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  1. I am enjoying my ten year old grandson in full pad and helmet tackle football. His coaches are good, but you can tell some think they are coaching NCAA.
  2. We may downsize or move farther from the city (Rochester), but 3 of 4 adult children live within 20 minutes, including 9 of 11 grandchildren. Things always can change but no immediate plans to move from WNY.
  3. It was in Moscow. Are Russian robot positronic brains governed by the Three Laws of Robotics?
  4. You might have a better chance for an extra ticket at one of the bus lots. They may give you a hard time on campus with no ticket, I cannot really speak to that though. Good luck!
  5. Got in queue at 2:00 yesterday with 8500 in front of me. I kept it open and carried it around in my pocket. About 90 minutes later it was 6790. By 6:00 it was under 2000. Around 6:30, it started dropping faster and faster until I was in! It took me to the site and then kicked me off. I really did not expect to get tickets, I was just wondering how long it would take to sh*t the bed. I was out doing things while the doomsday clock was ticking in my pocket. I was really hoping to take my grandson to camp. Oh well.
  6. I remember waiting in line for an hour at a store to have them run out before I got mine. You had to check where the tickets were every day because it went from groceries to drug stores to quick marts during the week. I went to a 7/11 at the time they were supposed to be available, only to be told they never got any tickets. This is just as bad but at least you can get disgusted and still have no tickets without driving around town. I remember it being the most efficient when Wegmans sponsored camp, but that was 20 years ago. Might as well move camp BACK to Orchard Park. This fiasco is not "expanding the fan base".
  7. I know what you mean, Jay. We can only hope the team can put all the hype aside and perform at the level they are expected to perform. I have been saying "Wait til next year" since 1967, and that is the only negative. No more hype. Just DO it! Go Bills!
  8. When I go to the app and click on get tickets I get a white screen. This really sucks.
  9. Did the App take you in through Ticketmaster? I got a Promo Code but no Promo Code Box. Clusterf.
  10. Tickets are supposed to be available on the Bills Mobile App today, but I am having no luck.
  11. Just a couple days until the MS Walk in Canandaigua. Thanks to TBD and others, we have been sponsored for $1,150! This Sunday we will walk rain (70%) or shine unless they cancel the outside walk due to thunderstorms. If that happens we will walk in the mall in Victor, NY. Again - thanks to all! Last chance at Family Rocks
  12. So are you voting for best Mom or best MILF? 😎
  13. I wish! Just another bald guy with glasses! 😄
  14. It is AMAZING what ten days can do! With FB donations and Two Bills Drive, Family Rocks! has now reached a total of $1,100 - above our goal with a few weeks to go! Thank you my TBD friends. You are the best! 😃 Gugny Mr. Info JayRubeo Greybeard *Add Exiled in Illinois to the TBD list! (edit 5/10) You can still donate if you would like. See link earlier in the thread.
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