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  1. I first went to camp when it was in Blasdell!
  2. Let me know how you make out!
  3. from Yahoo sports: "The wide availability of Thursday’s Chiefs home opener against the Houston Texans has been an eyebrow-raiser across the ticket market. Not only because the Chiefs are coming off a Super Bowl win after the 2019 season and feature league centerpiece Patrick Mahomes, but also because Thursday’s prime-time game represents the kickoff to the 2020 NFL season and Kansas City was planning to limit the crowd to 16,000 fans."
  4. Makes it easier for the writers to have an additional character in residence.
  5. My name is Benson. He was the best do nothing Butler!
  6. Anyone have any luck with Spectrum DVR Cloud? I mostly just want to watch Bills games when it is convenient for me, and sometimes go back and watch a game more than once. I have the Spectrum App on my Roku, but was wondering about DVR Cloud - another $5 a month for cheapest version.
  7. After the quarantine started, retirement lost a lot of its positives! I used to go to the gym a few days a week, just to stay loose. I also would meet a friend for brunch about once a week, which kind of cancelled the benefit of the gym. I was using our local library Maker's Lab to scan old photos and digitize VHS tapes. My wife has a IN HOME daycare which continued since her work is essential. In the cold months, I pretty much self quarantined - everything was closed anyway.I spent quite a bit of time on Ancestry and virtually connected with a lot of family I did not know I had. About the time I was going to lose it, warmer weather got here so at least now I can spend lots of time outside. As NY loosens restrictions, we have had more opportunity to see friends and family. The biggest problem is I gained a lot of weight that has mostly been related to lazy guy diet and no exercise. I am working on that now! Be safe and well, my friends! Rock
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