiew * Tom H zevo * CecileD Libby Idaho Slim NoHuddleKelly12 * Tina Julie L Just Jack *
  8. I have not. I may try it from the beginning since I can stream it.
  9. After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out.
  10. We went up for the weekend to CT, and spent a lot of time with "Cheeky" at the Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven. He has become more responsive and interactive, but his condition still varies day to day. We spent as much time with him and his sister, "Deanie" to try to give my daughter and son-in-law a bit of a break. When he first saw me in my Avengers t-shirt, he perked up and started pointing at the heroes, especially the Hulk. He is eating a little but still is wired and tubed up. We were able to have him placed in a wagon and we walked through the open air wellness garden. There is little we can do from six hours away, but we do what we can. After Dad took over at the hospital, we got to spend some time with my daughter, had our granddaughter do a sleepover at the hotel, took her to an egg hunt, and went to church on Palm Sunday. We keep praying and are thankful he is out of intensive care. It was pretty scary a few weeks ago.
  11. Update: After a few weeks under sedation, "Cheeky" is slowly waking up. He is out of PICU and just starting to eat a little (apple sauce and yogurt - soft foods) Once he can keep food down and his liver is healthy again I will feel better. He is talking a little, but is still pretty "out of it". It is a merry-go-round because it will take 6-8 weeks to make him strong again so they return to chemo to keep fighting the cancer. It is an odd thought that the goal is to make him well so they can poison him again. It is the only way to kill all the cancer! Everyone is staying positive. Prayers are requested. You can follow his story on FB, by searching for "Team Naaman". God Bless! Rockpile
  12. Cheeky is still in PICU, but is no longer in critical condition. He cannot talk but he pantomimed he wanted his Captain America mask on. I now there are ups and downs, but I will still celebrate the good news. He will still have to stay in the hospital, perhaps for months. "Cheeky"
  13. We are going up to see him, but if he's still in Pediatric ICU (PICU), we won't actually "see" him. We are helping our daughter and son-in-law and spending time with Cheeky's big sister. It is hard to help from six hours away! Everyone is projecting those positive vibes, and his PARENTS ARE MY HEROES for focusing on only good things. The power of prayer is underestimated.
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