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  1. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/tennis/australian-open-live-results-schedule-ash-barty-v-shelby-rogers-start-time/live-coverage/c57816b2794ee92895a819986a8ed0ce
  2. “Hi, it’s Bill Belichick, you remember when you signed me up for that timeshare for January? Just before I was announced Head Coach of the Jets? Yeah? Well, I’m available now.”
  3. Surfing in Warrnambool Victoria. Port Fairy down the coast is more sharky. Lady Julia Percy Island is a seal colony. Plenty of whites. They sometimes come to the near shore on patrol, possibly getting O2 loading in the surf zone. I remember paddling back out whilst surfing “the Cutting”, glanced to my left, saw a shark, then it disappeared. Didn’t look very big. Possibly a whaler, looked brownish. Was out at Granny’s in Warrnambool. Me and a mate. Sitting about 15m apart and a fin broke the surface between us. We were facing open ocean and it was heading shore. We paddled in very carefull
  4. Not a big ‘must watch’ TV viewer, but was recommended Line Of Duty about a British anti-corruption unit. Fit the bill, pun intended. My 10 year old likes the old StarTrek during Covid and I watch those with her. Most episodes are... watchable. I’d probably have given a high rating of must watch if 7of9 was introduced episode 1! I admit that I have only seen Episode 1 of Game of Thrones. Wife wants me to watch Schitts Creek. Did get engrossed in Band of Brothers. Years ago, there was an Australian equivalent, Anzacs, same concept. Was must watch from start to finish.
  5. To be fair though, you’d really, really need the nudes of the other 49 Miss contestants... to be scientific If you’re comparing her against a standard that SHE set. I mean, to be fair to her....
  6. onlyfans.com got some free advertising- article was in other papers here too.
  7. Who would be a current NFL player that would be a LeBron or Steph- I know them!!!! Does the NFL suffer by offense v Defense. But I imagine a guy like an Aaron Donald type where both offensive players (Opposition as well) and naturally D- players just respect or say a Derick Henry. I was trying to think of who’s the big cheese, the Ronnie Lott? Does that make sense?
  8. The NFLPA boss is a long time multiple re-elected Lawyer- though, don’t think he was a player? But he’s done it for a long time- players voting obviously feel he’s doing good. Is Lorax on some NFLPA as well? From memory wasn’t Trace Armstrong, Troy Vincent and then Kevin Maewae all player heads of the NFLPA. Not sure current or recent though, those guys were around when I was younger... pre kids... If guys keep getting re-elected year after year is that an indication that the players feel they’re doing a good job? I definitely remember when Troy Vincent was a President, that part hasn’t been l
  9. Have the DVD, get it out and watch it. There was an Australian style series from the 1985 called ANZACS. Same style of following the recruits, in this case, the 8th Battalion through enlistment, Gallipoli, France and then to the end of War. The story of the men at war, how it changes some, brings out the best in others, some leaders are born, some leaders become exposed and some, no matter how great they were, are devastated. How In these small units, mateship was paramount. I also like the story of, was it Dick Winters (?) who took the officers pistol & noticed it had never been
  10. It had to be the Victorian Premier (Australia) say “We’re all in this together!” Whilst sitting back have signed secret deals with China- he’s earning the name Quisling, knowing he’s got a fat pension guaranteed and indexed for life and whilst State Revenue has crashed, politicians got their pay rise! Couldn’t meet a worse, arrogant, more entitled bloke if you tried, that means that Sneed fella from Tennessee too! I’m a mask etiquette Nazi! We have PPE training all the time at the hospital, folk must’ve left when the mask information comes on.
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