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  1. "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - this is your off season mantra, fellow fans. Breathe in expanding the diaphragm, exhale slowly through your nose. We shoulda kept Lamonica and got rid of Kemp. Peace - it is the off season - learn from the past, but look forward. How many fans said we picked the wrong Josh, but Josh Rosen tanked in AZ, and became backup to Fitz and the Fish.
  2. Just a tidbit: I met Y.A. Tittle in Rochester in the 1990's. He signed his HOF football card for me, as well as his picture in the NY Giants team photo, included in Sam Huff's autobiography Tough Stuff.
  3. Just to clarify, I have the highlighted items - I am looking in my house! They are in a box somewhere! I wanted to wear my father's Boosters topcoat (from about 1961 or 1962) this Sunday but it is wool, and they are expecting rain. It would weigh a TON if it was soaking wet!
  4. I do not have anything on the original Bills AFL fight song. I am looking for the original Buffalo Bills Boosters Club, Inc. incorporation papers from 1960 that include my father'as signature. The corporation is why they are Boosters, not Backers! I am also looking for the Buffalo Boosters Bulletin (fan newspaper) from December 1961, wishing club members a Happy Holiday. My father was listed as Club Treasurer. I went to several games at The Rockpile, and actually met Tom Day.
  5. The article neglects to mention that Baltimore fans actually tore up wooden bleachers in the stadium and set them on fire!
  6. I gambled and got tickets right before the Patriots game. My reasoning was if that they beat the Patriots, the Jets game MIGHT be very meaningful and tickets would be very expensive. I will enjoy the game and tailgate with family and friends! We are only driving in from Rochester so it is not a problem!
  7. I will be with others who meet somewhere else to park, but I will over to Hammers to say hello! See you Sunday!
  8. Thurman sat most of the game, and Barry Sanders took the rushing title that year!
  9. I am just being selfish here, but I would like to see as many starters as possible play at least the first half, simply because I will be at the game! Looking at the bigger picture, I just want to see a competitive game and a win!
  10. I have Spectrum and NFLN, just getting twisted around the deeper I read into the details. Thanks.
  11. Does anyone know if I have NFL Network with Spectrum if the game will be broadcast in Rochester, NY? I will read your answer slowly so I make sure I comprehend.
  12. Punk is Best! White Christmas by The Stiff Little Fingers By the way, to any who like Father Christmas by the Kinks, it is a song deriding Christmas presents and a protest against poverty, unions, corporations, etc. !
  13. My wife's business is a home day care. The land line was has voice mail so we can screen incoming calls. If we are not available or it is after business hours, we can deal with clients on our schedule.
  14. I want the Bills to be the best. Individual records are nice but in the end all you need at the end of a game is more points than the other team! In Kelly's first game with the Bills, he split game MVP honors with Ken O'Brien, but the Bills LOST.
  15. I have been a loyal Bills fan since the AFL and it is the games they are SUPPOSED to win that scare me the most. I expect they will win Sunday, but there is always that little bit of doubt in the corner of my mind. This is the week I hope that the offense puts a up BIG points, supported by their stingy defense!
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