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  1. It will be interesting to see when more tickets become available and at what price!
  2. I will see you all there! 👍
  3. Drum Roll Please! The total raised for the 2021 MS Walk was $ 906.50! It was a very successful year as always. We took no pictures just to piss off Jack. We will be doing another virtual walk in Connecticut in a few weeks to see "Babyrock" and family. We may post some pictures then! Thank you to my TBD sponsors: Greybeard Mr Info Jack Be happy, healthy, and safe. Maybe I will see you at the Bills home opener at Hammers Lot!
  4. MS Walk will be starting soon. It's not too late too sponsor me if you want. Thank you to those who contributed. TSW Rocks!
  5. I am counting on things getting better. 👍
  6. Thank You! We have a goal of $1500, and (with checks being processed) we are up to $827. The MS Walk is three days away.
  7. I will be there. Depending on vaccination requirements - I am hoping everyone with me has the vaccine before then!
  8. I will be there with my daughter and two others. I am concerned about vaccination requirements. Will our friend Eric be allowed to amend his policy for Hammer's Lot? It seems our Governor and Cuomo disagree on the criteria. Also, with talk of one section for vaccinated and one for non-vaccinated fans, what happens to my four seats? 😐
  9. Nine Days Left! Just BUMPing this post. As of today, including checks being processed Family Rocks has been sponsored for $621.00 Total since 2003 has exceeded $24,000 in sponsors!! Thank you. (link in quoted part of message if you want to sponsor me)
  10. It's time for my annual request of my friends at Two Bills Drive to sponsor me in a fund raiser to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I do not post a lot anymore, but I have been lurking since day one of this web site. Hopefully we will meet for a Garbage Plate for the Home Opener again this year. Many of you know I was diagnosed with MS way back in 1994, but thanks to advances in treatment that get better each year, I can live a relatively normal life. There was a time when a diagnosis of MS meant getting measured for a wheelchair, but things have greatly advanc
  11. But the 20% - Levon Helm - helped his Canadian brothers turn gospel + blues + rock into "Americana".
  12. Cancel Jeopardy before this would happen!
  13. I will be happy if the Bills win their next game, and I will try to take it a week at a time until there are no more games to play this season.
  14. Option 2 - family first. This is just my opinion, and it works for me. I have been saying "Wait until next year since 1967!
  15. It would be nice to see the Bills win today! How long since the Bills were AFC East Champions? 9,132 days
  16. I will take the Chiefs in Buffalo instead of their house any day! Personal mojo opinion! We lost a SB in Minneapolis.
  17. What music do you play? I strum chords but cannot really call myself a guitarist! 🙄 I just like to play.
  18. I was at that game in the lower end zone and the wind was blowing right at us! Weather went from rain to sleet to snow with brutal winds. It was still a fun game because I dressed warm and stayed dry. One of the punts went up in a nice arc and the wind just "slapped" it back to the punter!
  19. Isn't that the Bills fans unofficial motto? I have been waiting until next year since 1967. I do not wish the virus on anyone, but I REALLY do not want any Bills getting the virus because of economics!
  20. I first went to camp when it was in Blasdell!
  21. Let me know how you make out!
  22. from Yahoo sports: "The wide availability of Thursday’s Chiefs home opener against the Houston Texans has been an eyebrow-raiser across the ticket market. Not only because the Chiefs are coming off a Super Bowl win after the 2019 season and feature league centerpiece Patrick Mahomes, but also because Thursday’s prime-time game represents the kickoff to the 2020 NFL season and Kansas City was planning to limit the crowd to 16,000 fans."
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