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  1. I just grabbed a random Bills hoodie instead of trying to figure out a lucky outfit. I did not shave. NEVER shave on game day seems to help.
  2. Just popped in to let you know it snowed lightly a few minutes ago about 80 miles east of the game.
  3. Forgive me for snipping this liberally to address only some the bands or artists with my personal comments! I really liked The Band's work with Dylan, and loved their first two studio albums. I have even driven up the hilly roads in Saugerties, NY to stop at Big Pink two times. Their third album was a bit of a dark foreshadowing of the end for me, except for some brilliant selections from that and later albums. Drugs, alcohol, and credits for who wrote the songs (and the money attached to that) destroyed them. They had a short lived resurgence with "Jericho" in the 1990's, and the Americana genre is their greatest achievement. I saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers about six months before Petty died and it was one of the best concerts I ever attended. I loved Led Zeppelin's first two studio albums the best, played loud enough to vibrate the windows Stop Making Sense was their peak for me. Before The Flood - live with The Band and the compilation The Essential Bob Dylan are favorites along, with the studio albums Blood on the Tracks and John Wesley Harding. His current tour is getting rave reviews. Yes, the rain started when they played Love, Reign O'er Me!
  4. The Who should have stopped releasing new music as The Who after Keith Moon died. I had all their vinyl releases and most of the individual's solo work, going back to the 45 rpms. I saw them once before and once after Keith Moon died. I cannot really compare the shows because the first was after the release of Who's Next at the Rochester War Memorial, in front of maybe 6,00 fans, about 1973. The second time was outside in the cold autumn rain about 1984 at Rich Stadium with 80,000 fans. Both performances were excellent but the first time was magical.
  5. My name is pretty clear. My fandom started at downtown games in the early sixties. Cheap seats were about $195 less than nosebleeds today! I got to see Cookie, Kemp, Lamonica, OJ, and more play.
  6. I care the most about a Super Bowl win. I love this team, but am tired of "close but no cigar". That is my number one dream. Having it last a decade or more would be my number two dream. It would be a little empty without the Trophy. Last championship I celebrated was AFL!
  7. The only time I really cared about the game day weather was for the home opener. It is harder to tailgate during a thunderstorm. It's these youngsters and their cell phones, dagnabbit!
  8. AccuWeather forecast now: Clear; a great evening for football Wind W 7 mph Wind Gusts 21 mph Probability of Precipitation 5% Probability of Thunderstorms 1% Precipitation 0.00 in Cloud Cover 8%
  9. How about DC's Sandman and Deadman, with Sandman's sister, Death?
  10. I doubt it. Sandman is DC/Vertigo, not Marvel. A Dr. Strange crossover could be interesting though
  11. This topic is several pages long, so excuse me if this has been discussed. The Sandman by fantasy author Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite comic book / graphic novels. I found Season One very good, but you really need to pay attention to learn about the fantasy world of the Endless. The acting is very good, and the story lines close enough for me to the original comic books. Season Two is scripted but no announcement has been made concerning its release. Gaiman maintained creative control and produced the series. Neil Gaiman created American Gods that I have mixed feelings about in the streaming series vs the novel. He also cowrote Good Omens with Terry Pratchett, which was also a series I loved. Sorry this should have been in "Notable Nexflix / Amazon / Premium Channel Series & Movies" thread.
  12. The Bills are wearing blue tops and bottoms. What difference does it make what I wear? I will have my Kyle Williams jersey on just in case.
  13. I start pacing right before kickoff. It is excitement with some anxiety. I worry all the pregame hype may have jinxed the season some. I am also delighted the Bills are a real contender. I do not relax until they have more points than the other team and the clock is at zero.
  14. I am enjoying my ten year old grandson in full pad and helmet tackle football. His coaches are good, but you can tell some think they are coaching NCAA.
  15. We may downsize or move farther from the city (Rochester), but 3 of 4 adult children live within 20 minutes, including 9 of 11 grandchildren. Things always can change but no immediate plans to move from WNY.
  16. It was in Moscow. Are Russian robot positronic brains governed by the Three Laws of Robotics?
  17. You might have a better chance for an extra ticket at one of the bus lots. They may give you a hard time on campus with no ticket, I cannot really speak to that though. Good luck!
  18. Got in queue at 2:00 yesterday with 8500 in front of me. I kept it open and carried it around in my pocket. About 90 minutes later it was 6790. By 6:00 it was under 2000. Around 6:30, it started dropping faster and faster until I was in! It took me to the site and then kicked me off. I really did not expect to get tickets, I was just wondering how long it would take to sh*t the bed. I was out doing things while the doomsday clock was ticking in my pocket. I was really hoping to take my grandson to camp. Oh well.
  19. I remember waiting in line for an hour at a store to have them run out before I got mine. You had to check where the tickets were every day because it went from groceries to drug stores to quick marts during the week. I went to a 7/11 at the time they were supposed to be available, only to be told they never got any tickets. This is just as bad but at least you can get disgusted and still have no tickets without driving around town. I remember it being the most efficient when Wegmans sponsored camp, but that was 20 years ago. Might as well move camp BACK to Orchard Park. This fiasco is not "expanding the fan base".
  20. I know what you mean, Jay. We can only hope the team can put all the hype aside and perform at the level they are expected to perform. I have been saying "Wait til next year" since 1967, and that is the only negative. No more hype. Just DO it! Go Bills!
  21. When I go to the app and click on get tickets I get a white screen. This really sucks.
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